Case Study Analysis Marketing Issues

Analysis Of Marketing Problems And Theories

In this case study, the Analysis Of Marketing Problems And Theories are discussed in reference to case study of Pandora which is an internet radio organization. Pandora is providing the services for innovation and creativity of music which can entertain the people globally (Baghdadi, 2013). This report involves the discussion on marketing issues and challenges of Pandora along with approaches of marketing practices there. For the observed marketing problems in Pandora, the evaluation of marketing theories and approaches is understood and discussed with recommendation to troubleshoot them.

Identification of marketing problems in case study of Pandora

  • Marketing is a process of identifying the needs of customers and meeting the expectations of customers through marketing mix, approaches and support of marketing theories. Generally, promotion and advertisement of products and services is the basic objective of marketing in a business organization (Brasher, 2001). Requirements analysis and marketing strategy implementation is an important activity of marketing department of an organization like Pandora. In this case study, there are some marketing problems which are identified and cited as follows:
  • Research and development process is quite compressed to enrich the large customer's segments and communication system (Drew, 2003). So there is loop whole in getting more customers base for internet radio listeners. Pandora has not creating enough awareness in internet visitors for its music products and advertisement services.  
  • Use of the internet marketing techniques is falling short in its promotional campaigns. The social media, search engine optimization and website promotion is missing in its business promotions. The awareness of music pitches is falling short for customers expectations of listeners while marketing business.  
  • Minimum return on investment has increased the problems for management and business operations. Marketing teams and other employees are not getting enough compensation for their efforts. The expenses are not in equilibrium of outcomes and music production. The financial conditions of Pandora were found critical because of inappropriate marketing strategies and business practices (Grandon and Michael, 2004).
  • The implementation of customer value proposition function got failed with lack in customer base. Its products and services are not up to the expectations of customers.
  • Strategic marketing planning is failed to generate the revenues and market share of music listeners. It has increased the costing of production and internet radio services.
  • The organizations and other customers do not like web space of Pandora to promote and advertise their products and services due to less visitors of its business website (Jengchung and, 2013). It is not able to earn revenue from visitor’s access of its websites because of the free music listening services.
  • It has well start up of business but could not cross the level of break even for profitability because of lacking in customers base and retaining them. Pandora is required to have return on investments which can make it across the introduction stage in its Product life cycle.

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As above citation, some marketing issues are there which has noticed in the current marketing strategy of Pandora radio. Strategic planning of a business organization has major impact of its marketing functions and operations (Srinivasan and, 2012). It affects the business firms from getting more revenue from the promotions and advertisement of Pandora. Marketing mix includes product, pricing, promotions, process, physical evidence and people who are not implemented adequately in case of Pandora radio business. It is considered that decision making in Pandora has negative impact on the promotions and other marketing practices.

Marketing theory applicable to Pandora

Pandora is a business organization which is having issues in getting better revenue and customer’s base because of its weak marketing strategy. According to the given case,  option q will be suitable for the company. They should launch an advertisement campaign on radio station. For this purpose black box marketing theory can be applied for these business organizations as it is having issues in managing resources and in promoting the business as well (Cohen, 2005).

By considering figure of black box theory it can be noticed this concept or tool is supported by strategy of marketing mix. The marketing mix includes various marketing practices like product functions and pricing strategies for products of a business firm. Further, it includes placing of the products or services to the customer's mind (Dennis and Harris, 2003). There is promoting functions and operations of a business organization which affects the awareness and selling of its values to the demanding customers. Process of marketing is very crucial for a business firm through involvement of different tools, strategic decisions and methodologies. Technological advancement and flexibility of changes has enhanced the scale of customer’s base through productivity and quality of services. Physical evidence of a business is shown from the marketing strategies and practices for profitability. The brand perception and image creates brand equity for a product or service in business organization (Plant, 2000). The stakeholders, assets, image and profitability are the physical evidence for success of a business organization. People of a business firm are the most important assets for creating customer value and for selling them to the customers of its trade. These factor will be supported by macroeconomic factors. By implementation of this theory company will be able to consider both internal and external factors in order to satisfy demand of customers in effective manner.

In the given case study, it is understood that option     1 is the most applicable strategy with respect to existing marketing conditions and operations in business. There are number of weaknesses and issues that are in existing marketing campaign of Pandora (Raisch and Garnier, 2000). It is a music product and advertisement service provider firm which is focusing to rebuild the success through internet music selling and promoting other businesses. The marketing mix for Pandora is cited below to understand its applicability and implementation to its marketing strategy.

Product: There are music files, internet advertisement space and creative sources of music compositions that are available at Pandora and which can help people and industrial customers to promote their business.

Pricing: It is assumed that there are genuine prices for the products and services from Pandora which is focused to gain more customers. So, the break even pricing strategy is maintained by Pandora (Friesner, 2014).

Promotions: Pandora promotes its business through magazines, newspapers, own websites and associate customers which is not effective enough for the customers to gain their attention.

Process: Functional operations of Pandora are managed by inadequate operation's management which should be processed with technological advancement and suitability to business.

Physical Evidence: The low customer base and financial crisis has decreased the market share and opportunities of profitability in their business (Tony, 2012). Employees had worked for free for a long period and there are only 5000 customers which is a negative point for customers to use the advertisement services.

People: People of organization sounds cooperative and dedicated towards the business objectives. The customers of business have analyzed and it is concluded that there is minimum retention rate of users.

Critical evaluation of the approaches used to marketing problems

In the existing market condition of Pandora, it is understood that sustainability of marketing strategy can achieve the desired business objectives as well as can manage the drawbacks in exiting revenues (Pyle, 2010). For troubleshooting marketing problems of Pandora, there are some marketing approaches which can resolve the issues in business. There are some marketing approaches like production, product, marketing, societal marketing and functional marketing. Production marketing approach focuses to minimize the cost of products and services which are offered by a business organization to its customers. Product marketing approach is suitable to promote the products like music quality and values through designing and serving products to the ultimate customers. In marketing approach, the marketing mix are most significant to create the brand value for a business firm. The societal marketing includes the promotions of products and services to the society and customers for managing the business operations. The functional marketing includes all the nine functions of marketing in a business.

For trouble shooting marketing issues in Pandora, the contingency management style should be implemented. It will focus on all 7p's of marketing. All the discussed issues of marketing in Pandora can be resolved through effective implementation of marketing mix in its business (Baghdadi, 2013). There are significant impact of processing business functions which includes segmentation, targeting and positioning functions.

  • Market share can be improved though effective positioning and promotional activities. It can include the social media promotions over the internet (Grandon and Michael, 2004).
  • The retention of customers can be increased though attractive website designs and promoting products as well as services via associate partners.
  • A strategic plan for better implementation of marketing mix will have better outcomes for managing the business functions.
  • Financial worth of business can be raised by effective pricing policy like skimming the price travesty (Srinivasan and, 2012).
  • Proper research and study will support to detect the issues and resolve them efficiently.

All the marketing approaches can be implemented in Pandora but there are some mismatches like internal and external factor analysis which will not be sufficient to solve all the issues in business like production, product, societal marketing and functional marketing (Dennis and Harris, 2003). The marketing approach is most suitable because it focuses to the major issues of this case study which is promotion of business.

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It is concluded from the research and study for this case study that Pandora has several issues in its marketing practices which should concentrate on marketing strategy designing. To resolve this issue company will launch an advertisement campaign. This option will be supported by black box theory of marketing mix.  Marketing theories are accessed in planning and implementing the business roles and responsibilities for strategic planning. The cognitive business style with marketing approach will support to analyze and resolve the future problems in Pandora.


There are some suggestions on the basis of deep study and observations of marketing issues of Pandora which are as follows:

  • Involvement of associated business partners in online business through corporate websites.
  • Innovative and creative marketing techniques like social media promotions and advertisements of flash files and links through emails.
  • Promoting business through effective implementation of marketing mix.
  • Access of specific customer group like young kids in its segmentation.


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