Management Strategies And Well Being Plan

Overview of Caritas in Australia

Caritas in Australia is engaged in the promotion of long term development plans in underdeveloped or semi impoverished nations of the world in terms of reduction of their poverty, promotion of justice and upholding of prestige and basic needs based respect of the poor and semi poor people staying in the continents of Africa, South America and other underdeveloped nations of the world. It conducts around 170 long term development projects all around the world. Its main objective is that it mainly provides benefits to all international poverty stricken people around the world irrespective of ethics, ignoring religions and other political origins.

Indication of significant issues that may be faced by a worker and ways to respond the same

Issues faced by workers are workload or limited resources, stress or compassion fatigues, challenging clients and low pays. The first issues faced by workers in workplaces are that of workload and stress based issues which describe that overstressing of employees or workers in certain workplaces because of harder issues and problems in terms of handling stressful tasks and which create a lot of difficulty for employees for time management and personal methodology based work management schedules of work and business. These force employees to migrate from one stressful job to other jobs with lower order or intensity of stress (Beck, 2013). It is mainly seen that excessive workloads arises from workplaces where stronger than the strictest challenges frequently arise in terms of intensity of risks and other parameters or criterions. Further low incentives or pays or remunerations are factors which discourage and discontent which forces worker to not to bring out their best while working which adversely affects the worker and its working environment.

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Ways to respond to these risks will consist of proper time disciplines based on stricter than the strictest norms of workplace punctuality and ethical maintenance of business based on certain terms and conditions of business in Caritas in Australia. Other response is to design optimal budget plans and programmes to keep the budgetary allocations based on conduction of each and every business in Caritas in terms of issue based management processes.

The manners in which violence and grief affects worker’s behaviors

Violence and grief does affect workers behavior in an adverse manner or mode because of variety of reasons first of which is that it retards the mental health care and condition of employees who are engaged in stressful works in the workplaces because too much grief or aggression in attitude leads to leads to mental imbalance which decreases the positive work effort exhibited by the employee who are vulnerable to grief’s or aggression based conditions. Besides this each and every source of workload based stress arises because of high intensity of grievances and mental depressions which finally leads to violence because of negative nature which proves as a major tool or instrument to reduce the ethical soundness of work being duly practiced in workplaces. Violence and grief also results in frequent skirmish of worker influenced by them with another party or worker of contemporary origin which destroys the spirit of work integrity and workplace ethical solidarity in business processes and procedures. Additionally due to grief’s and violence affecting workers , the workers may by chance do misbehavior with his or he supervisor or authority above him or her which may lead to his or her firing in job without any reason or unluckily.

The stress management strategies used to support the workers

Stress management strategies range from the strategy of identification of stress source or to determine the origin or cause of source to the management of stress vi a adoption of better workplace based disciplines which creates recreation opportunities of worker under stress .Stress management strategy can also betterment or improvement of communicational skills or interactive pattern both in quality or quantum among employees. Self engaged behavior in terms of total participation in workplace disciplines and practices is a very essential process for stress minimization in workplaces because good quantity of communication via interaction or other mode serves as one of the best strategies for giving relief of millions of employees and workers engaged in Caritas Organizations In Australia. The best modern way suggested for stress management sources from 4A level of planning which highlights on the four issues of avoiding , altering , adopting and adapting which are practiced in a combined manner in an Australian business like Caritas to solve all critical problems of \stress and confusions generated in business. Another way of stress management is avoiding of employees who bring stress to an employee's mind and disturb the working moods of the concerned employee. Apart from this development of healthy, clean, transparent and conducive business environment is another way to manage stress in workplace

Description of best price interventions, crisis interventions and structured debriefing

Best practice interventions

This kind of interventions is based on cost effectiveness of interventions in business based workplaces related practices and programmes which is evaluated in terms of its impact , evidence and adaptation based criterions in terms of effective implementation and successful assessment of criterion of business in terms of the intensity of positive impact generated through business processes, successful habituation of workers with the working environment of organization(Caritas) and value evaluation in terms of efficiency and productivity of research related practices and programmes.

Crisis interventions

It is an instantaneous and psychologically defined intervention to aid people in terms of their physical in terms of biophysical and mental crisis for the sole objective of minimization of work stress in terms of their biological aspect and minimization of potential of long term created trauma or tragedy based on intensities of challenges faced by the mentally retarded victims due to the crises. It helps to aid people mainly the weaker ones with medical amenities which otherwise drag themselves to the path of suicide if not checked at proper place with immunization based medical measures and provides an additional aid to them in terms of making them to favorable to cope up with stress related issues and measures at peak periods of risks related hazards and health related obsession due to the mental and physical illness that is this intervention is important for Caritas based institutions and organizations for ensuring physical and mental soundness of workers and their workplaces during work.

Structured debriefing

As mentioned in the following diagram structured debriefing is a cycle of analyzing the conditions of workers and their workplace in Caritas in terms of debriefing process based on a pattern of structure base research by way of questioning the psychologically modified patterns of human beings engaged in the workplace of Caritas for doing further scrutiny or analysis on the same.

Organisation’s dispute resolution policy and procedures

There are mainly four important processes of dispute and conflict resolution procedures based on mitigation of disputes in organs with a framework like that of Australian Caritas Company.

An informal complaint process: It is complaint process is a process of dispute resolution which gives the dispute litigator the full authority to question the supervisors and co-supervisors and discuss with them candidly about different working issues faced the employees and its firm as much as possible to mitigate the disputes which has arisen or seems to be arising in the future (Chan & Hui, 2014).

A formal complaint process-It is an official mechanism of dispute resolution which takes in top account the officially written testament or letter of complaint to the conflict resolution manager of Caritas being probably sent by the head of the worker’s union of Caritas who most probably prepares an investigation plan for identification and mitigation of disputes being arisen in the company of Caritas as soon as possible.

Mediation: Mediation is very common method of dispute resolution strategy which helps to mediate the process of disputes being arisen in the organization vi a third party involvement who may special HR based executive and staff who first take thorough recognition of the problem and then draws fine strategies for the speedy recommendations of disputes in the organization of Caritas in a fully fledged and regularized manner.

Arbitration: Arbitration is a common process of dispute mitigation in a market which has a unique unionized pattern or infrastructure. Since it is a costly process it is frequently used by the small scale or medium scale business organizations unlike Caritas in Australia. It is a cost benefit pattern of dispute resolution in organizations like Caritas and based totally on the idea of avoiding risks to the maximum possible level or intensity in Australia.

List of internal and external support options available to workers

The rudimentary internal support options available to workers are brief or summarized counseling processes and procedures, consultation mechanisms between parent and teachers, plans based behaviors ,crisis based assistance and regularized interventions , assistances and aids to homeless individuals , schooling aid and others (Santuzzi, Waltz,,Finkelstein & Rupp, 2014).

The rudimentary external support options can be enumerated as follows:
  • Mental health services, housing assistance schemes, domestic violence services , crisis assistance schemes, vision services and community based services.
  • Counseling processes and procedures are mainly adopted for treatment of mentally retarded victims in terms of internal and external terms of business. Similarly, medical assistances are also provided to poor and helpless via internal support and external support based structures.

Specific limitations and boundaries of work roles and responsibilities

The limitations based on work ethics and morale in terms of boundaries and restrictions of work based roles and responsibilities are performance based limitations, problems based on staff deployment, restrictions due to erroneous pattern of transition of information’s from one segment of work to another segment, increase in the intensity of telecommunication costs carried out to coordinate different processes and segments of business and reduction in morale of employees engaged in responsible jobs due to mismanagement or lack of independence or poorer incentives or payments or schemes of remuneration for them. Hence lack of proper business regulation hurts the performance of Caritas adversely and hence it is a major limitation or barrier in the way of execution of roles and responsibilities of the employees and workers of Caritas. Similarly, improper deployment of staff or deployment of staff in segments which does not match with his or her qualifications or working modules often creates a confusion or adverse situation in Caritas which represents as major responsibility constraint for the employees of Caritas. Apart from this Limitations and boundaries are also experienced in terms of shortage of payments and incentives to the workers who then are discouraged or unenthusiastic to work in the workplaces due to a variety of reasons.

Legal and ethical considerations facilitating workplace debriefing and support

The legal and ethical considerations facilitating workplace debriefing and support are:

Proper management of occupational health of workers and professionals via proper participations and debriefing processes and support oriented systems. Use of appropriate and self and self assessment techniques for proper identification of health and social care based norms and practices (Cheney et al. 2014). Use of organizational debriefing techniques based on strict adherence to organizational structure based rules and regulations is another met6hod of facilitation debriefing and support oriented techniques and special acknowledgement techniques which do contribute to welfare maximization processes are other considerations based on ethics and legal norms to promote debriefing based support orientation in Caritas . Similarly proper provision of health care services based advices, encouragements and making of proper health care decisions are other considerations used for promotion of workplace based debriefing and support.

Organizational policies and programmes to promote workplace debriefing

Organizational policies and programmes to promote debriefing are as follows:

The first policy is to properly going through the norms and principles of debriefing techniques starting from the source point and ending at the finishing point of support catered by debriefing tools and technologies (Christensen & Schneider, 2015). Identification of any other contemporary policies and understanding or contemplating that how does it cater to the same. Similarly facilitating workshops development with the recruitment of new varieties of staffs, and employees in terms of strengthening the capital base of Caritas is another fine process facilitating debriefing and support. Proper feedback and finalization of specific policies which the specific staffs are executing in terms of debriefing technique is another important consideration for workplace debriefing.

Case study and well-being plan

1. Scheduling of debriefing session of a worker based on environment

Debriefing should be done in an environment in which conditions of superiority are absent and the turbulence or disturbance hurting the tenets of peaceful conditions of the company and its workers are abolished or minimized. Besides this the environment should be integral and unique .In the above mentioned scenario, debriefing is done at the point when the all the autopsy based investigation regarding the suicide based sudden death of Samantha's client Cary is over and reinvestigation for solving the death mystery of Cary is under process (Landy & Conte, 2016).

2. Plan, programmed and procedure to conduct debriefing in workplace

Planning , programming and proceeding of debriefing technique is a four step procedure which can be enumerated as follows: Restatement of objectives, Determination of facts that had taken place or occurred, comparison of outcome with the hypothetical debriefing plan, and then the debriefing plans. Thus a hypothetical analysis should be figured while debriefing in terms of which the real incident will be compared for genuine evaluation of facts and figures of the outcomes as in the above scenario (Couper, & Perkins, 2013).

3. Communication and facilitation techniques to conduct open discussions

The communication and facilitation techniques which are needed or necessary to conduct open discussions are that they should be performed in an inclusive environment and they should be constructive and positive or affirmative in nature. Additionally, they should be an encouraging device to the participants. These are the techniques of communication and facilitation to conduct open discussions as in the above scenario which does require prominent discussions (Bastos et al. 2015).

4. The debriefing techniques which promote further exploration of emotions and experiences to reflect issues of workers

The debriefing techniques which generate further exploration of emotions and experiences to reflect issues of workers are;

Pairing and sharing. Metaphoric methods, Intervention, Frontloading, Self reflection, anchoring methods, and Artistic methods

5. Use of questioning techniques to enable workers to explore their concern

The questioning techniques used are as follows:

Development of an open conservation, finding out more techniques to enable workers to explain their concern about the mystery related suicidal pattern of death of Cary in the above mentioned scenario and illustrated details regarding people's ideas and opinions (Dufrene & Young, 2014).

6. Indicators of risk and relevant responses.

The indicators of risk are based on the intensity or type of harm catered to the vulnerable in terms of the type of risks based on the quality and quantity of risks (Hoover & Morrow, 2015). The risk indicators may be adjudged from four different angles or scenarios which are strategic features of risk, operational features of risk, financial features of risk and external features of risks.

Stress management plan for Connie

Connie who is recently working as a hard working case manager is now working as a secondary employee in a school as she feels very stressful to work overtime after hard work as a manager along with taking care of her family needs a compact stress management plan to make both ends meet and stress management strategy should be such to balance his or stress for which she even cannot pay attention to her colleagues and coworkers in the job .Strategy should be developed to manage stress of Connie in terms of optimal time planning based schemes along with strategies of stress management like recreations and appropriate time kept apart for self oratory techniques.

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These include not doing one work continuously for hours and if possible leave some place for recreation by roaming in the road or park beside your workplaces and if possible to visit places to inhale fresh and pollution free air which minimizes risk up to a very extensive amount or quantity (Kolbe et al. 2013). The other strategy is to follow strict process of rehydration in between works of hazardous variety. This is because the more water intake balances the pH content of the body in terms of balancing of calcium or potassium ions of the body thereby reducing stresses.

Stress management plan for Arnie

The case of Arnie is also quite painful in terms of the stress which he borne after being facing huge quantity of work overload of business in terms of added job responsibilities which never at all existed in the past when she was the most jovial and active employees of all in the office. The entrepreneur of the office who was unable to see the deteriorating condition of Arnie gave him personally some of his stress management solutions to support his strength and make his mood cheerful. The first strategy advised by him is to take shelter in any kind of recreational activity as per the choice of Arnie to help Arnie to get out from the vicious circle of his stress. This is because more he will be involved in recreations, the more he will find relax in his daily activities and it will provide him a renewed enthusiasm for doing his hard work in the office with added enthusiasm and jovialness as he did before. The manager has also advised him to go to a secret room and cry for sometime in lonely conditions as this will also help him to reduce the stress in some sound amount (Runnacles et al. 2016). The last strategy devised by him is that use of a catnap while sleeping as these reduces the chances of excessive stress and tension based burden while doing multiple number of tasks in extremely busy working situations and conditions.

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