Different Kinds of Business in Hospitality in Products and Services in Montcalm.

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Organization Selected : The Montcalm hotel
Question :

This assessment will cover:

  • Provide different kinds of business in hospitality in products and services in Montcalm.
  • Give effects in functional and operational areas in Montcalm.
  • What are skills and the roles for current skills in Montcalm?


Answer :


The hospitality industry is considered the most flourishing industry worldwide. This industry is much broader than any other industry as other sectors have a limited number of businesses, but the hospitality sector includes a vast number of services and businesses. It consists of businesses like hotels. Clubs, pubs, bars, catering, restaurants and other services are associated with the hospitality sector (Bharwani and Butt, 2012). This present assignment is based on The Montcalm hotel which is a group of luxurious hotels situated in central London. Each site associated with this hotel is rated five stars. Properties acquired by the hotel are Montcalm at The Brewery London City, London city suites, Montcalm London Marble Arch, Marble Arch by The Montcalm London, and M by Montcalm Shoreditch Tech city hotel. This report involves various kinds of business in the hospitality sector along with the functional and operational departments of hotels. The contribution of the hospitality sector to the international, national and local economy is discussed. Various operational role in hospitality is mentioned along with the skills which are needed to manage the business effectively.


P1 Analyse various kinds of business in the hospitality sector and the services & products they offer

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P2 Range of the operational and functional departments in hospitality businesses

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P3 Contribution of hospitality to local, national and international economies

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P4 Range of different operational roles within the hospitality industry

Every business associated with the hospitality industry has several operational and business departments. For managing and running business in desired manner human and physical resources are needed. Human resources are the employees which will works as security, engineers, receptionist, manager, pursers and other staff members associated with business operations. Each employee has an allotted department and work and they have to perform their duties in accordance with that (Boella and Goss-Turner, 2013). Different roles of operational management in respect with The Montcalm hotel are mentioned beneath:

  • Role of housekeeping: In a hotel, housekeeping is considered as a physical demanding job which includes several tasks under it. Housekeepers are allotted specific rooms and they are responsible for providing all the facilities and services to the customers which have paid for that room. Amount of work carried out by them depends upon the number of beds and size of room in which they are serving their services. Usually a housekeeper takes 45- 50 minutes to clean and manage a room. Main tasks carried out by a housekeeper in The Montcalm hotel are tidying room, removing stains form furniture and sheets, making beds, vacuum clean, cleaning and washing floors. They also clean and polish mirrors, bathtubs, sinks and toilets present in room (Brotherton, 2012).
  • Role of engineering: This operation in hotels is carried out by Chief engineers which supervises the repair, operation and maintenance of hotel tools and equipments. Employees under this department interact with contractors to remodel projects, new construction and coordinate renovations. Main role of chief engineer in The Montcalm hotel is to ensure that daily activities are performed smoothly and guest are served in desired manner. They direct employees of maintenance staff in fixing faulty wirings, patching drywalls and unclogging pipes& drains. Boilers, heaters and Air-conditioners are also fixed by engineers within hotel. All technical activities such as HVAC operations, planned preventive mechanism, fire and life safety are concerned with The Montcalm hotel are undertaken by the supervision of engineering department which is headed by chief engineer.
  • Role of Security: Department of security in hotels protects the staff members and guests from potential threats like theft, robbery, attacks and other concerned issues. Security guards in The Montcalm hotel protects guests, employees and property of hotel. Roles played by security department are patrolling, surveillance and escort along with administrative duties (Gin Choi, Kwon and Kim, 2013). They patrols different locations of hotel and checks all stairwells & doors to eliminate any security threats. Usually, security guards stands in lobby of hotel and perform duties when a new guest or group of people arrives. They patrol spa and pools to identify if some problem any arise in future. They monitor alarm systems, electronic surveillance and security cameras as these equipments are great deterrents to crime and helps in analysing overall situation of hotel while residing at a single location.
  • Role of maintenance: This department ensures the protection of hotel building by maintenance of ceilings, floors, walls, heating and cooling plants, sewage and water facilities, air-cons, alarms and electricity, procurement and other equipments which needs maintenance at regular basis. Maintenance department of The Montcalm hotel also oversees the operations associated with third party suppliers. They seeks energy effective resources and procedures to support environment friendly aspects which helps management in reducing their cost ans expenses in case of electricity (Jones, Hillier and Comfort, 2016).
  • Role of Division manager: Room division manager have an important position as they oversee housekeeping and front office operations of a hotel. They manage and monitor the operations of front office and housekeeping to ensure that the quality and standards of service offered by the hotel match up to the expectations of customers. Main roles of division manager in The Montcalm hotel are Handling complaints and queries of guest in a professional manner, welcoming and meeting with guest at the time of arrival, manages staff and operations concerned with the department in an appropriate manner, manages room rates and budget forecasts. Division manager of The Montcalm hotel also formulate different strategies to maximise revenue and sales.
  • Role of receptionist: Role of Hotel receptionists is to welcome the guest and provide them necessary information when they arrive in hotel premises. Operational roles of Receptionist in The Montcalm hotel is to checking customers in and out, book and reserve rooms through e-mails and phone calls, issue keys to guests, dealing with payments by preparing bills, deal with issues and complaints and answer the queries of guests (Kandampully, Zhang and Bilgihan, 2015).

P5 Skills required for roles within hospitality sector and current skills shortages

To maintain healthy work environment within the organisation, efficient employees which are capable and skilled are needed. These skills are vital to manage the operations of firm in a desired manner. Management of hotel and other hospitality businesses prefer to recruit those employees which are sufficient skilled in their field. People working under different operational and functional department needs to have certain skills to perform their duties in desired manner. Some of these skills in relation with The Montcalm hotel are defined below:

  • Effective communication skills: Performing duties in hospitality sector needs mental and physical capabilities to carry out work (Legrand, Chen and Sloan, 2013). It needs an efficient interaction and communication among staff members, management, employees and customers. Without it. Managing operations and activities of hotel in a desired way is not possible. To perform operations in scheduled time, effective negotiating and interacting skills are needed. Managers in Hotel Montcalm should be efficient in written and oral communication so that queries and feedbacks of guest can be acknowledge in an appropriate manager.
  • Have the ability to conduct multiple tasks: Every activity and operation associated with hospitality sector needs multitasking. Managers and employees working in Montcalm hotel have to attend to hundreds of guests at a time and perform several activities in an organised manner. To perform all these functions effectively employees and managers need to be efficiently skilled which benefits the hotel management in satisfying the desires and demands of customers appropriately.
  • High level of customer service: In order to achieve success in the field of hospitality, it is important to entertain and cater for the needs of guests in a timely and precise manner. Skills associated with good customer service assure that the demands & needs of the guest are fulfilled and their preference is given priority. As if skills to provide efficient service are not available, a negative image of hotel Montcalm will be created which will result in a decrease in clients base and a shortage of profit margins and revenues. To avoid this situation employees need to provide better services to customers.

These all skills are vital to managing the operations and activities of The Montcalm hotel as it benefits them in generating high revenues and profits. But there are some shortcomings in skills that are required to be eliminated for serving guests in a proper way. It is noticed that to run a hotel business, the working staff needs to be competent and active in performing duties like surveillance, maintenance, housekeeping, events, food and beverage services (Lub and et. al., 2012). To incorporate these skills in employees, managers in hotel Montcalm should arrange formal training which teaches them the proper way to serve customers. It is also seen that employees working in hotel Montcalm are not familiar with the culture of guests who are from other continents and countries due to which serving them is a difficult task for workers. They need to have a high level of cultural awareness which will improve their performance while serving clients.

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From the above-discussed report, it has been analysed that the hospitality sector is a vast and quickly growing sector that provides employment opportunities to millions of people. Hence, contributes to a standardised way of living. This industry involves several kinds of business into it like tourism and travel, lodging and accommodation, entertainment, food and beverages. Operational and functional departments of hotels have differentiated and clear roles and perform their activities in accordance with that. The hospitality industry poses a considerable impact on national and international economies because of the activities and operations they carry out. People associated with the hospitality sector have different roles and manage their activities as per schedule. Effective skills are very important to manage all the tasks and works associated with the hospitality industry which results in revenue generation.

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