Manuka Restaurant in Canberra

Statement of scope

The restaurant is now opened in a Manuka in Canberra named “serve hot” in this the scope of project to deliver a delicious food to its clients. The food that are serve are vegetarian and non-vegetarian food that keeps the guest members and clients healthier and lifelong. The food items that are includes in the Indian, Italian and Japanese food for the purpose of capturing the target market. It leads them to attract all type of people from the Manuka city that able them to satisfy the customers in most effective manner. The main objective of project is that to capture a high market share and satisfy the customers in most effective way. The SMART Objectives of a company in which the specific the restaurant that are opened wants to target the Manuka for the main purpose to enhance sales (Turner, 2014). The main goals of a restaurant is that to reduce the cost by 20% as they mainly focus on minimising food wastage that involves scrap and spoilage. It can be only possible if it reduces by 10% in every month for 6 months. Thereafter, there is also 6% reduce for another 6 months that are track in each 2 weeks. Thereafter, the another goal is that to increase sales by 40% sales in next 1 & ½ years. It can be possible through deliver a high quality of services to the customers so, they keep longer and healthier. For this, company have to spend a lot of money on marketing in that they have to spend money in advertisement in newspaper, magazines, banner ads and print media etc. They also focus on the development of a country in regard to social and economic development. For this, they have to create a number of jobs due to which it will directly improvement in the economic condition of the country.

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Outcomes Definition

Project objectives are to set up that can be define as a deliverable under which there is an outcome are produced from the statement of scope. It can be of two type that are tangible which produced outcomes of project that are set up into the Manuka. The project is based upon set up a new restaurant that produced two kinds of anticipated outcomes that are planned pay off measured and sometime the results are measure for a long term. Under this project, the outcomes of this can be measured into segments in that if there is increase in market share that show the achievements of projects. Thereafter, the project outcomes can also be measured through benefits from the ISO 9001 certification and also from the quality as well as benchmarking initiatives. It is an example of planned payoffs. Furthermore, the outcomes can also be measure through enhancement of image of the restaurant in the minds of public, improvement in the satisfaction of customers (Dewar, Pullin and Tocheris, 2011). It also includes enhanced acceptance of the firm through communities in that place where the company have operating their business.

In context to the project is set up a new restaurant in Manuka for this the resource are included in it are funds, premises and time. The “Hot serve” have a sufficient amount of funds that is approx 3.6 million and have an appropriate time for a 2 year. According to this, it has been estimated that restaurant have a sufficient employee that are around 50 who are skilled in hotel management. Therefore, they deliver the high quality of services to its clients and they also offer a various dish in the Indian, Italian and Japanese. Accordingly, it has been estimated that the total population of Manuka in which there are various different people visits are Indian, Italian and Japanese people. Therefore, as per the sufficient time periods for a 2 year the restaurant can able to attain the market share in a one year that is about half 10% of 20%. In regard to this, the restaurant has a high qualified skilled worker that can able to deliver a high quality of services. As per this, it has been estimated that there the new restaurant can able to attract as well as satisfy the customers in large. Due to which it will able to increasing sales is 20% approx. in a 1 year. Furthermore, restaurant have a sufficient amount of funds due to which they can able to advertise by spending a money on newspaper, print media, magazines etc. It directly creates awareness in the minds of its customer regards to new restaurant products that resultant into increase in the sales and able to capture a market share.

Implication and undesirable outcomes "deliverables"

In this project definition aspects under which it shows the long terms impacts of a project it can be positive or negative. In context to the new restaurant opened in which they deliver a wide range of dishes that gives the customers healthier life and lifelong. It directly impacts on the customers positively as well as on organisation as well. Therefore, the “serve hot” restaurant opens their business in the new target market are the Manuka in which there is a high quality of workers perform activities. Thus, it impacts on their sales positively as the sales of a restaurant is now increasing within the time frame work. It has been estimated that the restaurant sales enhance is up to 10% in 1 year that was targeted earlier in the project definition scope statement. The main reason behind this is that the restaurant has a high skilled workers and it has a capability to deliver a high quality of services. Apart from this, company have a sufficient amount of resources regard to financial for this they are now able invest a large amount of money. Thus, they can able to expand their marketing activities for the purpose of attaining the marketing goals of a restaurant. For this, they invest into those areas where there is a possibility of increase in the number of customer demands within the target market is Manuka. They placing their products or services information through advertisement such as newspaper, magazine, social media, banner ads, print media and fair events etc. Therefore, it impacts on the restaurant in positive way as there is an increase in the number of marketing activities. It leads to increase in the market share that will be estimating for a one year that is just half is 10% which attain the marketing objectives.

Apart from this, the restaurant also produced undesirable outcomes rather than positive implication as each business involve risk that gives negative impacts on company. Thus, the restaurant develops an objectives according to which they carried out all act that helps them in attaining in most effective manner. The restaurant has been opened in a Manuka and they can face consequences in a future time period. Thus, there are various uncertainty arises as it can be changes in the technology, fluctuation in inflation rate, legislation and regulation that are regulated by government, customer taste, preferences and perception regard to food dishes and damages etc(Etzion and Niblett,2010). Therefore, all such consequences barrier the restaurant objectives that will be resulting into risk of loss and uncontrollable in future. Furthermore, in the case of new restaurant open they can have faced in terms of technology such a food processing system and quality control etc. It influences the restaurant to purchase the new technology for this they have to spend a lot of amount to invest. Thus, it directly affecting on their financial performance as their expenses increase or it may face to borrow loan from bank which create liability to repayment. The another negative impact regard to technology changes is that the restaurant needs to conduct the training programs for the purpose of training the existing employee so, they ready to performed on the new technology. Further, some employee like to participate in the training events and some other hesitate due to which they will start leaving the restaurant as they do not like to work. Beside this, the another uncertainty can be happening for the “HOT Serve'' is that if there is an increase in the inflation rate than they have to change in their pricing structure. It will directly be affecting on their sales as the most of lower and middle group of customer not like to pay high rate on food dishes.

Output definition

Output can be define as delivering of service and products that are taken into consideration in a new project. Therefore, there is newly restaurant opened named “Hot Serve” deliver a products are Italian food that include food items are Pizza Margherita, Antipasto, Zuppa e salsa, pasta varieties (Amiri, 2010). Therefore, in Indian food rice, Daal Makhani, Raita, Paneer palak, Mashroom, cold drinks, ice cream it includes vanilla, pineapple, strawberry and butterscotch etc. In the Japanese food item, it includes Tempura, Edamame, Ramen, Mochi, Miso soup and Okonomiyaki etc.

The services that are included in it are reducing waiting time of customers, timely billing and deliver an amazing moment that influence visitors to come again in the “Hot serve”.

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Excluded output

The output items that excluded in a project is a two or more distribution channel of products such as social media (Cooper and Kleinschmidt, 2011). Thus, it increases expenses for a new restaurant as they specially hire a delivery man for the purpose of fulfilling orders through online.

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Utilisation Map

It is a that kind of map that shows the what inputs are used for the purpose of completed the project. The process is used to convert the inputs into outputs that leads to attain the target outcomes that is called utilisation map. In context to new opened restaurant “Hot serve” the input used by them are financial resources, raw material and human resources. The process that are used by the new restaurant is that to increase in a number of marketing activities such as spend money into advertisement (Samset and Volden,2016). It includes newspaper, magazines, print media, banner ads and fair events etc. Thereafter, provide training to employees so, they can able to deliver the high quality of services to its customers. Thus, it leads them to attain a desirable outcome it that company can able to capture market share 20% and increase sales is 40% in the next 2 years.


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