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Organization Selected : Imperial Hotel
Question :

The assessment will provide certain questions which are like:

  • What are the problems that affect the operational and management areas and also their activities to be managed in Imperial Hotel?
  • Provide the resolution of all the problems that affect the service quality, productivity and operational cause in Imperial Hotel.
  • Give relevant theories for management and principles.
Answer :


Management refers to designing corporate policy and handling companies activities such as, planning, controlling, directing and organizing firm's resources in appropriate manner so as to attain desire objective (Copacino, 2019). In order to run the business activity smoothly in the global market it is mandatory to have effective management. Uneven management in the working premises leads to unproductive outcomes. To compete with the rivalry firm should have strong and flexible management. Imperial Hotel is undertaken for the report. It is a well recognized Star city hotel within London. Team of the hotel are working day and night to meet the demand of the customers. Numerous issues are faced by this leading hotel which are, poor operating of workers and enhancement in ineffectiveness due to deficiency of encouragement. However, this project covers root cause of the problem from management and operational perspectives. Additionally, ways for solving the issues easily.


Management theory assist the organization to maximize production by using human assets to their maximum potential. On the other hand it is mandatory to study management theory as it directly or indirectly aid in reviewing ineffective performance of house staff. Along with this problems are examined properly for productive results as compare to the competitors in the cut throat competitive world. Additionally, management theory helps in demonstrating the gathered data and information in systematic manner.

In order to cope up the rivalry Imperial hotel is adopting specific theory to interpret their data in proper sequence. Top level management is following Situational Leadership theory at their work place. It assist in understanding the present management within the hotel so that further improvements can be done easily and chances of error can be reduced to a large extent. This theory is work on the notion that there is no specific style of leadership within firm (Franke and Pastor, 2018). In this case, new manager adopt leadership approaches according to the situation prevailing in a firm. Moreover, before examining the management theory according to the case study it is essential to overlook numerous other leadership styles which are illustrated as under:

  • Autocratic Leadership: In this style staff members are not involved in the decision making process. Management examine all the condition and take decision accordingly. There is a involvement of any workers in the decision making process they are only asked to follow it in order to attain productive results in the set time duration.
  • Democratic Leadership: The perception of the staff members are valued in this leadership style as well they are indulged in the decision making process. By this act workers are assured that they are valuable assets of the firm. However, responsibility and authority is delegated to to the teammates according to their ability and capability.
  • Transformational Leadership: This type of leadership style is concerned with supporting a change in an organization. In this particular case vision statement is designed by the leaders. Also, the formulated vision is explained to the group members so that it can be achieved in the set time time span without any sort of difficulty.
  • Laissez-Faire Leadership: In this particular leadership approach co-workers are given the liberty to choose their own method and process for working. There is no strict rules imposed employees to complete the task in set designed formate. It is also stated as hands-off approach (Heizer and Munson, 2017).

By studying the theory it has been stated that there are numerous quadrants that reflect the support and direction which are given by leaders to co-workers. Under the supervision and direction of Peter Farnsworth sub-ordinates are in poor condition as per the case study. Problems backed up by the management theory is showcased below:


Directive Behaviour



Supportive Behaviour







There are distinguish quadrants that are assesses as they showcase interpretation of issues in proper manner. The explantation is done beneath:

  • Directing: When directions are render by leaders then this style is used. It is adopted by Imperial hotel as limited support is provided to the in- house staff they come across problem of language. It is difficult to work with team who speaks Polish. It is used in those places where there is lack of skills and knowledge to perform the task in systematic manner.
  • Coaching: This type of style is more suitable when there is lack of skill but staff members are more committed towards the work assigned. Here, directions are provided by the leaders as well as guide them whenever employees require them at the time of completion of work.
  • Delegating: In this particular style work is allotted when co-workers are highly skilled and capable but are lack behind in commitment. In Imperial Hotel employees are assigned work on their potential level so that task can be completed in the set time span. By this the allotted work of Polish and in-house staff member are completed in the set deadline (Lewin and Gollan, 2019).
  • Supportive: It is more suitable when less direction and more support is provided by leaders to their sub-ordinate so as to drive staff members satisfaction level high. But in Imperial Hotel this approach is not suitable as the departments of house keeping continuously need direction so as to perform the task effectively and to ensure high level of performance in the working premise.

From the above discussion the conclusion drawn is that there are lack of ineffective leadership at the time of supporting and guiding in-house staff for their job roles in an organization. However, there is very modest teamwork in which co-workers from both the side fails to work unitedly in order to achieve a common goal.


Imperial Hotel faces several issues which has uplifted ineffective performance in terms of adhering Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS). Below are discussed some of the issues which are showcased as:

Management Perspective:

  • Lack of Teamwork: The another reason which is giving birth to issues in the department of housekeeping is lack of teamwork (Vargas, 2018). In the above discussion it is calculated that when the co-workers of Polish are asked to work with in- house in-house staff they act reluctantly. In this case the ides and view points of two distinguish individual is mingled up jointly as they are more successful in providing high quality services. The high level of resistance from Polish staff members results in ineffectiveness outcomes when it comes to group task. In case of hospitality industry every department need to perform with each other effectively as there are various task which need to tackled in a single day. The overall productivity of the several department decreases as they are not getting proper support from each other division (Littlewood and Mitchell, 2019). Due to the gap in communication channel customers are left unsatisfied and market value of the hotel decreased gradually.
  • Inappropriate Motivation: In context to management there is tremendous lack of motivation and encouragement for in-house workers. This is because within the performance management system there is steady high performance of the Polish co-workers. It is the main cause of resentment with the full time workers of the enterprise. According to the hard work which the sub-ordinates put to complete the task in the set deadline the incentives, benefits and rewards offered to employees are not up-to the standards of their hard work. This act has raises the level of de- motivation among the workers which results in low productivity. However, on- the- job training is conducted for the teammates of Polish but no growth opportunities are invested by the top level management for the in-hose staff. All this aspects has directly or indirectly raised the turn out ratio of potential employees which is a another issue emerging in the the hotel premises. By this organization si unable to cope up the competitors which is resulting in down fall of market value in the intense competitive world. Employee are switching to those firms which are providing good incentives for their hard work as well as whose leaders are motivating their teammates every now and then to perform better (McDavid and Hawthorn, 2018).

Operational Perspective:

  • Autocratic Leadership: In this leadership style organization provide all possible support and guidance to their employees so that assigned work can be completed in the set time span. In an organization duties mad work are delegated to the Polish and in -house employees together so that all the work get finished in the set deadline and in proper sequence. In Imperial hotel former works in teams and does per day 20 rooms, and 30 rooms are undertaken mostly by the full time workers. Along with this no motivation is given to the employees to perform better as compare to rivalry. Their performance is evaluated on the basis of sampling that is inappropriate due to lack of training opportunities. So all this autocracy in decision making process cut down the performance of employees to a large extent. Additionally, all this creates unhealthy working environment and culture where the customers emerging needs and wants are not full-filled on priority level. Moreover, monitoring of employees performance is not done properly that leads to co-workers dissatisfaction and are unable to achieve the desire standards in the designed deadline (Richesson and Hollis, 2019).


In order to raise the performance of employees in best and innovative solution for the above problems should be identified. By this companies overall productivity and profitability ratio can be raised accordingly. In the open market place Imperial Hotel is facing numerous issues and various measures need to be taken in to enhance the present processes of the business. By this organization will be able to create tough bench mark for others which is a positive mark for the business. Therefore, a plan is showcased under despite if numerous tactics highlighted below:

  • Appraisal Systems: It is the best way by which companies performance can be upgraded and is associated to present a prominent appraisal system in an organization. By this staff members performance can be examined on the basis of quality, client satisfaction level, reliability and so on. By this full-time workers can be retained for longer time duration and can be made them satisfied by fulfilling their basic needs. This act will make them more loyal and committed towards their job over the years (Salic and Zelic, 2018). By this effective and productive results are attained easily.
  • Motivation: Those organization who are providing timely motivation to their skilled sub-ordinates are more likely to retain in the hotel for longer time duration. In Imperial Hotel Maslow's hierarchical theory is adopted in order to turn the hired staff members more loyal and committed towards their job. In this theory step by step individual preferences are full-filled and productive outcomes is attained. By this employees are made with their job which is a positive mark for the company.
  • Teamwork: The another scope of enhancement is through teamwork. It is very essential to build effective team in order top attain the set goals and objectives in the set time span. This can be done by introducing effective two way communication channel within strategy by this gap among the workers of both the nationalities can be reduced accordingly. Moreover, the social needs of the people are meet and appreciation for their hard work will boost them to collaborate with each other (Schaltegger and Petersen, 2017). 


From the above report the conclusion drawn is that management is the core activity in an organization. It directs the managers to use the resources according to the set standards of the firm. In order to gain productive outcomes it is essential to interpretate the data with the help of particular theory as it render the base for finding the issues which is directing to the issues. Strong tactics should be designed in order to upgrade the overall firm's performance. Also, best solution is showcased for productive outcomes as compare to the competitors.

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