Productivity with General Management and Issues of Imperial Hotel

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Organization Selected : Imperial Hotel
Question :
  • Provide the effective nature and also the productivity with general management and issues.
  • Provide the general areas in which the customer perspective in the organisational context
Answer :


Management is administration of organisation whether it is government, business, non profit organisation. It is the planning, organising, staffing, direction and controlling of corporate activities. It is the strategy setting of firm and coordinating efforts of employees to achieve objectives through help of resources such as financial, technological, natural, human resources. It is also managing people of an organisation. It is also regarded as science, art and profession and of getting people together for accomplishing goals by combining and integrating resources effectively and efficiently. Management has several functions such as accounting, finance, consulting, marketing, retails, business administration, human resource, sales, operations. The given assignment is based on Imperial Hotel which was built between 1905 and 1911 and designed by Charles Fitzroy Doll at London. It is on east side of Russell Square which is Imperial group. Here will be discussing about issues arises at hotel because of ineffective staff and poor team working. The hotel has also faced problem in managing system. The receptionist has conflict with other department because of providing wrong and inaccurate information to people (Anderson and et. al., 2018). It has also faced difficulty of inefficient using of new or information technology for reservation. There were complication at cross team building and incentives and rewards not provided to staff working at hotel. The assignment also covered suggestion given by Peter Famsworth for resolving problem of information technology, building cross team and team bonus scheme. Through solving difficulties of staff, will work for company effectively and efficiently for achieving goal and objectives. It also leads to sustainability, productivity and profitability of hotel.

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Management theory is collection of ideas which has general rules for managing organisation or business. It address managing and supervising corporation in knowledge of goals, implementing effective teams for goals achievement and motivating employees to perform high set standard. There are many theories of management such as scientific, human relations, bureaucratic and system. These help for effective and efficient running of business through proper management of resources such as human, financial, activities. These are considered as overview which express visions of various ways for running organisation based on differing assumptions about system and people operate (Cleere, 2012). As per the scenario given in case study will be discussing about system and human relations theory of management which is described.

System theory was firstly given by Ludwig Von Bertalanffy in 1940s and later by Ross Ashby in 1964. The background of this theory is that complex system is nothing but it is part of organisation. It is most important theories in management which provides approaches for understanding, thinking and analysing about firm. It views organisation as made up of sub system or numerous parts which work together in harmony way. The sub system includes departments, business units, work groups, individual employees. The success of business relies on synergy, interdependence between subsystem and interconnections of within organisation and between environment & firm. The characteristics of this theory are: communication, system, boundaries, goals and holistic view. The explanation of each features are communication: it means to exchange relevant information within organisation and its environment, there should be effective mechanism and flowing of information among subsystem. The system is divided into system: it means set of interrelated parts which process input and output, subsystem: means processing units and super system: is other system in environment. The boundaries is separated from environment and includes following physical: prevents access, systematic: ruling and regulating interactions, linguistic: based on languages and psychological: restricts. The system is goal oriented and involved in feedback for meeting organisation vision and mission. Last is holistic view which means focusing on relations and arrangement which connect into whole and mutual interaction makes parts bigger (Combe, 2014).

The elements of system are: input, through, output, process and feedback. The input includes maintenance and production which import sustain and processed for outcome. Throughout is work done on resources for producing a product. Output include change or exit existing system which return goods to environment. The process means converting input to output through various mechanical or chemical operations. Feedback is information about reaction for product and used for improvement which can be positive and negative. The system has two types such as open and close. Here, open system means interaction with environment on continuous basis and exchange of information, materials and energies. Similarly, close system does not interact and influenced with surrounding (Fukasawa and et. al., 2013). It helps in dealing with complexity, easily managing channel through environment interaction, taking holistic approach, recognising super system importance and utilising feedback for improvement. This approach is used by Imperial Hotel for issues solving at premises and getting best result out of it.

The next theory human relation which means studying behaviour of individual at workplace. It was given by Elton Mayo at Western Electric Company's Hawthorne Works. This is brought first time for relationship between productivity and social factors (Hazen and et. al., 2014). The main features of this theory are getting thing done from people, managing interpersonal relationship at work place, high motivation & large productivity achieved by good human relations. Elton Mayo has done experiment which is divided into four category. The first is illumination experiment which means productivity could be increased not by improving working environment but through informal social relations among working group or members. The second experiment is relay assembly test room in which small group of homogeneous people formed. The new elements were provided to employees such as shorter working hours, improved physical conditions, proper rest periods, friendly supervision, free social interaction among members. After providing all such facility, morale and productivity increased. It also noticed that after withdrawing such things output and values were maintained. The researchers concluded that not only such facility required to employees but recognition, informal work group, participation, non directive supervision leads to higher productivity.

The third is mass interviewing programme in which organisation took interview of large number of employees to know about orientation and perceptions of working life. From result it concluded that informal relations, psychological, social need impact behaviour of workers. The last experiment is bank wiring observation room in which observation was done for group of 14 worker with regard to work behaviour. The observation revealed that exist of informal relations in group and production norms set by workers. After experimenting, Hawthorne experiment concluded with following points. The factory is psychosocial organisation rather than techno-economic. The forming of group influence behaviour and performance of worker and also physical conditions increase productivity and morale. The recognition, participation helps in overall achievement of result of firm. Many organisation applies this to improve relations with employees and workers. The manager assumed new role and develop concepts of leadership, authority and motivation. Hawthorne experiments is accepted by all organisation for improving productivity and relations. This theory is also applied in Imperial hotel to improve the issue for betterment of firm (Hughes, 2012).

As given scenario in case study of Imperial Hotel, it has face various difficulties such as: poor team working at reception, banquet, conference and restaurant & bars. It has also used ineffective information system for property management and reservation. There were lack of customer service and support to guest as they were not provided informations. It has also came across of conflict between reception and other department about provided with inaccurate and wrong information. The staff of conference and banquet complains about not having proper data of guest coming for conferences and meetings. Even employees were not given bonus, incentives and rewards for work performance and clashes among team members or groups. In order to solve training at IT system, team bonus schemes and cross team building, Peter Famsworth has given some suggestions (Runyon, 2013).

The suggestions for training into IT systems is that all employees working at Imperial Hotel should be given online and offline training. In online, the staff should be provided with computer system and classes should be conducted. The application use by Hotel should be made aware to all worker regarding booking of hotels, availability of room, cost, check in/out time. This assist them at the time of booking rooms for visitors and guest. Similarly, in offline the use, meaning, concept should be made clear to subordinates. As every Hotel has different application or database for using so should be made clear. This is important for firm to conduct training on regular basis. This new and information technology made work easier, time saving, easily availability of data and information.

The next suggestion for cross team building exercise is to introduce each and every member to organisation. In Imperial Hotel, the staff were not having proper coordination among each other which create conflict among worker. The fist and foremost duty of manager is to create friendly environment among team. They should be made who report to whom and who work with whom. If all knows their reporting person, then work became easier. As individual cannot work efficiently for organisation, team require to form for achieving goal and objective. Sometime, firm need to conduct activities for working employees to know more about them and each other (Solove, 2012). The every department requires to coordinate with each other for performing. At Imperial Hotel, conflict was between receptionist and other department. Better training, guidance and direction can resolve this problem between receptionist and other. Thus, in this way, solution can be given between cross team building exercise and running corporation successfully with fulfilment of meeting need and demand of workers.

The last suggestion for review of team bonus schemes can be resolve by providing incentives, bonus and rewards to staff. The bonus helps in achieving objectives of organisation by improving business performance, encouraging to accept changes, increasing motivation of employees by establishing link for pay and performance. As per Peter Farnsworth the staff incentive scheme encourage for excellent performance, improve productivity. It include: if any worker is considered as employees of month for whole hotel should be given £200. Similarly, if employee of month for each department should be awarded with £50. If individual and performance targets is meet in three consecutive months within department then £200 vouchers for staying in any one star hotel. It can be resolved by organising parties at the end of year which is funded by Hotel itself. Even there are other ways to get out of the problem faced by Imperial Hotel which include bonus in cash and non cash form. The individual performance should be evaluated and accordingly promotion should be done and also for group task or team bonus should be provided. Thus, in this way problem can be resolved for team bonus scheme at Imperial Hotel for betterment, productivity, profitability, sustainability and growth of business at London market for its customers and guest (Wilkinson, Wood and Demirbag, 2014).

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From the above assignment it can be summarised that management is very important for all types of organisation whether small or large. It means managing of people, resources and finance. Here the assignment is based on Imperial Hotel which has faced lots of difficulties. The issues are related with poor team working for receptionist, banquet, conference, restaurants, bars and inefficient use of IT systems which include reservation and property management system. In order to resolve the problem of training into IT system, review of team bonus scheme and cross team building exercises various solutions given. Firstly, for training at IT system, online and offline training should be conducted to make staff aware of using it and work effectively. For team bonus scheme, Peter Farnsworth has made incentive plan for staff as a whole hotel and for each department. As per employees of month, meeting individual & performance target the amount varies. In order to motivate worker, parties is conducted for staff at the end of year which is funded by Hotel itself. Similarly, for cross team building, Hotel conduct various activities to know about each other among themselves. The reporting person should be made aware for performing task and achieving goal and objectives. Thus, in this way, solutions for different problems given for achieving final set standard and results.

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