International Entrepreneurship


International entrepreneurship is a king of course which are being done by the students who aim at becoming the global entrepreneur. The present report is prepared with a motive to analyse about Microsoft company. The said firm is established by the Bill Gate who is an entrepreneur. The current document is going to explain about the age of the company and its number of employees. In addition to this, the report is about to explain the different achievement of Bill gates in terms of market share, innovation and other aspects. By considering all the factors the learner will be able understand the background theories like how the business is started and who influenced the business. The current document is based on the case study of Microsoft where the organization deals in manufacturing, developing, licensing and selling the computer software and other customers electronics. The aforesaid firm is one of the most renowned organization in terms of software making. Although, there are several areas are going to be focused in the current report such as different factors responsible for motivating the entrepreneur. Apart form this, different barriers which is being faced by the owner at the time of starting up the business (Brush, 2012).

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Background Bill Gate

Who is the entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is the one by whom a business is being set up and they are mainly know as risk takers. They are majorly responsible for enhancing the business by introducing innovation in the company practices (Kiss, Danis and Cavusgil, 2012).

Achievement of Bill Gates

Bill Gates has been awarded with different achievements in his life such as Silver Buffalo award which won in 2010. Apart form this, Bill Gates also won national Medal of Technology and innovation award in 1992. Further, he was also awarded with Outstanding Contribution to Entertainment New Media award. Lastly, the award named with Mary Woodard Lasker award for public Service in 2013 also won by him. During his school time Bill Gates also excelled as the tic-tac-toe game is being created by him. Besides this, there are different computer programmes and software are being created by Paul Allen and him. With the help of his best friend Paul Allen he created computer software to make the Altair 88800 work. He started a partnership with Paul Allen and named it Micro-Soft. Which soon became the largest software business in the world. It just so happened that because of all of his success Bill Gates is now one of the richest people in the world. He is currently worth $76 billion (Zahra, Newey and Li, 2014)

Market share, innovation etc.

Bill Gate is an American investor, business magnate, author and philanthropist who was born on 28th October 1955. During the end of 19th century Bill Gates and Paul Allen established Microsoft that has become one of the largest computer software company. Apart form this, while he was attaining his career in Microsoft he was selected as the chairman, CEO and chief software Architect in the aforesaid company. As a result, till may 2014 he had become the largest individual shareholder of the stated company. Apart form this, since 1987 Bill Gates has been included in the Forbes list of the wealthiest person in the World. He was well known an one of the best entrepreneur in the world.

Ref. Description Response
1.1 Company age The age of Microsoft is 41 years as it has established on 4th April 1975s
1.2 Size (no. of employees/sales turnover) 114000

Industry sector
Main offerings (try and get on-line brochures, materials etc)

Computer software, computer hardware, consumer electronics and digital distribution

Main Markets

The main markets where the said firm deal in India,US etc.

Some theories of the background

How did they started?

In 1955, Bill Gate took birth in America where he was one of the argumentative kid in class. Researches defined that maths classes has bunked by him for the attainment of his hobby i.e. to pursue programming. Further, he met with Paul Allen and he was farther banned from school computer for hacking. Later on he went to Harvard in order to complete his further studies. Due to certain reasons he was dropped out form Harvard as well. Besides this, he started rewriting BASIC computer language for the Altair where the line of code is personally being checked and supervised by him. He used to work for 16 to 17 hours for 5 years. Later on, an operating system is being resold to IBM as he bought from someone else. Besides this, Gates' first exposure to computers came while he was attending the prestigious Lakeside School in Seattle. A local company offered the use of its computer to the school through a Teletype link, and young Gates became entranced by the possibilities of the primitive machine (Jones, Coviello and Tang, 2011).

Ref. Description Response
2.1 Age, gender, education, marital status, etc 61 years, male, Harvard lakeside and he is married.

Prior work experience/s
Worked for/owned another business?

he started rewriting BASIC computer language for the Altair where the line of code is personally being checked and supervised by him.
2.3 Personal interests, specialist training, etc. Reading books was the major interest.

Who influenced the business, family or friend

In order to establish Microsoft, Bill Gate was majorly got influenced due to his personal interest towards programming and computers. Along with fellow student Paul Allen, he began ditching class to work in the school's computer room. Even though Gates founded one of the strongest and most influential companies in the world, along with his success has came great criticism. Many criticized Gates for making Microsoft a monopoly and limiting the abilities of competitors such as Apple Computer and more. Gates has fought several battles in the courtroom since the development of the Microsoft Corporation. Legal battles have included: Apple Computer, Netscape, Opera, Word Perfect, and sun Microsystems (Zahra, Newey and Li, 2014).

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Effectuate theory

What makes entrepreneurship

There are different theories which are useful for an entrepreneur to get motivated for starting a business. Many researchers have tried to understand and answer this question by conducting research studies to identify the factors that motivate people to take all the risk and start a business enterprise. Mainly, the internal and external factors makes an entrepreneur to start a business. Internal factor includes desire to do something new and becoming independent. Besides this, background of an individual is also responsible for attaining the career of an individual. On contrary to this, external factors like government assistance and support, availability of raw material and other factors are responsible for making an entrepreneur to start a business.

There are several start up barriers are being faced by the an entrepreneur such as competition, rapid growth, adding talent and fast packed market. In terms of competition, the start up business faces fierce competition at the time of entry in the market. But if start ups can find a niche market and differentiate themselves from their competitors, the reward is great. So much opportunity exists for entrepreneurs because switching costs for most customers are low and many are willing to try new, relatively untested technologies. When an ad-tech start up does find their niche market, demand for its products and services will skyrocket, and the company will need to grow and adapt to fill the needs of its growing client base. Expanding at this fast rate is a challenge for small and sometimes unexacting start-ups. Predicting when we would move out of start-up mode into scale-up mode and what talent and organizational changes that this shift would require was our biggest challenge. In context to above, all the stated factors has remained helpful for Bill Gates in an effective manner (Zucchella and Magnani, 2016).

How motivate to set up business money, desire or success

In order to set up any business, there are several elements that helps in motivating a person. Starting any business concern requires dedication, desire, hard work, money and patience. Researches has shown that more than 30% of small business get closed in initial period. In order to keep going the business, it is important for the owner to remain motivated in odd situations. Although, certain factors are explained further for developing good level of understand over the aforesaid topic. It is seen that, the business run properly if an individual has strong desire to operate the business effectively. Their way of working must be specific so that the company operations can be successfully run. Apart form this, the level of motivation may vary person to person because there are various factors which motivates an individual. For instance, for some people money is the major motivator or from another family and passion can be the pushing factor (Sarasvathy and, 2014).

In the present report, the case study of Bill Gate is taken into consideration. According to the early life of bill Gate he belonged from a rich and well connected background. Whereas, his mother was good in sports activities and father was a lawyer. This has resulted in encouraging Bill Gate to get knowledge and do something well in life. During the age of 12 he himself developed a strong personality for decision making. Apart form this, long hour of dedication is the major factor which made bill Gate to do well in business. He worked for 10,000 hours to get knowledge over programmings and software. Besides this, intrinsic motivation has helped him to remained continued with his work. Therefore, it can be said that Bill gate is a well know successful businessman who had done great philanthropic work with positive attitude. The major reason of being successful was his desires and dreams of attaining something in life (Tukamushaba, and, 2011).

Use of Motivation theory

Motivation is an action which helps in expanding the behaviour of an individual. There are different theories available in order to gain understanding towards motivation. The major theories stated by Maslow and Herzberg with reference to motivation which is given below.

Maslow's hierarchy theory

Maslow hierarchy of needs is a theory of motivation in which 5 needs of an individual is identified. According to him, for the attainment of certain needs and demands individuals are motivated. As per this model, five deficiency and growth needs are being explained with the help of this theory. Following needs are elucidated below.

Biological and physiological needs: This is the basic need which is expected by an individual. It consist of air, food, drink, shelter sleep and many more. As per this need, these requirements are necessarily be met because these have huge impact on the performance of an individual.

Safety needs: This is another needs which is being fulfilled as an employee. These needs include personal security, financial security, health and well being of an individual (Kiss, Danis and Cavusgil, 2012).

Love and belonging: After the fulfilment of psychological and belonging needs these are another needs which plays a huge impact on the success of an individual. According to maslow, being a human it is needed to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance among the social groups.

Self- Esteem: This is another most crucial need which is necessarily be attained for the successful living of an individual. Esteem can be defined as the human desire to be valued and accepted by others. If these needs are not attained effectively then it can have huge impact on the performance of an individual.

Self actualization: In terms of personal development, growth of self actualization plays an essential role for the analysis of personal growth and discovery. It is seen that, each and every individual is unique the motivation for self actualization leads people in several directions (Hagen, Denicolai and Zucchella, 2014).

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Failure or success and what we can learn from

The aforesaid theory is successful for an individual in order to enhance the motivation level. With the use of this theory, a person can understand the changing needs over a period of time. This theory is useful for the organization where it can be implemented at workplace. The failure of this theory is that the unsatisfied needs can have huge impact on the behaviour of an individual. On contrary to this, the order of needs are set in a way that it will help in understanding the expectation level of an individual. With the adaption of this theory, one can learn his growth and development needs of a person. It will provide an assistance to a person to evaluate the changing requirements over a period of time (Brush, 2012). The stated theory has remained useful for Bill Gate in order to attain his dream true.

International entrepreneur literature

Technology entrepreneurship

According to (Jones, Coviello and Tang, 2011), technology entrepreneurship can be termed as the study in which the prosperity, religion and nations of an individual. Or it can also be said that it is function which is beyond the satisfaction level of curiosity of an individual. The major example of this term is related with the bill Gates charity. It is a privately owned foundation which is started by Bill Gates and his wife. It was launched with a motive to render proper health care and to reduce the extreme level of poverty in America. Apart form this, it is seen that, the technological entrepreneurship has major focus on enhancing the technology in an economy. However, organizations like Microsoft helps in brining new and innovative technology in a country. There are several benefits of the same are increasing in foreign exchange in the economy. It helps a country to bring innovative products in home and other countries. In contrary to this, (Zahra, Newey and Li, 2014) explained that technology entrepreneurship has positive implication in the growth and success of an economy. For instance, firms like Microsoft helps an individual and the organization to work done in an easier manner. Additionally, implementation of different software has resulted in speed and storage of the data and information. Technology allows small businesses to automate certain functions that historically have required the need to hire an employee. For instance, bookkeeping functions now can be handled by software applications such as Quicken and Quick books. The sales function is automated through contact management sites such as Sales Force. This gives the small business owner the ability to focus on strategy and cut down on labour expenses.

Social international entrepreneurship

As per (Brush, 2012), social International entrepreneurship can be explained as can be termed as the concept in which the risk and innovation is brought by the entrepreneur at international level. These practices are attained with the help of selling products at international level. Apart form this, the entrepreneurs also provide assistance to the society of different nations for lowering down the illness and diseases. For instance, Bill Gates raise funds for the people suffering form HIV in Africa. It is seen that, the aforesaid entrepreneur has already established a foundation for the development of US economy. But he is not limited his help and grants till America but the whole world. In a conference held in South Africa, Bill Gate announced a series of grant for the people suffering from HIV. However, the new grants were announced for more than $90 million. These grants were provided with a motive to lower down the rate of infection in Africa due to HIV. According to Bill Gates, the stated programme will help in decreasing the HIV in women and men. Other programs will train people in palliative care and provide resources to children orphaned by AIDS. The new grants announced in Durban build upon earlier funding of AIDS-related organizations, such as the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), one of the Foundation's first major AIDS grantees. It will help the people of Africa to overcome the said disease.


The above report is helpful in concluding the essentialness of international entrepreneurship. This is one of the important topic to be reviewed as it helps in development and growth of an economy. Apart form this, Bill Gate has adapted motivational theories for attainment of goals and objectives of business.


Books and Journals

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