Effective IT System of JS Super Market

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Organization Selected : JS super market
Question :

These are the following questions that enlist the requirement of this assessment.

  • Explain the role of various IT systems in order to meet the organisational objectives.
  • Analyse the flexible and reliable IT system which can meet the business requirement.
  • Evaluate the IT systems which support the value-added change within the firm.
  • Give recommendations to IT system solutions in relation to the given business case.
Answer :



Information technology is defined as a systematic use of computer in terms of storing, retrieving and manipulating the data. In other words it is called as a synonym of various distribution technology systems such as radio, e-mail etc. the present assignment report is based on JS super market which is a client of a consultancy firm “Risual” who guide them about utilisation of IT systems in effective and efficient manner. This assignment will discuss about the effective use of IT systems along with their different functions in an organisation. Contribution of It systems in organisational goals and how it used in improving business operations in order to getting sustainability of the firm are also mentioned in this report. It also recommendations to company for implementation of effective IT systems.


1.1 Analyse the use of IT systems with different functions of an organisation

These systems are providing various type of services in a firm i.e. marketing production HR and finance department. There are some different functions in JS supermarket where IT systems are consisted they are as under:

  • Production : It is the department which provide the product for selling to the organisation that also controlled the demand and supply of the goods and services within the firm (Rushton, 2014). Therefore, it can be said that IT system is essential for maintaining production department in order to run operational activities in effective manner.
  • HR function – It is an essential department of a firm because without it, effective utilisation of resource is not possible. In the context of JS supermarket their manager have to clearly defined the roles and responsibilities to their employees so that, effective outcome will be received in future time. For defining their responsibilities HR manager can use computer systems because it helps in defining the role to the employees in assigned task they will completed the task in given time period.
  • Finance – It is the section in which the IT systems are playing an important role because, the financial report is prepared of the organisation by this department. So, they have to prepare various financial account which is possible with the help of it. Therefore, it can be said that IT systems are necessary for this department in order to maintaining the records and preparing the financial accounts of the JS supermarket.
  • Administration- It is the department which has responsibility to maintain confidential informations of its employees which can be possible through using IT systems such as MIS (Management information system). It enables them in storing information of interested parties in an organisation (Eden, 2013).

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1.2 Contribution of IT systems in the achievement of objectives in JS supermarket

There are some contributions of IT systems in order to achievement of goals at JS supermarket:

  • Information- If management have requirement of specific informations which is related with doing a task that time IT system will be used by the management in order to getting the informations which are necessary for making the strategies for completing the task. It is also provide assistance to management in developing strategies, plans and policies in order to taking growth and sustainability in marketplace.
  • Strategic planning- when the related information will be received than management have to take necessary decisions so that, the task will completed in effective and systematic manner. This part is also requires the efficient use of IT systems because without them organisation can not make proper decisions. So that, it can be said that IT systems are providing contribution in strategic planning in JS supermarket.
  • Management control- organisation can also Use IT systems in controlling and monitoring the operational activities which are conducted in the firm. They may be various types such as production, finance, and HR functions. All departments are uses IT systems so that, this systems are also used in controlling the management functions at JS supermarket.
  • Transaction processing – this function is related with the Finance department. In the context of JS supermarket, their finance manager have to done various transaction on daily basis so that, entry of these transactions are essential in order to maintaining proper records. So that, it can be said that IT systems plays an effective role in transaction process in terms of maintaining transaction records on regular basis.
  • Product development – In a new product development IT systems plays an important role in organisation. They provide assistance to management in designing of product, sample of product, functioning of production department. It also provide guidelines to organisation for effective development of product which will help firm in getting success and growth in future time (Vickers, 2013).
  • Cost reduced – It also provide contribution to organisation in reducing the unnecessary cost of product. These systems provide assistance to management in controlling and managing the cost of product so that, JS supermarket will take growth in marketplace by adopting IT systems because it provide helps in maintaining the quality of goods and services which increases their number of customers.
  • Knowledge management – It is a type of IT system in which knowledge is stored and retrieving. It helps to organisation in getting cooperation work from their employees along with allocation of resources. It also helps management in managing the process of Knowledge management. In present scenario, It is a major component of knowledge management. In the context of JS supermarket their manager can uses it in terms of storing the knowledge and processing the data.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)- CRM is defined as a process of maintaining good relations with the customers. IT systems can be used for this in terms of building a good relationship with the regular customers. For e.g. JS supermarket is a market which delivers all kind of retail items to their customers so, CRM can used in the market as they store the data of a specific customer along with their needs and requirements therefore, when the individual will come in the store they will get all the things which they required. So that, through the help of this customer will get the things as per their needs and it will improve the brand image of organisation.
  • Data management – it is the management of information in the organisation in order to using that information in future time. In the context of JS supermarket, their manager can store the information of their customers and employees which will helpful in the maintaining records of the firm and they will use them in an effective and systematic manner in future period.
  • Communication management – Communication is the essential part of organisation without it managers can not deliver their information in proper way to their employees which will bring inefficiency in workplace. There are various ways which can be used by the managers of JS supermarket such as maintaining a portal, e-mail, text message, social media platform. It will helpful in getting effective outcomes which will improve the brand image of company.


2.1 Different ways of IT system to store and process data for knowledge management, customer relationship management, data management and communication management



3.1 Use of IT system to support value added change for improving business operations, performance and sustainability

IT systems are essential for providing development in the organisation. In present scenario, there are various tasks which have to perform by the employees of a firm such as production, quality maintenance, designing and selecting a product. In all tasks IT systems provide a huge contribution in the improvement of business operations and also helps to organisation in improvement of brand image. There are some uses of IT systems which are as follows:

  • Technology – In present scenario, It is essential for an organisation to adopt advance technologies in their operational activities so that, they will improve their brand image in marketplace. If organisation can not implemented technologies in their workplace it will reduced the efficiencies of their employees which will gave a wrong impact on the growth of firm (Schrieffer, 2018). In the context of JS supermarket, their management can adopt technological systems in order to improvement of their employee's performance which will help them in taking sustainability and growth.
  • Training: This part is essential in the organisation because without it, employees can not perform with efficiency and they will not understand the present market trends therefore, organisation will not fulfil the requirement of the customers which will gave wrong impact on the brand image. There are various tools which can be used in training session at JS supermarket such as presentation on projector, slide projector etc. which will help their employees in understanding the market trends and they will perform their duties in effective manner.
  • Analysis of Raw data and convert it into information: It is an important part in which the customer's information are stored by an organisation for using them in future period. In the context of JS supermarket, their managers have to provide things as per the requirements of customer and maintain a data base of regular customers so that, they provide effective services to those clients at their future visiting in the store. This data base will improve the brand image of organisation and helps them in getting sustainability and growth in marketplace



4.1 IT systems solutions for organisational scenarios that cover a range of business problems experienced in the workplace.

Overview of organisation - JS supermarket is engages in the retail market and delivering their services from 2014 in UK. Ramachandran jalatheepan is the director of the market.

As, it is a small organisation along with less experience therefore, there are various problems which are situated in the organisation some of them are as under:

  • Lack of Financial information – It is a small organisation so it have to faces various challenges and this is one of them. It is very essential for the market to maintain a financial report in order to provide details about financial position of organisation. In the context of JS supermarket their financial department have no IT systems and they are maintaining their financial accounts in their records which can be crashed or leaked any time (Åström, 2013). There are various giant players in marketplace who are providing tough competition to organisation so, they have to reduce this problem in order to getting better results in future.
  • Low Profit margins – As it is a new player in the retail sector so it is essential to providing products to their customers with charging low profit margin on them. It is the biggest challenge for the managers of JS supermarket which is faced by them. Their managers can not control the operational costs which is reducing the brand image of organisation in current time. Their managers can not manage all the things properly which results increasing cost of the firm and providing loss to the firm.
  • Issues in existing store systems technology – System technology are also a big challenge in the retail sector. System technologies provide helps to the company in attracting more number of customers to the firm. Various giant player in the retail sector who have implemented various technological systems in their stores which builds their brand image in the marketplace (Andrews, 2014). In the context of JS supermarket their managers are not using any systems technology which reduces their customers and also affect the motivation of their employees. Some of the issues of existing systems technologies are mentioned as follows:
  • There are various computer systems in market which are in bad condition and requires repairing. Due to which, their employees are performing their functions in manual process.
  • There are some software present in the market which have essential implemented by the supermarkets but managers of JS market were not purchased them due to uses of old technologies.
  • Some technologies are outdated which wants to replaced and bring difficulties in transactions. So, organisation have to considered such things and replaced them with bringing new technologies in the market.
  • Old hardware is also providing challenges to the market because it is very difficult to maintain due to which, organisation have to bear loss in terms of increasing the cost.
  • Inventory control- it is the big challenge which is faces by the supermarket they have no proper record of their stocks which is increasing cost of the firm in terms of purchasing new stocks for the market. It is also essential for maintaining the records because some time the excess inventory will also increases the cost of the organisation. Therefore, it is essential to maintain inventory for improving the brand image of organisation.

Recommendations – There are some software and technologies which can be adopted by the JS supermarket in order to improving their trustworthiness in the mind of customers. Which are as under:

Cloud storage – It is the storage which is provided by various organisations in order to securing the confidential informations of company. Through the help of this, JS supermarket will secure their data and informations which will help them in improving their brand image in marketplace and they will also get competitive advantage in marketplace.

Implementation of latest software – It is also an essential element through which supermarket will overcome their various issues Such as financial informations, inventory control and store management for financial reports they can use Sage 50 cloud, free agent etc. which will help them in maintaining reports. For overcoming the issues of Inventory control they can adopt Ordoro tops which is the best inventory management software in the world. They have to purchase new computer systems so that, they will get efficiencies in their work. It will also helps the management in maintaining records and employees will perform their functions in effective manner (Thomson, 2018).

Security- For getting security, organisation can implement CCTV cameras in their stores which will help them in monitoring and controlling the activities of their workers. They can also establish lockers and safes in their organisation which included high securities due to which, they can get solution of leaking the data. Through the help of it JS supermarket will get competitive advantage in market place.

Establish a communication structure- it is very essential to conveying informations because at some time when employees can not understand their responsibilities they will not perform their duties in well manner. So, establishing a communication structure in organisation is very necessary. Due to which, managers will able to deliver their information in effective manner and get outstanding outcomes from their workers.

Proper budget making – Budget is an estimation of income and expenses for current year. Therefore, it is very necessary to maintain a proper budget in JS supermarket so that, they can manage their profit margins.

Network security – It is a type of security which is related with network it is used for providing security to the network of an organisation. It is based on a process in which, other parties can not use the network of organisation. It includes two type of network such as public or private first is open for public that anyone can uses it. And the second one is the kind of network in which only employees of a specific organisation can uses this network.

Data encryption- In the context of JS supermarket, they can use data encryption it also consists a process in which transaction is performed under a data encryption. It is translating the data into a different form that includes a key and it is accessed by the specific person who have password for read it. It is basically used in the normal and heavy transactions. For e.g. they can use it for maintaining relations with their suppliers and buyers who are providing them a bulk of products and it can also used by them who are purchasing the products from them.

Monitoring and evaluating IT systems: it will provide a huge advantage to the organisation through it, organisation can use the IT systems in effective manner. Due to which, they can regulate and control the unnecessary cost and it also allows the manager to terminate those employees who are not able to perform the assigned tasks (Zhang, 2012).

Above recommendations will gave a competitive advantage to the JS supermarket due to which, they will smoothly functioned their operational activities.

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From the above report, it has been concluded that JS supermarket have to make strong some areas which requires to improvement. They have to adopt various IT systems which will provide them growth and sustainability in marketplace. Different IT systems are performing various functions due to which, employees can get effeciencies in their work and improve their work performance. IT system also provide guidelines to management so that, they will perform their duties in effective manner. Various ways of IT systems in storing and processing the data are analysed so that, a healthy relationship will be maintained between the employees and organisation. It also provide aid to management in making a suitable communication structure so that, employees will perform their duties in well manner. IT systems are also evaluated due to which supermarket can improve their business operations and conduct their operational activities in effective manner.

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