Managing Business Activity to Achieve Results


In modern era, the managing of business activities is important factor which is which is used by managers to improve the performance of business performance and to ensure that to get the best possible outcomes. The managing activities plays a special role in strategic planning and functional planning. The present report is based on the Working Environment Furniture the wholesaler company in London (Anderson and Anderson, 2010). The present assignment contains the interrelationships between two functions. Along with this the SMART objectives of the cites company are also described to increase the brand awareness between the customers.


In cited company managers are the important person because they provide the various training and development programmes to employees to achieve the targets. There are different departments in the company which are having different mangers in each department which include the following functions:

  • The managers of different departments identify all the major positions to draw a organisation support to employee.
  • In the corporation, there are general mangers which provide the various ideas to organisation to achieve the goals and objectives.

The managers have major responsibility to manage all the works in the organisation. The managers have to provide time to time training session to employees for improve their performance as well as productivity. There are close relationship between all the departments to gain higher results. Further the finance department have more responsibility to set out the budget for every year to meet out the expenses (Aarikka-Stenroos and Jaakkola, 2012). Moreover, IT department for processing the information properly and transfer it for admission.

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For Working Environment Furniture company process mapping is beneficial for the organisation to analyse the business activities which is to be done by the employees. The managers are using this process to take initiative actions for improving the performance of the employees. The managers have responsibility to make the correct plans for the employees for achieving the goals. By the process mapping, the managers can protect their knowledge capital also in the organisation. The managers can also use the method of management by objectives which help them to set out the goals for different aspects and for proper allocation of the resources (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).

Process Map – It refers to those activities which are involve in the business entity for achieving the task on time period. The managers are the responsible to complete the business process in a standard form to succeed in a competitive market.

The following the steps of quality gateways which have to be analyse by the managers and these are as follows:

Requirement elicitation – At first stage, Working Environment Furniture collect the products requirement form customers and concerned with stakeholders for devising the strategies to make the furnitures for commercial purpose.

Analysis of requirement – There are numerous customers who demand the product by their requirements. However, it is not possible for the managers or staff to fulfil all the requirements of the customers. So in this stage, the managers identifies the potential ambiguities and overlapping of the requirements for frame the proper structure accordingly.

Representation – At this stage, whatever resources and materials are used are used by the staff they have to keep the record for the proof of the approved requirements (Bagnoli and Megali, 2011).

Specification and validation – This is important process of quality gateway to use different technologies in order to evaluate the quality standard of the products and services.

The process of gateway is successful for the organisation which provide the high quality of service and products to customers. It also help the company to improve their quality and reject those types of products which are now relevant in the market.

The transformation process is the mixture of Material, Information and Customers for the input. These are explained as below:

Material – In operation process, the materials which are using by the organisation will transform their physical properties into different shapes or structure. There are some material operations which change their locations according to the nature of the business.

Information – The managers get the information form conducting the market research plan properly. There are some market research companies who provide the various information to cited company for using the raw materials properly (Carroll and Shabana, 2010).

Customers – The operation process will transfer the products to customers according to their requirements. Customers are important part for the companies to provide the products according to their requirements.
The benefits of this transformation process is that, it provide the various outputs to customers. The team members can take the one or more inputs at a time to get the effective results from them.

The importance of the transformation process helps the mangers in different departments like in functional, IT to provide the various information about what materials are used by the company to make the furniture in best quality. The managers are gathered the information form customers that what type quality they want. It is important for the company to satisfy the customer needs according to their requirements (Closs, Speier and Meacham, 2011).

While doing this the awareness about the organisation is increasing and it can attract large number of customers. The different activities are perform by the staff and the transformation process helps them to work in a efficient manner. All the staff have different functions and activities and to allocation of resources is done according to their capabilities. The managers are providing training to them in order to fulfil the objectives of Working Environment Furniture company.


Planning is the main function of every organisation. Planning is the part part for the management to carry out the procedures, rules, regulations for achieving the objectives. The operation assistant have to carried out the planning at both the level at macro and micro. The hierarchy of planning are as follows:

  • The managers have to first set up their goals and objectives and give priorities to those targets which should be achieve first (Dumas and et. al., 2013).
  • After that the managers have to identify and collect the resources to fulfil the targets of the company.
  • Then the employees and staff have to use proper techniques and tools for doing the work properly.
  • Last is, the managers have to analyse that which method is best and identify the alternative course of action which help the employees to increase their productivity.

To set the SMART objectives it helps the organisation to understand that when and what objectives should be achieved. The managers have to set the objectives in such a manner so that they can reap the growth. The managers have applied SMART approach to evaluate the objective efficiency.

Specific – The specific target of this company is that to capture the large market share with in two years and to protect the environment from the harmful wastage.

Measurable – The managers have to measure the progress which assist in obtaining the growth by providing the quality of products to customers (Farndale, Scullion and Sparrow, 2010). The organisation have to increase the consumer base by 20%.

Achievable – The managers have collect the information from various sources to hit the targets. The company have achieve some objectives but they have to boost the marketing department to capture the market share more.

Realistic – It states that what results can be achieved by the available of resources.

Timely - It specifies that when the targets can be achieved. The managers of this have to set the proper time to attain the success.

The company have to focus on the objectives which have to be attain with in time period and the work should be done in a quality way. The managers are applying two appropriate system to achieve the objectives in efficient way (Hammer, 2010). These are as follows:

Management Information System – It is the computerized system in which data are kept in electronic form. In this the relevant data are gathered whether it is related with objectives or anything. There are three level of management in which information are organised and programmed in such a way to produce a regular reports for achieving the objectives in effective way.

Customer Relationship Management – It is that term, the company uses strategies, technologies and practices to manage and analyse the customer relations and to improve the quality of services. Hence, it will improve the company profitability (Hope and Fraser, 2013).

The operational plans for the company comes form the strategic planning. Operational plans defines that how the employee will work in reality to attain the success of the organisation. The managers have to monitor the activities of the employees time to time so that if any one is facing the problem regarding their work then appropriate actions can be taken on time. However, it will be beneficial for the employees because it increase the efficiency of their to do the work in effective manner.

On the other side, the control plan is one of the important part for assessing the success or failure of the business objectives. Therefore, the managers have to control the plan which ensures the smooth operations (Hughes, 2012). For example, after monitoring the activities and if the objectives are not fulfil then managers have to control the plans to assess the success.

The key elements of operational plan helps the company to achieve the objectives which are set by Working Environment Furniture company. While adopting the operational plan it helps the organisation to provide a clear picture of the different departments that what objectives should be achieve. Hence, it will also contribute the achievement of the organisation in strategic goals.

The operational planning should include those objectives which are to be important for the organisation like marketing programme, capital expenditure, revenue and many more. The organisation have to set the objective while using the approach of SMART so that it will easy for them to succour the targets (Jeston and Nelis, 2014). While using this approach the time management of the activities are also set by the organisation in a effective manner to achieve the objectives with in time period.

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Quality management system is set of different policies and procedures which help the organisation to achieve the business objectives. The two quality system has been explained below which manage and monitor the quality standards of the organisation.

Total Quality Management – It is continuous efforts which is done by the employees which ensures the long term loyalty with the customers. The importance of the quality management is important for every organisation to satisfy the customers while fulfilling their desires and wants (KLIJN, Steijn and Edelenbos, 2010). The total quality management also ensures that it increase the revenue and productivity in the organisation.

Statistical Quality Management – It is that method to monitor all the activities and maintain their quality of products and services. This method is used as to take a decision which is based on quality it can be accept or reject on their part. To monitor the quality standards of the work the managers have to conduct the training session for the continuous improvement in the employees.

Total Quality Management describes the management approaches for a long period of time through the success of customer satisfaction. All the members of the organisation participate in the business activities to improve their performance and the quality of products and services will also improved. Total Quality Management helps the organisation to improve the performance of the employees by providing training and development programme to staff.

There are different employees in the organisation they participate in the business activities and do their work in culture. It summarized the management system for the customer-focused organisation (Langley and et. al., 2013). It involves the continuous improvement of all the employees. The managers uses the strategies, effective communication to integrate the quality discipline into culture and activities of the organisation. The all the members of Working Environment Furniture company have to maintain their standard of the work in aspects of company operations.

The managers can use the strategy to improve the efficiency so that they can take better initiatives for achieving the goals. The three recommendation are as follows:

How does the strategies look like in action – The strategies which are set by the managers should clearly defines the primary objectives of the organisation. While this content is important because it describes the actions in the form of strategy objectives. The company have to focus on the future objectives.

Build an awareness of culture – The company should clearly that what are key challenges which have to be face by the organisation (Oakland, 2011). It helps the firm to define its strengths in competitive market and to understand that how it will improve the culture of employees in future.

Communicate the strategy – The organisation can not align with the business strategies until and unless that what strategies are used by the company to gain the objectives. Strategy communication are critical to communicate with others but it build a organisational alignment.

There is a wider implication of proposed changes in Working Environment Furniture company. There is changes in the organisation environment. The environment is the key association for the business activities which can have positive and negative impact. It changes the business objectives if there are so many competitors are available in the market. The mangers have to set the objectives in such a way which can compete in the market to gain the competitive advantages.

The changes in business objectives are creating difficulties for the employees because the organisation have to provide the training and development programme to them. While conducting the training sessions it will increase the efficiency, knowledge of the employees regarding their work (Poister, 2010). The effective communication should be there so that if any people are facing problem then appropriate actions can be taken on time to resolve their issues.

The impact of ISO9000 is both negative and positive impact on the organisation to solve the any quality issue. The internal environment is improving and certification help the firm to maintain or increase their market share through providing quality of products. The another interesting finding is that the firm has reduced stocks returns volatility for a time period. Through this it can appeared that ISO 9000 certification also reduces the risk for the organisation.

Through this it improve the performance of the employees and increase the revenue to meet out with their expenses (Puhakainen and Siponen, 2010). By increasing the revenue, ISO 9000 certified that the firm is able to access the new market share which increases the production volume also of the furnitures. The certification of ISO 9000 is important for Working Environment Furniture to gain the access of markets for recognized in several work.

There are numerous benefits of holding an International standard certificate. These standards can be considered as strength of the community or society. Through these standards customers can rely on the products and services. They can buy such products without any hesitation. There are certain impacts of holding an ISO 9000 certificate by Working Environment Furnitures, these are mentioned below :

  • International standards facilitate international trade. They can increase the boundaries of its market to sell out their products (Purce, 2014).
  • ISO 9000 certificate provides assurance to the customers, hence they will buy products of cited entity. In other words it will increase the sale and simultaneously it make growth in revenue of the cited entity.

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The members of Working Environment Furniture company have to do do proper risk assessment which helps them reducing the risks which are related with the working conditions. The main aim of the managers is to ensure that no one gets hurt or ill. The employees, managers and supervisors have to ensure that workplace practice should reflect the risk assessment and safety assessment. The following are steps which includes in the risk assessment which ensures that proper actions can be taken:

Identify the hazards – The managers have to identify the all threats which are facing by the employees dong their work (Reich, Gemino and Sauer, 2012).
Analyse the risk of hazards – After that, the managers have to analyse the risks which affects the working condition of the organisation. The managers have to perform their task properly to analyse the risk.

Ways to control hazards – The managers have apply different tools and techniques to reduce the threats and run the business objectives properly.

The regulation and legislation of health and safety is applicable on the in specific work in Working Environment Furniture company (Reuter and et. al., 2010). The legislation rules covers the multitude of dangerous substance which is administrative by the government department. There are some essentials features of health and safety legislation are as follows:

  • The manufactures ensures that their products are reasonably safe and it should provide information on the safety precautions which are to taken n use.
  • The employees should take reasonable precautions for their own safety and for others also.
  • The managers should take care of their employees and staff who are visiting the workplace.
  • It requires that all the employees should reasonable practicable about their health and safe at the work place.

The European Union has provide the some directives in the field of health and safety and this is agreed by the council of ministers and become binding for all the members of the country. The cited company have follow the rules and regulations which are made by the European Union (Stark, 2015).

The systematic review on health and safety rules and policies is to be done by the managers time to time. When the company uses the raw materials for the production of furniture it should ensure that the resources are used in such a manner which does harm the employees or customer healths. The managers of the business enterprises are the responsible for the business activities which are done by the employees. They have to check all the business operation activities that these activities are done in suitable manner or not which prevent the employees health. They also check that all the power cables should be properly attached so it will reduce the situation of the short circuits in the office. The managers have to monitors all the activities which are done by the machines which can in assists in minimizing the injuries for the employees (Sun, 2010).

Workforce has a significant role in the organisational structure of any entity. Health and safety policies of the work force of cited entity is a major concern. A proper safety policy allows, employees to work efficiently and effectively without any hurdle so that they can yield better results. In manufacturing industries workers deals with many such activities which can be considered as very dangerous for their life. Hence a proper health policy will give them assurance about their life.

At Working Environments Furniture, management can implement better policies regarding heath and safety. They can have policies which involves compensation or medical treatment in case of any accident took place inside the premises. As well as they can also provide them several periodical health facilities through which the work force can work more efficiently and that will result in the achievement of organisational goals (Weske, 2012).

There are the following five steps which have to be follow by Working Environment Furniture company which is advices by the Health and Safety Executives and they are as follows:

Identify the hazards – This is the duty of managers to assess the health and safety risks which are faced by the staff. The managers must systematically check the health of employees.

Decide Who may be harmed and how – The managers have to identify that who are creating the risk whether they are part time employees or full time employees. They also assess the risks which is faced by the agency, clients or other premises.

Assess the risk and take actions – The managers have to assess the risk whether it will reduce the level of risk or not. The employees must decide that for each remaining hazard the risk will remain high, low or medium (Zairi, 2012).

Make a record of findings – The main finding of the risk assessment should be recorded. This record should include the detail of hazard and what actions are taken to eliminate the risks.

Review the risk assessment – The managers have to review the risk assessment to ensure about the safe working environment in the organisation and to take the appropriate actions if any employee is facing the problems (Managing Business Activities To Achieve Results (Quality Management Activities). 2015).

The health and safety in the organisation is prepare to make the statements and to bring all the employees attention towards their work. The managers are reviewing their policies and revised time to time because it is necessary. Legally the policy requires the address of health and safety matters which are related with employees.

In Working Environment Furniture company this policy has considered as good idea for the safety of others which might affect the activities of the employees, staff. Without the written of proper policy the managers have a duty to protect their employees which are arising from the harm activities (Using Plans to achieve goals. 2016). The management of health and safety places the duties of managers to assess and manage the risks which are arising from the working activities. 


After summing up the assignment it can be conclude that the relationships between the different departments are important to coordinate with each other to attain the success in the competitive market. The process mapping is used to evaluate the input process in a effective manner. Along with this the recommendation has been given to Working Environment Furniture which can improve their performance of the employees. The managers have to provide the proper training and development programme to employees and use the policies in such a manner to make coordination between the departments.

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