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Communication has played a vital role for business to communicate various business information to people who are working in the organisation as well as the people who are outsiders but interested in various activity of the business. Through business communication the organisation can maintain healthy relations with various stakeholders of the organisation. To run the business for long time healthy communication nutritions the relations of the organisation. Business can use various ways to communicate business information to stakeholders which is email, letter and memorandum. Business communication has played an important role in the above report so as to inform all the employee through email. And drafting of letter to refuse the request of credit. In the last part of report impact of Brexit on construction industry has explained.

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Task A

For training session composing email to all the employees.

To: The Employees

From: Secretory of the mayor of Pinkershire city council

Subject: To encourage all the employees to attend the workshop

Dear employees,

On the behalf of mayor of Pinkershire city council as the secretory I am announcing the workshop which is arranged for all the employees to improve the knowledge of writing skills. This workshop is organise to aware the employees about road sign blunders which are increasing and there are many complaints which are getting registered for wrong signs on roads and spelling mistakes in the words. Which change the meaning of the word so to improve the skill of writing the mayor wants to conduct the workshop. This will help the workers to acknowledge the mistakes they are making and it will help them to gain knowledge about how to write on the roads. This will decrease the blunders on roadside and the awkward situation which the mayor is facing due to huge complaints. Improvement is must for all the employees so all should attain the workshop. This workshop will be conducted by a very profound personality who has contributed in The Daily Telegraph, Radio Times and BBC Radio 4 and he is Jane White. He will upgrade both knowledge and writing skills of the participants.

This workshop will take place at Central city council seminar hall for seven weeks and for taking part in the workshop all the employees need to feel the form which should be filled with black pen including all the details and designation of the employee. Which should should be submitted to me before the deadline which is at the end of this month. This form ill be available at my office from today itself. And the workshop will be starting from the 10th of next month Kindly, take this email seriously and attend the seminar to increase your ability in writing.

Thank you,

Yours Truly

Secretory of the mayor

Task B

Report on how Brexit has impact the construction industry and business in UK

The entire economy of UK has affected after the BREXIT. This issue has become most famous worldwide and many nations are predicting that whole economy of UK has changed. As JK roofers is a small construction company it is worried about how the BREXIT will affect the company will it be positive or negative. According to the views of scholars there are many impacts of BREXIT on the economy of UK. These views has made company think about how it will affect it. As there are many workers which include skilled, unskilled and semi-skilled workers which are employed by the company are from Poland. So Brexit is affecting the company very badly (Campos, 2016) . There is unfavourable change in the economy of UK as many of the sectors are getting affected by BREXIT according to these scholars. The above report is on BREXIT and how it has affected the company and economy of UK. Consequences of BREXIT on the JK roofers will also be discussed as this is a construction company and feels that there is great threat of BREXIT. For knowing the impact of BREXIT and the meaning of BREXIT in JK roofers business references of various books, news, journals has been considered to collect proper information on BREXIT. After studying on various impact recommendation will be provided for formulating the business strategies which will be helpful for the company.

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Analysis of the report

In the construction industry there a lack of set skills which is the major problem which the industry is facing from the decade. After the BREXIT there is a great change in the thinking of the construction industry because this has affected and will affect the productivity of many countries in UK(Baker, J., Carreras,) . This issue has become threat for the construction industry so JK roofers is very much worried about how the skill management will work in the company. There will be critical situation in countries of UK for getting the skill workers for construction industry. As large number of skilled people in the construction industry were employed from various European cities because of good relation with Europe. Before BREXIT there was no problem for hiring the employees so so the company was at good position. Construction industry in UK was on great height due the skilled human resource which was appointed from Europe(Barrett, A.,) .

Growth in the construction sector has freeze because of BREXIT as said by various economic scholar. Which has affected the people in taking decision of investing the funds because they are afraid of loosing there funds by investing in the construction industry. According to various predictions it has lead the company to stop constructions which are going on and some of the company are not starting new construction because of lack of funds and skilled people. Till 2019 UK will take final decision of leaving Europe Union. This will make easy for taking decision related to how to increase the economic growth which will help various sectors to grow and they can take initiative towards improvement. Scholars says that it will take time to improve the condition of UK. It will take a lot of time to gain the same position for UK. In the present era skilled and semi-skilled labours in the construction industry of UK comes from Europe union and even the raw material for constructing the building comes from countries like Italy, Sweden and Germany which are European countries. Cost of raw material will get increase after BREXIT. This will result in negative impact in the Construction industry as many of the builder says that they will leave the industry due to high cost of raw material and less availability of engineers. After BREXIT UK economy will not face the condition of recession but it will definitely get slowdown. This has lead to change of grade from AAA to AA on international credit rating. The risk involved in leaving EU is more as the future of various sectors is depend on how economy of UK will grow. Risk related to various tariffs for trading will also get increased because now a days there is no barriers in doing international transaction between both countries but afterwards huge amount of tariffs will get involved in trading. So, it can be said that impact of BREXIT is very bad on UK.

Conclusion of the report

From the above report on BREXIT it is concluded that it will affect the economy of UK very badly. As the international trade will get decrease due to high tariffs which is a big drawback for UK economy. JK roofers is a construction industry so it will also get affected by the BREXIT as the cost of raw material will get increased. It will not able to hire the skilled labours which will affect the working of the company as most of the employee working in the company is from Poland. After leaving Europe union UK has to face many challenges related to physical resource and human resource. Thus , it can be concluded that there is lot of negative impact of BREXIT on UK which will automatically affect the working of JK roofers in negative way.

Recommendation of strategies for JK roofers

As JK roofers is a construction industry it will face negative impact after BREXIT. So it has been recommended that it should start hiring the employees whose origin is from UK so that scarcity of human resource can be fulfilled by the company within the country(Busch, B.). And for collecting the physical resources JK roofers can get the raw materials from the countries of UK which will not increase the cost of raw material and also it will not face scarcity of human resources. UK should start the programme of on the job training so that it will increase the skills of the workers. Motivation to the youth will be helpful for UK to increase the skilled workers which will help the company to recruit the person who are citizens of UK. To have access on the existing market level UK can join European economic area (EEA) which will will be helpful for UK(Song, C.H.).

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Communication tools are very important for conveying various information to the stakeholders. It makes very easy for the employer to inform the employees about business information through email. In the above report BREXIT and its great impact has been discussed which has changed the mindset of all the people living in the UK. As the impact of BREXIT is adverse JK roofers is worried about its existence in the market. For this purpose, the various recommendation has been given which will be helpful for the company. UK should start various motivation programmes to motivate the youth of UK to get qualification in various fields so that requirement of skilled workers can get fulfilled.

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