MAC 6MK509 : Marketing across Cultures A Study on Wego


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Organization Selected : Wego
Question :

Some of the main assessments which are drawn in it are like:

  • Elaborate on the cross-culture differences analysed in two countries and their working.
  • What are the social and the cultural issues and differences which are being taken to manage the targeted segments in Wego.
  • Elaborate on the effective marketing strategies used by Wego.
Answer :


Cross culture is a aspect which is growing with diversity amongst people who belong to different backgrounds, nations, ethnicities and importance of combing them together. This is a concept which deals with comparative study which has to be done between various cultural areas. In case of International business, cross culture is a critical issue which plays a part in success of trade taking place at international level as this is a process which is based on interaction between workforce which is belonging to different cultures and regions. This report is a extended part of Course Work 1 which is based on cross culture analysis. Selected countries are UAE and Japan which are aiming at development of understanding of culture of these two countries with their impact on marketing and promotional activities (del Mar MirasRodríguez, CarrascoGallego and EscobarPérez, 2015). In this report Wego is selected as a base company which is a retail company established in Shibuya, Tokyo and they have approx 150 stores located in Japan. This is a retail store which is gaining lot of popularity amongst youngsters and is one of hottest spot in Japan. There are several aspects which have been considered in this report such as various difference between social and cultural factors which is having influence on behaviour of their customers. This report also considers different strategies of marketing which ave been examined by this company so that they can plan their expansion.


A Cross-Cultural Analysis

Hofstede Cultural Model

Hosfstede's cultural dimension refers to a model which was developed be Geert Hofstede and main purpose is cross cultural communication. This is a framework which is used for developing a understanding of diversity in cultures prevailing in different countries. Various business area using this model so that they can distinguish between culture of different countries. In case of Course work 1 appropriate model for cross cultural analysis is Hofstede's culture dimension. It is helpful in developing a understanding of diversity in norms & beliefs of culture and values of company belonging to different countries (Hoppner, Griffith and White, 2015) and Zhao, 2015). This is also assisting in developing a clarity of beliefs and norms of nations and influence on offerings of firms of different countries. Wego is panning to expand in UAE as this company is presently operating in Japan. UAE and Japan are two countries which are completely different from each other and this expansion strategy will be having a influence on offerings of Wego. As there are complete difference in culture prevailing in UAE & Japan there occurs a requirement that understanding has to be developed about such factors which can have a impact on Wego when they will enter UAE. This leads to a need if analysis of all cultural dimension which are present in Hofstede framework which will help in understanding of cultural difference and its influences is discussed below:

Masculinity Versus Femininity:

This is a cultural framework which is associated with preference of society and other prevailing components which are having orientation in the country (Ordóñez, and et. al., 2017) . Each country has their own cultural dimension which can be analysed based on diversity prevailing in the country. Japan and UAE are two countries which are completely differer from each other and overall culture, traditions and norms which are followed are also very different from each other. This leads to a need that Wego has to compulsorily address and carefully analyse such distinct features so that This includes attitude of people living in society towards various aspects such as equality, sexuality and many other such related issues. In case of feminism people are having more concern towards modesty, cooperation and increasing quality of life. Masculinity is a aspect which is more focussed towards assertiveness, achievement, building of wealth and this leads to competitive nature of society.

Japan is having a society which is masculinity and they are having rivalry between various groups which is very evident. This high percentage of masculinity is leading to a motivational component of business. Hence, product which are being offered by these companies are based on this type of competitive nature which is helping this company in getting a competitive advantage as compared to other competitors in market. In case of Wego this brand is dealing into apparels, accessories being offered at competitive prices (Wanick, Ranchhod and Wills, 2015). This is a tool which is used for getting a larger share of market. This depicts such as that firm is having in operation in japan and having masculine characteristics and people are emphasizing on various factors such as competition which is helping in improvement of strategies in market.

On other hand, in UAE topic is related to masculinity & femininity for a balanced society. This is related to society and when nation is laying emphasis on rival competition then quality of life is considered. Masculinity and Femininity are two aspects which are indication of what is the perception of society towards product which is being offered by Wego. This difference is very evident to be understood and is present between value and culture.

Individualism Versus Collectivism:

This is also a framework which is related to the extent which people have incorporated in groups and overall interdependence on the society (Fan, and Fujimoto, 2017). This is related to way individuals have a self image. Individualism depicts how personal goals can be achieved and this is very important in understanding position of a individual on other and collectivism is related to goals along with position in group. For an example, people of individualistic society have a tendency to focus on their family members and also on themselves. This encourages people in consideration of society before their own interest.

On another aspect, Society in UAE is collectivist and they are having inclination towards groups which are exiting in nation. Norms. Attitude and beliefs prevailing in society have to be considered so that there is establishment of loyalty. Clothing fashion of females are influenced by beliefs and values in society (Çandarlı, Bayyurt, and Martı, 2015). In case of Wego this can be affected by factors prevailing in society. There is situations of unacceptable clothing fashion in UAE there are some difficulties which are related with selling fashion of these apparels against social and cultural norms of society. The transformation which are prevailing can posses a impact on functions of wego. These are distinct from norm & values of Japan and this differences has to be overcome by this company while they are willing to enter and establish themselves in new markets.

Uncertainty Avoidance:

Uncertainty is a dimension which is having a reference with uncertainty and ambiguity which is being tolerated. This is a aspect which deals with extent which is having a relation with various obstructions which may occur in future and is related with taking of risks. This is also very helpful in avoidance of any kind of barriers which may arise as a result of a new expansion strategy which is being adopted by Wego.

The country in which Wego is functioning and is having its business operations is Japan. this is county which is having a record of avoidance of uncertainty across world. Companies & societies are having present are moving towards taking of various preventive courses of action. There are some effort which has to be taken so that appropriate steps can be taken in order to eliminate accidents which is having a impact on offering and sustainability of a company. Business entity emphasizes on investigating external environment so that a business can produce their offerings in a way which can be accepted & at same time adopted in market in a appropriate manner (Oleksenko, 2016).

On other hand in United Arab Emirates organisation and society are having a inclination towards having a codes of behaviour and belief which is preventive towards culture, social beliefs and moral values, society and nation is also intolerant of their concepts and behaviour which impedes their attitude or beliefs. This type of difference existing in culture can have a impact on Wego and its clothing apparels. There si also a culture prevailing in Wego that is related with society which is exiting in country an dis related with resistant towards innovation, experiment and changes which are different with comparison to cultural beliefs and social behaviour of this country. Individuals in UAE are rigid with their present preferences choices and taste which leads to a situation that it does not change with time and this is mainly because there has to be avoidance of uncertainty in future. Fashion clothing is related with Wego and various cultural norms with social beliefs of individuals as there has been a significant difference which exists.

Hence, from above analysis it can be said that social and cultural beliefs in UAE are partially different as those prevailing in Japan (Albu, 2015). Such differentness are in terms of uncertainty , individualism and masculinity which has to be elaborated for making various strategies which can fill gap.

Cultural and Social Factors & Marketing Mix

The marketing mix consists of various activities in a business entity so that products can be promoted and make people aware of it. This is an effective tool which are employed by business so that they can influence the purchasing behaviour of various buyers. Various elements are part of this such as price, product place physical evidence which helps an organisation in getting a competitive advantage in the market. This influence of culture also depicts ad affects offerings of a business with various determinants of this framework. Compliance of all the norms and code of conduct in united Arab Emirates has a influence on offering of this brand.

There are many determinants which are prevailing in the country and are totally different from Japan and it has a effect on each aspect of marketing mix as a tool. To attain success in the market s of UAE it is very necessary for Wego that they are able to establish their bsuienss successfully in new international markets. All such elements of the marketing mix have to be considered and are mentioned below:


Product: Wego is targeting people of UAE by introduction of new fashion wear that is ethnic wear for females of all age groups. This can be done by analysing all the trends which are prevailing in market such as what are leading fashion brand offering which is leading to their maximum sales. What are various occasions in which females are willing to wear ethic clothes. All this leads to formation of effective strategies so that products are made according to customer requirements.

Price: It is decided by administrative department if Wego that they are going to keep a hike in their prices so that they can target those segment of females who are ready to purchase clothes with high quality even if prices which have to be paid is little high. This will helps this brand in earning high revenue and attraction of more customer because of high quality which they are offering in their products (Kim, , 2017).

Place: There is a dual strategy which is being adopted by this brand in terms of having both type of presence that is online medium and physical store sat same time. As there are many customers who posses different requirement and their preference is also different. Some might prefer visiting store and some like to sit in comfort of their homes and then do their shopping. So wego will be selling its products by opening physical stores in different parts of UAE. This will lead to setting a target base of all types of customers.

Promotion: Promotion strategies are those which have to be focussed a lot as wego is a new brand in markets of UAE and they have to make people living their aware about their products so that their sales can be increased. Hence, it is responsibility if marketing department of this brand that hey ave to set effective strategies which can help them in promoting their brand in new country in a more effective manner. Various offers on launching and discounts can also be offered to their initial customers. This will help in getting attention of more customers in UAE.

People: This is a aspect which is related to employees in the company which is contributing in making a business very successful. Management is concerned to provide training to employees which can help them in having a qualified and trained workforce. This is also very important so that training can be provide to employees in dealing with new cultural differences which surely occurs while a company is entering a new country. To run a business in an appropriate manner it is very nattiness to have a workforce which is qualified and is competent enough to work towards achievement of objective which ave been set by them, this leads to a situation that proper training sessions have to be arranges by WEGO and this has to be done before they are expanding their operations in another country (Agness-Whittaker and Macedo, 2016).

Process: People are getting more inclined towards usage if digital technology nowadays as this has been because of rising trends of social media usage by people. To get along with this trend Wego has decided that they are going to use such platforms of digital media to advertise their brand and promote their offerings. This will lead to people getting in touch with this brand with help of online medium.

Physical evidence: A company will be providing receipt to their customers about their purchase. Various outlets which are present in markets of Japan are already serving their customers and there is a need that such outlets have to be designed in a way that it will be attracting more people and lead to earning of more revenues.

Market Entry Strategies.

Market entry strategies will be referred to as a system of planned delivery & distribution methodology of various products & services to new markets. Company will plan to expand their business in international markets by adopting various options of market entry. There are various international market options which are available with company and this will assist them in planning of how to enter and approach a new market. So that risks can also be reduced and profits can be maximized (Bauman, 2016). There are some very commonly available marketing stratgie susch as joint venture, strategic alliances, licensing, franchising, exporting directly etc. these are some very commonly available options which can be adopted by a company and then according to that entrance strategy can be adopted. In case of Wego a particular strategy will be adopted by them which is franchising. Management of Wego has decide that this is one strategy which can help them in expanding their operations. This strategy can be adopted and its process is discussed below:

Franchising: This is a strategy in which owner has the right to give franchisee so that their brand name can be used for a specified tome period and in return they have to pay a certain amount. This is a moist attractive entry mode which can be used by a company while they are willing to expand their operation's in a new country. In this a right is exercise to use established brand and a specific amount has to be paid. This is a strategy which has many advantages as Compared to other similar strategies of expansion. Such as in franchising benefits of a popular image in exiting location can be easily used while a company moves to a new location. Benefits of good will and good brand image can be availed in this method. There are some drawbacks also with this method such as there has to be a very high amount of investments which has to be done an d there is never a surety that there will be adequate benefits which will be there on adoption of this strategy (Shadiev, Hwang and Huang, 2015).

Franchising is a very effective strategy that can be used by Wego while they are willing to expand their business operations in UAE. The overall markets in UAE will be providing a very good opportunity for enhancing their already made brand image. This will also help in increasing of profits.

The above-stated sample explains that marketing across different cultures differs due to the region-wise specifications. Marketing is a broad topic and well diverse also, it is a very dynamic process in which a student needs to get through every aspect of the marketing process and analyse the situation and work accordingly to complete the given task on time. Writing an essay on marketing is a difficult task to handle, due to its diverse and dynamic nature it can not be said that marketing could be stable at any moment. Often student's seek Marketing essay help to complete this diverse topic and get dram HD. But due to insufficient knowledge, this can not happen, but do not worry Instant Assignment Help Australia provides top-notch quality service and 100% plagiarism-free essays with on-time delivery of the content 


According to above report it can be said that it is very important to expand a business by using a effective method by utilised by a company so that a large are of market can be captured. This is a great tool which can be used in improvement of profitability ratio. It is important for company that they can analyse various cultural norms before they are entering into any new country. There is always a difference between cultures if two countries and that has to be properly analysed before expansion of market into other country. Marketing mix is also a tool which can be used in attainment of high profits. Franchising is also a tool which is very effective and can be used as a more effective entry mode which can be utilised for entering a market with minimum risk.

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