The “Ethics of Unsubscribing”

Introduction to the “Ethics of Unsubscribing”

Organizational ethics is the response to external and internal stimulus of the business. The organizational culture and ethics is interdependent and accordingly do affect the internal environment of the business. The set of principles are complied for the guidance of business, decision and program as well as policies. The present essay is based on ethics of unsubscribing through which different issues associated with the firm are explained. It reflects that how people face issue in unsubscribing the unwanted mail and which are not sent in accordance with their preferences. Furthermore, essay shed light on varied issues which are being faced by companies such as security, older citizen and privacy related aspects are considered. In addition to this, third party subscriptions and email lists as well as unsolicited email related problem which are being faced by customers are explained in a detail manner along with suitable example.

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Main body

The current scenario of data-driven marketing economic is continuously expanding for ascertaining the growth of the corporations. However, the role of leading association is important which aids to promote the responsible data-driven marketing. However, ethical, standards are followed in order to comply with rules and regulations effectively. Thought, without implementation of self-regulation approach it becomes typical to cope up with the changing scenario and accordingly marketing procedure affect to a great extent. For this purpose, consumer complaint management takes place in the company through which all organizational activities can be managed. On a critical note, email marketing is widely used by the organization so that message can be directly passed to key customers and the potential one. For this purpose, an example of Myntra can be taken whereby messages are passed to users with the help of help dropping mail. However, the main related to necessary order and payment system is considered as the appropriate but notification of the new arrivals and small discount on mail tend to irritate users. Now-a-days majority of customers face issue related to unsubscribing the mail as the continuously get and accordingly their frustration level is increased. Here, it becomes important to shed light on their issues and provide them effective guidelines to unsubscribe the mails.

Security issues

The security issue remains higher with the email marketing because corporations get to know about the personal ID of customers and use it for future. It might be possible that users do not want to have such kind of system such as recording their personal information. Still sometimes purchase procedures force them to provide some of the specific information. For this purpose, they need to provide their data and accordingly they might face issue related to security. On the other hand, customers are not provided proper options to unsubscribe those unwanted mails as they might not like all of them.

Furthermore, users face issue in unsubscribing the mail a they are asked to provide their personal information which tends to increase their frustration level. It is considered under the head of unethical behavior of the business.

Some of the corporation create the fake messages with wrong intention to take the personal information of users and use the same for their own benefits. It affect the security of the customers to a great extent. It can be critically evaluated that all emails sent to corporate cannot be considered as the unsolicited due to some of its indications. Although, majority of the cases reveals the unlawful information by the end of the corporation which is sent via unsolicited mails. This situation might be different if users has already provided own consent to provide the data and receive the mails from the particular organization. Generally, all businesses need to incorporate some of the specific detail in their every mail. It consists of name of the organization, registration number and place of registration as well as address of the firm. These requirement is mandatory by the end of companies act in order to promote the ethical conduct of the business in the marketplace and support all corporation to follow the standard standard and regulation set by the government. Furthermore, Data Protection Act 1998 provide the right to individual to take the action related to prohibiting the marketing emails which are not related to their interest. It aids to secure their right effectively and ensure the well being of corporation as well as customers both.

In addition to this, customers must get the information related to subscribes and corporate subscribers are different. This kind of scenario must be considered by all related stakeholders so they cannot effectively focus on the requirement. Moreover, the risk related to security issue can be resolved by including the ltd company information. It makes the mail more effective and offering a chance to customers to being loyal towards the brand. In addition to this, information related to subscriber. Moreover, opt-put request process must be responded quickly. At this juncture, automated system can be used through which issue related to security can be resolved by providing the quick response the buyers. It enables them to cope up with changing scenario and handle all business related activities in an effectual manner. Apart from this, another security issue can be created through link to viruses and spyware. For this purpose, it is important to keep the message or mail safe from any kind of viruses and allow customers and contact their parties effectively. For example, customers personal information will not be leaked if firm follow the appropriate approach for its email marketing strategies. In fact it would be more effective to gain their attraction and make them enable to be loyal towards the brand. Apart from this special care can be taken for the competition generated subscription. It leads to create the goodwill of the business with the increased rate of return and retain all its customers for longer time span.

Older citizens

With the change of time, there are different type of changes that has taken place. In this context, it is important to make sure that all the changes that are being implemented are known to every one. For this aspect, young people are the one who prefer to implement and make use of new or updated technology that help them to enjoy them. With improvement or advancement in technology, crime also take place in which there is fraud, spam, etc. Among all the age groups, old citizens are the one who get affected or get in problems of fraud. One of the main reason is due to lack of understanding towards the technological advancement that has taken place. There are many spam call that are done by people to old people within erg to earn money or to take up insurance. These all are considered to be the strategies with the help of which people try to earn money. Further, there are many applications in which when selection is made wrong, then money gets deducted. All these aspects arise due to lack of awareness of people. Around the world, people aim at earning money and this is done by illegal or legal manner. However, illegal way does provide huge scope of money but in same time there are many consequences.

However, it is important for the young people to understand the issues that are being faced by old citizens and help them to overcome their problems. Further, there are another issues due to which old citizen face issues related to spam is because lack of interest taken from their side. When they do not take up interest, then it becomes issues and they get in trouble of spams. In this context, there are other conditions like health problems that includes mental and physical issues. During old age the one needs to self dependant and if not, then the risk of spam or fraud increases. Further, there are many government supported schemes that are enacted in order to protect the interest of old people. However, due to lack of information people fail to take advantage of it. There are different type of ways that are being used by people to make fraud others. In this context, it includes email, spam calls, etc. Email can be determined as one of the main source that are used by people to get money illegally from old citizens in name of lottery, or lucky customer, etc. All the citizens who do not have proper information fall for it and they money get swipes away and later on there nothing that can be done by officials. This way it can be stated that advancement in technology is for the betterment of people but it is also important that all the changes that take place should be considered and needs to be know to people so that individuals get make them safe from getting into problems.

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Email lists

Email lists refers to the contact of customers through which corporation can provide them timely information in order to get the fruitful information. Sometimes, businesses helps each other by providing the data of customers and making the procedure of marketing more easier. It is considered as the unethical practices which has negative impact of the business in the marketplace. Furthermore, CAN SPAN reflects that selling the email list illegal which tend to affect the parties involved int these. Generally parties consists of companies who are dealing with transaction related to selling the mailing list or giving it on rent. At this juncture, companies like Unilever do not believe to sale their mailing list. If they do then they just provide the list containing the respondents with low response rate. This proves to be effective for reputation of the business because customers cannot be shifted from one to another brand as they have already been targeted with unwanted propaganda. For this purpose, corporation must follow the federal rules imposed by e-mail marketing under which people can be provided direct access to sites for subscribing the particular mail or information. At the same time, content of mail should be easily understood which can be referred by people to get the better understanding for the issue under consideration. On the other hand, invitation to contact can also be done with the help of giving the business card in order to comply with CAN-SPAM.

Apart from this, some of the business ensure their own benefit or commission by providing the email list to other competitors. This misleads users and distrust the corporation. It results in poor sales turnover of the firm and affecting its overall operation at the local as well as international marketplace. Owing to this, several issues are associated with mailing list which become the reason of mail harassment by violating the right of customers and provide them forceful information. Some of the issues like accidental spam reports and abuse alert on account increase the dissatisfaction level of consumers. However, the aspects related to accidental abuse complaints are considered as the foremost under which parties get disturbed due to any action of customers and they might be held liable for any act they have not committed.

It can be critically evaluated that telemarketers built up the database of customers through shopping malls, some banks and couriers services and then use the email addresses as well as mobile numbers to send some of the specific information related to products and services. Although regulations are formed for successful not allowing easy access of email address of the customers from any banks and shopping malls etc. From the prospective of companies also email marketing can be critical on certain point of time due to CAN SPAM. It creates issue for the business to understand the actual scenario they continuously get the complaints regarding the applied email marketing strategies which actual take place because of default setting in customers' system. On the other hand, some of the corporations uses forceful procedure for customers to sign up the link even if they do not want. It happens because of sexual abuse related mail as customers get irritated from the same. It becomes dangerous to ensure their security and in short corporation get loss due to such kind of internet or email marketing strategies. In case of not complying the ethical practices for email marketing, ID or domain might be blocked by the responsible authority and firm can be punished for the scamming. Therefore, custom email list can be formed for better working of all related email marketing. It can be critically evaluated that buying and selling of email list can be avoided as it considered as the ethical issue for both parries such as customers and companies.


Businesses are operating at international level along with range of products and services for the purpose of meeting specific requirement of customers and increasing overall rate of return. For this purpose, it is essential for firm to shed light on marketing related activities and grabbing attention of buyers. However, the marketing is completed effectively on the basis of adaption and standardization both which target to retain customers effectively. This is made possible by offering the right kind of product to customers on right time. It can be critically evaluated that application of e-mail marketing might be dangerous for the reputation of the business as it is into considered as ethical in case firm get the data of customers without their consent. In fact it increase their frustration level and they might like to access the products and services which are being provided by the particular organization.

In order to keep into mind the transparency, it is important for corporation to take into account the transparency, consumer choice and consumer consent for sending any kind of message. For this purpose, Tesco also send messages to its customers through mail and mobile text messages. Owing to this, firm at first take the consent of consumers and accordantly they are provided further services. It can be critically evaluated that respondent must be provided with suitable option to unsubscribe the mail. This in turn email is usually marked as the spam if it not sent as per the permission of the respondents. However, spamming is applied for different reasons. At this juncture, easy option, unsolicited mails and abuse report are considered as effective to ensure the privacy of parties associated. It can be critically evaluated that regulations formed by cyber crime should not be violated by the firms.

For this purpose, it is important to shed light on privacy issues which are occurring with customers and accordingly they must be provided right kind of services. For example, in case firms are going to launch their product and services at international level then it is very important for them to address the specific regulation and expectations of buyers. In addition to this, businesses operating in UK should comply with Data Protect Act 1998 and it reflects that corporations are now allowed to pass on the information of customers to any other party. It would have direct impact on its operation as customers can take legal action against the business. Also the industry standard and set regulation of country will also have significant impact on the performance of the business. Moreover, businesses like Tesco, Morrisons and other related which are applied the concept of Email marketing are also following the regulations related to Privacy and Electronic Communication regulations 2003. According to these regulations companies must understand the legal obligation with regard to sending the electronic mail to users. The regulatory framework suggests that privacy of clients is important and businesses are not allowed to violate the same in any aspect. For this purpose, before sending any message firm need to make it sure of fake sender information. For example, sometimes buyers get the mail from the end of HSBC and Barclays which are actually not those bank. Such kind of mails are sent to create confusion and grab the attention of users. Some of such kind of procedure allow users to share their detail in turn it is misused. Moreover, companies must construct their mail in a very effective manner so that users get the option to say for the unwanted mails. This proves to be effective to secure the better relationship among company and customers.

Third party subscription

Third party subscription is defines as reusable component that describes to distributed or selling of an entity instead of original vendor. It is thrives on market which demonstrate programs to improve efficiency and quality for developing custom applications. In addition to this, it also covers to act as contractor for describing legal liability for particular products and services. Third party subscription is defines as primary entities Which interact transparently and legally. For example, Eavesdropping is the covert interception of private communication among two common parties. They are not possesses whole time benefits towards contractor to do particular work. It is temporary and payment benefits which acquire for people who are working. Third party data is implies injury suffered by a person other than insured people. It determines as third party liability which cover to act as statutory requirement since beneficiary and other people as well. Policy not provide any benefits to the insured. However, insured legal liability for particular disability and loss of third party property. In this way, insurance covers mandatory that acquire for all non life insurance companies who have obligation to provide this cover. For instance, insurance company make third party contract through they are able to deliver effective results and performances. Third party software programs are also develops through improving efficiency and quality to develops custom applications. Common third party includes macros, bots and scripts, etc.

In addition to this, person and group is stand beside two primarily involvement in a particular situation. It is relating to person and group in which involves situation that describes to cover damages and injury suffered by a person. In respect to alliances can lose agreement among two people and organisation for particular purpose. It can be highly formalised, commercialized, contract driven that can be establish for a new entity. Two or more parties are jointly working who are participates to covers effective results and performances. In respect to expand and leverage to the business, extra growth is considers which describes to achieve goals and objectives. In this way, franchising and licensing are two distinctive elements that describes for article and promotion. It also saves cost, damages and someone life through determines different activities.

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Third party subscription is also delivers through determines to deed of trust and mortgage. In this way, buying a most common and available of outright can create impact on business performances. With the help of security, most common elements are requires perform effectively at workplace that determine to attract people through protecting them. Third party subscription is determines as a process in which company monitor and manage interaction with external parties through considers relationship. It includes contractual and non contractual parties who are primarily concentrates on different elements that are requires performing functions through assessing ongoing behaviours, performances and risk which represent to a company. Areas of monitoring are covers supplier and vendor information management, corporate social responsibilities, suppliers risk management.

Other significant issues

The scope of internet marketing is increasing with rapid speed through which it becomes easy to cope up with changing scenario and deliver good quality of services to large number of buyers. However, there are number of issues which affect the customers and other related clients of business to refer the particular product and services. In-spite of having appropriate regulatory framework business conduct unethical practices which tend to affect overall operational activities to a great extent. Owing to this, management cannot focus on their own activities related to expansion. It is because companies provide the false header information while creating the email marketing campaign. On a critical note, appropriate domain name must be originated along with accurate email; address. Along with that proper specific of words like “To” and From field must be created in order to display the message in a more effective manner. Another issue is faced with deceptive subject line of the advertisement and additional of inappropriate images. This kind of aspect tend to make the customers confused and force them to open a mail. At the same time, irrelevant images are added in the mail so as to make it more convenient for grabbing the attention of buyers. However, this approach has negative reputation of the business because customers start disliking the product of the particular business and they might develop negative perception towards the same.

Furthermore, CAN SPAM reflects that subject must not be misleading for customers and other related parties. Corporation should clearly specify the purpose as well as content of the advertisement. This proves to be effective ensure ethical conduct of the business with the increased the overall rate of return of the business. On the other hand, business need to determine the response rate of customers with the help of effective formation of advertisement. In case advertisement is made in an appropriate manner, then it would be effective for customers to approach the corporation. At the same time, firm would be effectively dedicated to resolve the queries which are being faced by the buyers. It is made possible through the help of formation of most appropriate mail along with addition of suitable images. Furthermore, postal address of sender is also for reflecting the ethical consideration and meeting the expectations of all related parties.

However, when marketing comes at international level then corporations need to ensure regarding the standardization and adaption of internet marketing. It enables corporation to attract more buyers and support all related parties so as to get the right kind of product and services. Marketing across international borders tend to support other businesses with the help of formation of appropriate internet marketing strategies. It enables consumers to access appropriate kind of services and make it possible to create goodwill of the firm in the marketplace. Although, customers or buyers are provided effective facilities related to DND as do not disturb so that unsolicited text messages can be curbed. It is related to mobile phone only through which marketing related frequent and unwanted messages of business can be avoided for extracting the valid and better outcome. This requires extensive focus of companies to associate appropriate images in the marketing campaign. Therefore, email marketing messages can be made effective with the use of some words such as free, buy and discount etc. In this manner customers will be interested to refer the mail and accordingly it will not be transferred directly into span. In addition to this, companies uses such kind of strategies to for retention of the buyers. However, SPAM mail must be created by taking into account specified laws and regulations.


The aforementioned report concludes that ethical consideration is required informing the effective email strategies. For this purpose, business must shed light on regulatory authority and accordingly all related strategies are implemented in order to cater need of different stakeholders. It can also be said that, viruses and spyware linked mail can be avoided for ensuring the security and safety of users or parties connected with the particular strategy of email marketing. Furthermore, images and content added in the advertisement should be specific and relevant which do not violate the right of different parties of users. However, consent of parties can be taken for specific mails and make them highly satisfied.


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