MKTG90007 - Managing the Customer Experience of COSMO restaurant


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Organization Selected : COSMO restaurant
Question :

There are certain questions that help in accomplishing the objective of the project are given below:

  • Explain the needs and expectations of the market segment in the service industry.
  • Analyse the customer experience map in order to create business opportunities and optimise customer touch points.


Answer :


Customer experience is one of the most important concept as it helps organisation accomplish their target within the specific time period. It is necessary to understand that in hospitality sector experience of customers plays the crucial role because it directly helps to maintain sustainability within the market. The chosen organisation for this respective project is Cosmo restaurant so that project can be understood in detail (Al-Ahmad and Mohammad, 2012). The restaurant is located in UK where as it has 19 buffet chain. Various topics will be discussed within this file where importance of needs, requirement & wants of the customers will play the crucial role. Even customers map will be prepared for the better experience of a company and even it will give more opportunity to attain the goals. At the end, customers services strategy will also play the crucial role in the process of development.

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P1 Value and significance of understanding wants, needs & preferences of target customer groups.

In any of the market, it is necessary to understand that customers are the one who buys the product and services of a company which allows organisation to accomplish their goals. If any of the company wants to perform better within the market, then it is necessary for them to understand that their marketers must try to determine all of the requirement of customer so that their demand can be fulfilled. This will allow company to earn profit (BERHE, 2017). In context of COSMO restaurant, it is one of the restaurant which provides the services and goods in the market as per the requirement of customers. The main target of a company is food lovers, students as well as teenagers who like to spend their time within the restaurant. By looking at this, restaurant is going to conduct a detail study which is mentioned below:



requirements as well as wants

Teenagers and College going students

  • Focus upon Junk Food
  • Free Wi-Fi facilities

Health conscious

  • Organic food products
  • Hygienic and safe food
  • Low calorie products and food items

Food lovers

  • Delivering food where facilities of music is included
  • Different option available in food products

As per the prepared chart, it can be clearly seen that wants and demand of customer differs from person to person. The first target of COSMO restaurant is students of college and teenagers. This types of customers have the concept that they like fun while having any of the food where they even wants the food of high quality. Also, they want various broadband services which can allow them to access the Wi-Fi facilities. It is one of the way through which ctomers can be attracted towards the restaurant. The second category is all about health conscious customers who mainly like the food which is healthy for their diet. They wants that hygienic factors must be included which will allow them to keep healthy. And the third one is food lovers where customers like to have the food products which are totally different from other restaurant. By looking at the demands of customers, the management of COSMO restaurant have planned where they provides the food to their customers as per their requirements so that goals can be accomplished.


P2 Different factors that drive and influence customer engagement of various target customer groups.

In simple words, customers engagement can be explained as the relationship which is developed between customers and an organisation. Here, organisation try to provide the services as per the requirement so that better services can be provided which also allows to accomplish the goals. In addition company also uses various technologies in it such as online food facilities as well as offline food facilities too. It clearly explains that advancement in technologies help the business organisation to change way to doing promotion in the market (Bruce and Love, 2018).

Teenagers/College students: It consists of people who belong to age group between 18-23 years. The need of all these age groups is different and their taste is also different. In Cosmo restaurant this food giant is offering different taste. Music system and Wi-Fi facility is also offered to their customers so that their customer loyalty can be enhanced.

Health conscious: In present context customers have a preference and they are having a liking for healthy food which has no calorie content. For such segment of customers Cosmo restaurant has stared various variety of salads, juices in their menu which is helping them to attract these type of customers. This will lead to increase in share of customers who are also willing to have hygiene food (Hill and Alexander, 2017).

Brand Loyalty: Customers must be loyal if all of their demands and expectations are being fulfilled and the services which are provided to them are also appropriate. In Cosmo restaurant they are dealing into those services which are The customers remain loyal if there needs is fulfilled and services provided to them is appropriate. In context to Cosmo restaurant, they provide food as per customers needs and taste in order to gain customer for longer time. This will lead to rise in the level of sales as well as profits of the restaurant.


P3 Develop a customer experience map.

This is a tool which is used for analysing the way a customer is feeling about their products and services being offered. This is essential for every company to understand their perception of their customers so that various improvements can also be done based on customer requirements (Harmeling and et. al., 2017). The management of Cosmo has been using some of the tools which can help them in interacting and spreading of their message with their customers and these are :


Pre Tour

During Tour

Post Tour


Customers are developing a online preference for searching of information and after that using such information according to their requirement.



It is important that qualitative services are provided to customers after they have confirmed bookings. The tour guide assists and provides direction to their travellers so that they can have a valuable experience (Goodman, 2019).





Customer review and their comments play a very important part in making the companies understand what is the satisfaction level of their customers and how do they feel after they have taken these services.

Customer perception

At this point customers didn't had any type of local referrals who can provide them guidance or knowledge in a proper way. Different suggestion lead to creation of chaos and lot if confusion in customers minds (Cook, 2017).


Travellers or customers remain unsatisfied if there is no interaction which is taking place with local residents.



At this point, travellers are sharing their information with their friends, colleagues and family members.




P4 Customer touch-points throughout the customer experience create business opportunities.

Customer touch points are those which take place when a customer is having first time interaction with a company and is availing their goods & services. Below are some techniques which manager of Cosmo restaurant uses:

Website: Website is a communication channel which is helping companies so that they are able to share their formation and images of their products. In Cosmo marketing manager shares their information so that they can make their target customers aware of their products and services.

Email: E-mail is a very effective took which is also used for sharing of information (Gingiss, 2017). In Cosmo manager is uses email as a medium to share information with regards to their offerings vouchers, services, discounts etc.

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According to the report customer experience can be analysed with the help of their feedback. A positive feedback helps a company in creating a strong goodwill in the market. Management team of every company has to understand requirements if their customers and then increase the level of satisfaction of their customers to enhance their customer loyalty.



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