Unit 8 Business Operation M/508/0494 HND Business Level 4


It is the responsibility of the operations' manager that to ensure quality of the operations. Operation management is considered as essential part of the firm that helps the entity in providing quality services to the consumers (Baral and, 2016). Customers are the life blood of business, if they are not satisfied then entity may get failed to sustain in the market for longer duration. Present study is based on The Kitchen which is the private firm. It provides light meal and refreshment to the consumers. Current assignment will discuss gap in service quality in the organization. Furthermore, it will explain issues in the supply chain management and recommendation to resolve this problem.

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Service quality gap

The Kitchen is the family business, it is popular in the country because of its testy cakes, home-made pies etc. Company uses organic ingredients that helps in cooking the healthy food and refreshment for the clients (Maddodi, Jansen and de Jong, 2018). The main agenda of the firm is to provide amazing food to the consumers as per their requirements so that they feel happy and retain in the firm for longer duration. One of the member of the company has discussed about the cake with the consumers. Consumers have huge trust on the firm thus, they were ready to pay high amount for this product. As The Kitchen is operating in the hospitality and services industry where the firm is required to provide high quality services to consumers as per their requirements (Mallick, 2015).

Quality of services impact on the business to great extent. If workers are unable to offer quality services then it can impact on overall operational efficiency of the firm to great extent. People those who are experiencing service of the firm have trust on the business unit. Whatever the employees tell them they think that these are truth. In the modern business world consumers demand is increasing with the rapid speed (Guo and Hu, 2015). In such condition it becomes essential for the business that to make necessary changes in their services quality so that firms can meet with their needs. Gap between existing delivering services and expected service create issue for the firm. The Kitchen has misinterpreted the product ad have given half information to the consumer which is the major service quality gap in the present case scenario. Staff members has communicated that one of the popular cake is in fact bought in from a mass producers who delivers them frozen to the outlet (Ćeha and Mitić, 2017). Giving false information is totally wrong because it increases expectation of the consumers and if entity fail to meet with these expectations then it impacts on the brand image of the firm to great extent. Recently The Kitchen has good brand image in the market and consumers are highly satisfied. But due to communication held with the employees now demand of the clients have been increased thus, now they are expecting amazing cake which has good test (Gerken III and, 2015).

Course of action

It is very important for the staff members that to have adequate knowledge about the products and services of the business and give clear information to the consumers as well so that they get to know real ingredients that firm uses. If they do not have adequate knowledge then it becomes difficult for them to coordinate right information with the clients. And if they misinterpret regarding products and services then it decreases satisfaction level of the consumers and they become negative towards the brand (Colin and, 2016). Due to misinterpretation regarding the ingredients' consumer was outraged and he becomes very negative for The Kitchen.

In such condition cited firm is required to improve its supply chain management services. This will help in preventing the firm from this situation. If entity makes changes in its supply chain management system then it will help the organization in getting more quality ingredients from the good suppliers (Enhance Organizational Performance with Business-Aligned Supply Chain Management, 2017). Developing relationship with suppliers and ordering the material from right supplier those who give quality ingredients to the firm can help the organization in improving quality of the products and satisfying needs of clients. If at this situation The Kitchen had this solution then this would help the entity from preventing this situation because by this way it will be able to provide high quality cake to the consumers which has amazing taste. People are ready to pay high amount for the good products. They look at the quality of the products and then they pay premium for the same (Maddodi, Jansen and de Jong, 2018). It is essential for The Kitchen that to ensure that it analyses needs of consumers and accordingly order such ingredients. This will be beneficial, for the organization in meeting with the expectation of the customers and retaining them in the organization for longer duration.

Rationale for recommendation

Customer focus is the main principle of the firm that helps them in identifying needs of clients and fulfilling their these requirements (Maddodi, Jansen and de Jong, 2018). If corporation is unable to meet with their these expectations then it may create difficulty for the organization that to sustain in the market for longer duration. Supply chain management is helpful in improving quality of ingredients so that The Kitchen can produce highly healthy food and refreshment for the consumers (Guo and Hu, 2015). This will help in reducing gap between expectation of consumers and current services. This can assist the cited firm in improving transparency in the operations and re-boosting the cross functional areas of the entity. Correct supply chain management system, assist in enhancing opportunities in the business so that firm can grow well and can enhance its profitability as well. As in the case of The Kitchen clients got frustrated because he did not get cake as per their communicated information. Due to which he was feeling cheated. Supply chain management is helpful in improving quality of raw material and helps in reducing cost of the business (Colin and, 2016). By this way firm can become able to provide high quality end products to the consumers at minimum price. This is the way that can help the organization in increasing number of clients and raising profitability of the firm to great extent.

Process orientation is the objective of The Kitchen, this aim can be achieved by supply chain management. This can help in reducing cycle time of production and completing the specific task with stipulated period of time (Enhance Organizational Performance with Business-Aligned Supply Chain Management, 2017.
). It helps in analysing errors in the current process so that entity can manage it well and can involve other supplier in the process. Regular monitoring and continuous monitory support the entity in improving quality of the plants and satisfying needs of consumers. Thus, this procedure will be helpful for The Kitchen in managing operations well and enhancing quality of products as well. It is the best way of improving overall quality of the cake and other refreshment products. This is the way that can support the organization in providing high quality services to the clients and meeting their expectation (Gerken III and, 2015). By this way the Kitchen will be able to attract more people and retain them in the workplace for longer duration.

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From the above report it can be concluded that service quality is the major issue in the business, that impacts on overall performance of the firm to great extent. If entity fails to provide quality services to the consumers then it reduces satisfaction level of consumers ad make them negative towards the brand. The main purpose of the report was to analyses issue in The Kitchen and identify why this situation has been arisen in the organization. Furthermore, study aims to find out the ways through which cited firm can prevent itself from the operational issues and can grow well. For that above study has discussed about the supply chain management . It is the great strategy that supports improving quality of the raw material and improving cycle time as well. By this way entity can become able to provide quality goods and services at minimum price. This is the way through which entity can resolve its issue and can sustain in the market for longer duration.

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