Leadership and Change Management


Within the organisation, it is very important to dealing with different aspects of leadership and change management. It determines separate elements that are interrelated and face many challenges (Cummings, Bridgman and Brown, 2016). Manager of the organisation try to remove this obstacle to develop their culture at workplace. Hence, leadership and change management is priorities in different types of organisation to accomplish goals and objectives. However, leaders also take part to motivate people to ascertain positive results and performances. In this context, present report is based on Tesco which is the largest retail business in UK and providing different types of products at workplace. It is the multinational company who serve products and services in different areas of the world. Present study is based on financial problems within the Tesco which the company face and it creates many problems and issues at workplace.

In order to solve issues of company, present report cover best practices model for leadership and change management from the perspective of an enterprise within the chosen organisation. Furthermore, it includes key theories to consider suitable model within the business unit. Moreover, it reviews the current leadership and change management practices which can be identify through SWOT analysis.

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Assessment 1

Best practices model for leadership and change management

As per the view of Carter, Armenakis and Mossholder, (2013), leadership is not about the personality, it is only based on behaviour. It demonstrates observable set of skills and abilities which discover great leaders who are performs very well functions. Experiences which collected through various stories from ordinary people, assist to enhance performance of leadership development. In order to conduct differences as per the culture, gender, age and other basis, leader can reveal better pattern of behaviour (Carter, Armenakis and Mossholder, 2013). However, Efferin, Efferin and Hartanto, (2016) argued that leaders are best in Tesco when they are discovered five core practices common for all. It includes inspire a share vision, challenges the process, enable other to act within the organisation and last but not certainly because they are encourages the heart. After some times, five practices are exemplary leadership model which describes to improve continuously improvements (Efferin, Efferin and Hartanto, 2016). In this way, they have requires effectiveness in vision, evidence and achievement path to analysis business operations and outcomes.

According to Haslam, van Knippenberg and Ellemers, (2014), measurement and validate the program assist to used leadership assessment instrument within the world. Consistency confirms that there are five practices which assist to assess tools that are related positively in respect to considers effectiveness of leaders (Haslam, van Knippenberg and Ellemers, 2014). There are different level in which includes commitment, engagement and satisfaction level of followers. On the other hand Cummings, Bridgman and Brown, (2016) argued that following are such model which determines best practices model at workplace of Tesco:

Model the way: Leaders of the organisation establish principles which concerned a way for various people such as constitutes, peers, colleagues and customers, etc. Every person is treated in same way to ascertain goals and objectives (Cummings, Bridgman and Brown, 2016). Leaders are also performs with effective standard of excellence and determines example for other people who follow them.

Inspire a share vision: As per the point of Binci, Cerruti and Braganza, (2016), leaders are also passionately believe that they can also make differences. In this way, Tesco can envision the future that create ideal and unique image for that whatever they want. Hence, they are stand to create vision and get people for future expansion (Binci, Cerruti and Braganza, 2016).

Challenges the process: Beside this, leaders are also searched for such opportunities to make changes within the cited firm. This is because, leaders are only person within the organisation who know how to take risk which involves mistakes and failure. In this way, disappointment as learning opportunities is take place (Huber, 2013).

Enable others to act: Leaders are also collaborates to build spirited teams. However, Fischer, Dopson and McGivern, (2016), stated that leaders take actively part to create an atmosphere of trust and human dignity. This is because, they are strengthen others to make each person feel as capable and powerful (Fischer, Dopson and McGivern, 2016).

Encourages the heart: In order to accomplish extraordinary things within the organisation, hard work is requires perform functions and operations. It determines alive determination and leaders are also recognises to contribute every individual participation to accomplish desire results.

As per the view of Liou, Daly and del Fresno, (2015), change management within the chosen firm is develops through Lewin's model. This is because, change is common thread which runs through various businesses according to size, industry and age. Within the challenging world, organisation are growing very fast and quickly so that it is essential to handle changes within Tesco to make successful operations. In order to understand organisational change, Lewin consider three elements that are necessary to begin effective results and performances (Liou, Daly and del Fresno, 2015). It includes following elements which describes to attain effective results and performances.

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Unfreeze: It is the first stage which involves preparing the enterprise in term of changes that are very necessary to demonstrate effective results and performances. It includes break down the existing status before building any way for operating functions and operations. As per the view of Cummings, Bridgman and Brown, (2016), it is the key element which developing compelling message that shows positive aspects within Tesco. Due to poor financial performances of the organisation, they have to implement changes which make successful customer satisfaction. It shows changes in such things which assist to every person for understand outcomes. For preparing successful organisation, the cited firm need to concentrate on challenges the beliefs, values, attitude and behaviour which demonstrate changes within the business environment. First part which collaborate change process, face various difficulties and stress which start cutting down to put every one for assure balance to make strong relationship (Cummings, Bridgman and Brown, 2016).

Change: Apart from this, Fernandez, Noble and Steffen, (2015) stated that after creating uncertainty, unfreeze stage take place in which people begin to resolve their problems to look towards new ways and outcomes. In this way, people are start to believe and act as new direction which support to new way for developing ideas and operations. New direction and participative proactive within the changes determines curve within the Tesco. In this way, they have to focusses on specific issues of personal transitions within the changing environment and useful understanding of more details (Fernandez, Noble and Steffen, 2015).

In respect to make changes, Komives and Wagner, (2016) said that this element contribute to make successful results and performance according to each person need. As results, it assists to understand that how it would be beneficial to conduct research program at workplace. As results, goals and objectives need to be taken for developing results and performances. In this aspect, time and communication are very important tool which describes to accomplish desire outcomes and performances at workplace (Komives and Wagner, 2016).

Refreeze: Beside this, Efferin, Efferin and Hartanto, (2016) stated that when changes are taking shape, people are embrace due to new way of doing work. In this aspect, Tesco is ready to refreeze at their workplace which demonstrate outcomes and performances for developing ideas. Refreeze stage need to help people to internalize and institutionalize for conducting changes at workplace. In this aspect, changes are used to demonstrate effective results and performances for deliver qualitative performances (Efferin, Efferin and Hartanto, 2016). This means, the company is making sure to incorporate changes within the business environment. As results, it can be stated that changes are always using to incorporate business operations. In addition to this, Haslam, van Knippenberg and Ellemers, (2014) said that with new sense of stability, employee are feel confident and comfortable at workplace to determines effective results and performances. As results, goals and objectives are ascertains for developing ideas and operations within the business environment (Haslam, van Knippenberg and Ellemers, 2014).

However, Cummings and Worley, (2014), conceptual model is a representation of a system that determines made of composition to know about concept of people, understand to them and simulate the subject model representation. In this aspect, model is describes to understand about work of like the project for representation of outcomes and performances. Conceptual model within Tesco is describing about ethnographic, qualitative approach and key stakeholders which assist to view about adaptive clinical trial development process within the business environment (Cummings and Worley, 2014). As compare to this, Carter, Armenakis and Mossholder, (2013) stated that during analysis of stakeholders participation series of multidisciplinary meetings are describes to completing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within the enterprise. In this type of analysis, overarching themes are develops which assist to gain conceptual model. As results, goals and objectives are ascertains at workplace for developing careful management concept within the business environment. In addition to this, trial development also assist to make effective results and performance to understand complexity at workplace of development process (Carter, Armenakis and Mossholder, 2013).

Assignment 2

Research methodology

Research design is a way of reflecting the findings of collected information in respect to identify role of leadership in change management at Tesco. There are different type of research design which can be used for finding out current leadership and change management practices (Robson, C., & McCartan, K. (2016)). Selection of research design is done on the basis of type of research is conducted by scholar. In the present study researcher is used descriptive research design for obtaining the valid information in respect to the change management of Tesco This design help in presenting the finding in effective manner for getting a valid outcome.

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Research philosophy: It refers to the assumption of belied and values of scholar in concern to the current leadership style and change management of Tesco. There are two type of research philosophy that is positivism and interpretivism. In the current report is based on current leadership and change management of Tesco. Therefore, in this used interpretivism philosophy is used so that researcher can give its own view and recommendation on present issue of leadership which is faced by Tesco. Along with this, it also allow researcher to reach on the valid outcome for givivng effective suggestion (Thomas, J. R., Silverman, S., & Nelson, J. (2015)). This philosophy is very effective for leader in concern to idensitfy the deep understanding of issues faced by Tesco company currently in concern to current leadership style and change management.

Data Collection: It is known as a process which is connected with selection of appropriate sources from where data is collected regarding the current leadership style and change management. There are two methods for collecting data and information that is primary and secondary method (Karlsson, C. (Ed.). (2016)). Primary information can be collected by conducting survey, interview etc. . on the other hand secondary information is collected with the help of books, journals, internet and library. It is necessary for the researcher to conduct both primary and secondary research so that new information can easily rather which is still not published by any other author. In order to investigate the current leadership of Tesco and change management researcher can collect information from employees of the organization. The main reason for collecting the primary data is to identify current leadership style and management of Tesco. This both method of collection of data help in gathering information in respect of case study for obtaining valid outcome.

Data Analysis: Data analysis is very important which is helpful in attaining the aim, objective of the present topic. There are different tools and techniques which is can be used for identifying the current leadership style and management of Tesco. Further for getting valid outcome researcher used qualitative technique(Fraley, R. C., & Hudson, N. W. (2014)). Further, themes are prepared on the basis of collected information. After preparing themes interpretation will be done which support in getting valid outcome.

Ethical consideration: Ethics is the significant part at the time of conducing research in order to identify the current leadership and change management scholar need to consider researcher ethics. Information of all respondent need to keep safe and secures. All the research activity is completed within a given time and focus is on collection as well as analysis of data.

SWOT analysis of Tesco organization


  • Tesco strength is that it possess leadership position in the UK.
  • It have strong online presence which lead to increase in awayness of product among people and enhance sale.
  • It make innovative product for its customer on the basis of customer need and its goods and services are of high quality.


One of its weakness is that it have autocratic leadership style which lead to decrease in productivity of organization.

Assignment 3

Tesco is a leading retail firm of UK that offers superior quality products for its business consumers. Currently company is loosing market share and due to that overall financial performance of the organization gets affected. It is assertive that improvements should be made in the existing practices and procedures so that goals and objectives of the company can be achieved in successful manner. Leadership issues are faced in the entity and it is critical that steps should be taken so that goals of the firm should be met. Revised leadership And change management plan can be designed and implemented so that company should become capable for gaining competitive advantage for the businesses (Michie, Atkins and West, 2014). GAP analysis is defined as an approach that could be used for comparing the actual performance of the business with the expected goals. It aids in identifying weak performing areas of the organization.

Moreover, management of the Tesco company can make use of this technique so that effective measures can be taken for enhancing the profitability and financial revenues of the firm. It is assertive that company should make of its resources, capabilities and potential so that all the production and operational related activities can be performed effectively. Along with this GAP analysis techniques supports for making optimum and best utilization of resources of the organization. Current capabilities of the organization can be improved and it will help for achieving long term goals and short term goals of the firm in an effective manner. It is vital that strategic and systematic approach should be used for setting the goals for the firm and it will aid for setting realistic goals for the firm. Current performance of the entity can be measured against the set standards and it will help for assessing the gap that exist between current performance and existing performance of the organization. Gap analysis is a kind of study that could be used for evaluating business requirement and determining the current capabilities of the organization. This method can be used for different dimensions and it includes organizational level, business directions, business processes and information technology. This method aids for measuring human resources, money resources and other resources so that required outcomes could be achieved. Steps that are needed to be taken by Tesco company in order to move its current state to its desired state can be identified by making use of this approach. Gap analysis forces an organization to reflect on future requirement of the firm. Along with this gap between current situations and future state can be determined and it will help for completing the gap that is being found in the organization. Tesco company can make use of this approach for assessing the differences in performance between a business information system and it aids for determining the business requirement in successful manner. Moreover it is imperative that data and information should be collected from authentic and reliable sources so that performance measurement can be done in effective manner. It has been observed that company is facing issues due to the poor leadership and it is creating issues for the overall performance of the organization. Leadership and change management plan for the Tesco organization is as mentioned:-

Leadership change plan: Currently company is making use of autocratic leadership style and in this strict instructions and directions are given to the subordinates and they are expected to follow the directions and instructions. Instead of making use of this leadership approach company can make use of participative leadership style so that involvement of followers can be taken for meeting the goals of the company. This approach will be used for giving leadership to the subordinates.

Change management plan: it is vital that required changes should be implemented in an organization so that required objectives should be achieved. Change management is defined as an procedures for transitioning individuals, team, organizations for redirecting the resources of company to reshape the entity. Initially it is required that establishing a sense of urgency so that required changes can be implemented successfully (Ulrich, Brockbank and Lake, 2005). All the staff members and top management needs to understand the requirement of implementing the changes in the company (Blackmore, 2009). After this it is required that vision and strategies should be developed and implemented so that specific goals should be completed. All the staff members and stakeholders needs to be made aware about the changes that are required to be implemented in the company. Open discussion sessions can be organized in Tesco so that communication can be made and information should be transferred.

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