HNHM303: Professional Identity and Practice

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Organization Selected : Marriott international hotel
Question :

Following are the questions which enlist the importance of business are given below:

  • Explore the significance of on-going professional development and self-direction learning for enhancing professional identity and various career opportunities.
  • Assess own skills, competences & the various learning and development approaches.
  • Design a professional development plan within a particular work context.
  • Analyse the range of service industry & transferable skills for a job application.
Answer :


Professional identity is one of the best self sensed with relation to profession and to membership of that. This created with one beliefs as well as attitude with those individuals refers themselves in their current and professional life. The present report is based on “Marriott international” which is an American multinational hospitality sector. The report will examine key benefits of on going profession and personal development as well as investigate skills and competencies within the selected organization which are related with a managerial position. This will also asses own abilities, skills by using SWOT analysis as well as identification of their characteristics by applying Belbin team role theory. This will review a range of learning theory for personal as well as professional development and critically evaluate own skills. This produce by professional development plan and showing strength and weakness at the time of interview process.



An introduction of “Marriott international hotel”.

Marriott international is an American multinational hospitality sector company which manage various hotels and lodging related services. The hotel management is provide various best and effective services to their customers which are helps to attracted more customer towards business. The company have 176000 employees with 6096 number of location at different places. They are deals in hotels and resorts as well as now day’s deals in travel services to its customers. The mission of hotel is to enhance lives of our customer by enabling and creating unsurpassed vacation and enjoyable experiences.

Key benefits of ongoing profession.

            The on going profession or personal development is necessary and important for own future growth. That creates various effectiveness which helps to create better and successful growth in the future. It gives a greater employability in order to grow with number of employees who are not only seeks high skilled as well as for better ongoing learning (Darling-Hammond, Hyler and Gardner, 2017). On going learning and development helps to increase employment opportunity for each and every employee at work place. Those are creates more effectiveness for business and for its growth factors. Benefits with personal and on going profession development are as follows:

  • This helps to increase chances of higher salary and promotion at workplace.
  • This creates more benefits for increase adaptability and flexibility through those employees is able to don each working in proper manner.
  • This gives personal and professional satisfaction as well as increase values in the market place.
  • The HR assistant position is very effective which is helpful for personal as well as  professional development. They are provided and organize training and development session for employees and manager who are required proper training for giving the best performance at workplace.
  • This will also beneficial for tracking and checking applicants and hiring.

Those are the benefits from the ongoing profession and personal development (Franke, Carpenter and Battey, 2017). Those are helps to improve development in order to achieve goals of future at ideal working place.

Investigation of professional employer expectations.

At the workplace employer are expects such skills in their employees against of their payments. As per that, employer of Marriott hotel is also expects some skills in their HR assistances. Those skills are as follows:

Team work and collaboration:       

Team working and p[roper collaboration is very important and effective skill which are expects by employer in their employees as a HR assistance. The HR team is highly responsible for managing entire team and its members in the effective manner. This creates more effectiveness at workplace.

Performance management:

            This is second most important skill which is expects by employer in their employee at workplace (Holland and Leslie, 2017). This defines how company is involving its employee in improving effectiveness towards accomplishing company goals as per company.

Employee relation:

Employee relation is another foremost skill which employer expects in their employees and At that time of work. Employer expected from employees to identify and resolve employee concerns as per requirement. Through that they are able to develop and create satisfying working environment for employees. For the HR executive have to build and create strong and friendly environment in relations to company which are very important at Marriott international hotel.

Those are important skills which are expects by employer of Marriott hotel in their employees as an Hr assistant.

Evaluation of own ability and skills.

In order to evaluate own skills and ability at workplace here is select SWOT analysis for self analysis and Belbin team role building theory for build self for team in proper and effective manner. Those are as follows:



  • Communication (written and oral)
  • Identification and allocation of resources
  • Building effective as well as strong relationship with others(Kennedy, 2016)
  • Other strength is to giving motivation to others.
  • Best employees and team building at workplace.
  • Lack of Time management
  • Professional standard
  • Knowledge of other languages
  • Lack of critical thinking
  • Weakness of taking decision-making.




  • Improve knowledge of hospitality management and operations.
  • Opportunity to get information about resource management.
  • Increase level of confidences and leadership. 
  • Create chances for managing resource and team building.
  • Lack of confidences
  • Make wrong perception of work
  • Make changes in policies
  • Threat from more use of technology



In order to build role of team here is use Belbin team role development theory are as follows:

  • Resources investigator: the main characteristic is to find the idea to bring team together. This helps explore opportunity and develops contacts (Webb, 2017).
  • Team worker: characteristic in employee as a team worker is to identify work and its required and complete it on behalf of team.
  • Coordinator: As an Hr assistant employee demand to make focus on objectives which are related to team for completing work in proper manner.
  • Plant: employee have to tend to be creative and good for solving problems in proper manner.
  • Monitor evaluator: employer seeks in their employee to monitor properly for making imperial judgements as per requirement (Pappas and Bregoli, 2016).
  • Specialist: as an HR assistant, employee has to a specialist brought depth knowledge and information of a key area to team management in proper manner.
  • Shaper: employee has a good shaper role that is provide the important drive to ensure that team keeps moving for work.
  • Implementer: employee has a proper and effective characteristic to plan a workable strategy and carry out as efficiently as possible.
  • Complete finisher: is a good characteristic which has to be in employee because they polish the work error and make it is in proper manner.

Learning theories as well as approaches for developing personal and professional.

Here is select two learning theories ad approaches which are help to learn knowledge and skills for personal and professional development. Those are as follows:


This theory is the best and effective which reflect proper behaviour of employee for personal and professional development at workplace. This learning process occurs with the small number of employees (Pihl-Thingvad, 2015). Thus, association which leads to the proper change in behaviour of Marriott employees. In this learning process is based on objectives which are change in behaviour of employee. This characterized as learning by making some changes in existing behaviour of employees. In that case employees of Marriott learn through existing environment and workplace of company and also from new employee. Through that employees are learn better and in effective manner.


This theory is based on experiences of individuals and internal knowledge. As per this theory, employer of Marriott is construct knowledge and sets different experience for employees to getting knowledge in effective manner. It is unique and best way of learning. This is believes in learners provide new and effective ideas or concepts to employees which are based on knowledge and effective experience. That are helps to employee for getting ready to face  ecah and every problem within the company (Wearing, Benson and McGehee, 2016). This includes various case studies, research projects which are based on problem based learning and collaboration learning or group work.

Critical evaluation of skills and competencies.

As per the view of (Tan, Van der Molen and Schmidt, 2017) communication skill is best to become a successful in organization by performing proper and effective tasks at working place. This creates various learning and helps to share proper information to others by using excellent communication skill. This helps to meet expectation of employers as an HR assistant. On the other side (Vellas, 2016) stated that, team worker and collaboration is another skill which is more important and effective for employee to having in themselves for proper team management. This skill is help to make proper trust on employees and team works. 


From the above section it had been concluded that the ongoing profession ahs creates various benefits for employee in order to gain better experience. There has various skills and abilities which are seek by employer in their employees for working in better manner. SWOT and Belbin team role theory are help to build best skills and characteristic by knowing their own skills and ability in proper and effective manner. Behaviourism and contrastive learning theory and approaches have helps to build knowledge and skills of employee.


Professional development plan.

For improve skills and ability in proper manner here is developing professional development plan. This helps to for same in effective manner are as follows:



Time to be taken


Decision making

Read case study and Take decision and collect reviews from other team members for making best decision.

5 months

Take decisions in absences of manager as well as seniors,   discuss with seniors about those problem with telephone.

Time management

Planning for tasks allocation and uses of resource by team members

2 months

Complete event on time by making proper schedule and feedback from seniors.


Improve interaction and discussed with staff.

3 months

Build confident level.

Using different language for conveying information about product and services to international client.


Job interview.

Here is include some findings from interview process which done at Marriott international hotel as an HR assistant.

Interviewer: Tell me something about yourself?

Interviewee: good morning.. My name is John. I have done my studies and master in HR field. I have knowledge of HR software because i have little experience in that how to use this in company.

Interviewer: What are your strength and weakness?

Interviewee: I have good communication skill and i am able to build good relations with other those are my strength. My improvement area is time management and fewer knowledge of other language.

Interviewer: Do you able to manage HR calendar or budget?

Interviewee: Yes, I am able to manage those in effective manner.

Critical reflection of interview process.

Interview is best part of my life which gives me best and effective experience. I was going for HR executive interview at Marriott which is my dream company. Now I share my interview experience with my senior at old company. I reached at hotel and reception people tells me wait for your turn and after some called me for interview. I was very nervous when Hr or other senior person taking interview. They are asked me about my self that is the first question and I explained that to manager. The manager and senior who was taking my interview has the good behaviour and have great knowledge or information about work. They had been helped me out for aptitude test and make easier interview process by making friendly environment but asked very hard question. That interview had creates a great experience of my life.

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Above study, it had been summing up the professional development and identification has important and effective for growth at company. This helped to build skills and knowledge which are helpful for future growth. The report had been covered a benefits of ongoing profession for employees. This has also included that various skills which has expected by employer ion employees. This has covered two learning theories which helped to build knowledge and skills of employees as well as produce by professional development plan for building best knowledge for post. This has critically reflects on interview process which had been done at hotel with senior manager of hotel for post.


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