Workspace Design

Introduction to Workspace Design

Work environment is an important aspect as people spend most of the time at workplace. In this context, workplace design plays a crucial role as that has a substantial impact on health, happiness and work product. Innovation is essential in workplace setting so that it can grab the attention of numerous customers and at the same time, it can also lead to more product development (Leopold, Harris and Watson, 2005). Regarding this, the study has included information about redesigning a workplace and how it helps in enhancing the innovative approaches of the business. The research has been emphasizing on CoffeVille which is an Australian coffee house located at Collins Street in Melbourne. Regarding this, discussion has been included about goals and objectives of the coffee house. The importance of innovation for the coffee house is also mentioned briefly in the research work.

Description of the workspace

Workspace refers to a small premise often provided by the local authorities or economic development agencies which helps the business entities to establish themselves. Workspace typically provide only not physical space and utilities but also it helps in managing administrative services (Beverland, 2005). For instance- a coffee shop needs to have more space so that people can sit there and staff can also prepare the orders as per the needs of the clients. The source of technology is highly essential for coffee shop since it aids in grouping the space appropriately for diverse work aspects. From the below mentioned image, it is clear that a coffee shop needs to be more spacious so that each and every work can be managed properly (Gupta and Malhotra, 2013).

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Brief Overview of organizational profile

CoffeVille is a certified fair trade coffee house which delivers local, organic and fair trade products with gluten-free options. The staff members serve quality food and coffee at a city pace. It is located in Collins Street Melbourne and has been operating the business since 2009. From the business analysis, it has been observed that CoffeVille supports community on higher extent as it provides certified fair trade coffee only. Moreover, the coffee house also provides friendly environment for the staff and customers which helps them to maintain their roles and responsibilities in adequate manner. In terms of variety of products, CoffeVille has range of products and services including breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks.

Organizational goals and objectives

  • CoffeVille aims to provide healthy choices to the customers and where possible, it sources organic ingredients and products.
  • The coffee house also aims to provide vegetarian and gluten- free options.
  • In terms of objectives, CoffeVille wish to enhance the customer base so that market share can be enhanced.
  • The entity also needs to develop a medium sized premises so that at the time of more demand, maximum number can sit there.

Why innovation is important for this organization

Innovation may be defined as a process of exploiting new ideas that can lead to the creation of a new product or service. According the organizational context of CoffeVille, invention is not just an innovative idea but it develops huge chances of success and prosperity. Consumers enjoy the experience of eating out at restaurants, whether it is for food or for any other social aspect. In this aspect, convenience is all about that matters (Leban and Stone, 2007). For a coffee house like CoffeVille, it is vital to focus on innovation so that the opportunities of success can be enhanced. Typically, innovation is essential so that large number of customers can be persuaded towards the services and this can also keep the customers loyal towards the food services.

Innovation is highly important for CoffeVille because currently the entity operates the business on medium level which needs to be developed. Hence, for more development there should be suitable concern towards innovation and creativity so that maximum number of people can get to know about the services delivered by CoffeVille (Huizingh, 2011). The level of competition is increasing in external market place; hence to create more competitive edge, CoffeVille should focus on innovative approaches. In the below mentioned section, the importance of innovation is being discussed:

Innovation for enhancing customer base: With the help of innovation, CoffeVille can enhance its customer base; however the coffee house needs to add more services in the existing product line. Since, it is operating business on medium scale; therefore it is crucial to add more value to the business so that success opportunities can be enhanced (Howlett, 2008).

Essential for meeting existing competition at market place: Numerous entities work in the same sector and according to different locations, they develop customer base (Hoisington and Vaneswaran, 2005). Focusing on innovation can assist CoffeVille to amend the competitiveness. Market research should be conducted so that information about the competitors can be found out. Hence, afterwards new changes can be applied to the business services. This will also assist CoffeVille to persuade more people and as a result, market share can be enhanced.

Innovation leads to business success: In the current economic scenario, innovativeness has become a major factor in influencing strategic planning of the business entities. It has been acknowledged that innovation leads to wealth creation; therefore in this respect, CoffeVille should be more focused towards innovative approaches (Hazelwood, Lawson and Aitken, 2009).

It promotes innovative environment: Many organizations are adopting measures to strengthen their ability to innovate and the same has been adopted by CoffeVille. Through this, the coffee house is able to create a dependable operating system for innovation which is an important indicator of corporate sustainability. This is the reason, CoffeVille is more concerned about the corporate social responsibilities and authorities. Innovation is required in the business so as to meet the needs of changing environment.

Innovation helps in business expansion: Emphasising on the concept of innovation will assist CoffeVille to expand the services to other segments and this can also amend the chances of growth in external market place (Gupta and Malhotra, 2013). As per the present case, CoffeVille needs to focus on physical premises so that it can develop a place where they can invite as much customers as the capacity.

It aids in enhancing technological reach of the coffee house: Innovation is greatly associated with technological aspects; hence CoffeVille can make use of the source on higher extent. It can assist the entity to become more competent as compared to the existing rivalries.

Innovation enhances capabilities of the employees: Apparently, innovation is such a practice that encourages capabilities and efficiency of the employees. In the subsequent case, employees needs to be more innovative so that they can contribute in creating innovative environment at the workplace (Gunday, 2011). This will not only develop growth and prosperity dimensions; but it will also create more effectiveness in business services.

Innovation can introduce new services: CoffeVille can introduce new services to the existing provision only with the help of innovation and creativity. Thus, this will not only enhance variety in products; but also aid the customers to get better experience from the services. Apart from this, different value-added services can be included in the service provision of CoffeVille (Grant, 2013).

Redesign a workspace so that it can support innovative activities more effectively

Thus, with the help of above section, it is clear that innovation is essential for CoffeVille because the approach delivers numerous benefits to the business entity. CoffeVille needs to focus on the approach of innovation in which chief emphasis should be laid on the physical presence of the coffee house (Dodgson, Gann and Salter, 2008). The business should firstly grab a place where it can establish its business. Currently, CoffeVille has a small movable truck which includes different services; thus according to the requirements, the business needs to buy a small physical premise in terms of permanent location. In the below mentioned section, information and necessities about restructuring of CoffeVille is stated. Initially, the owner is required to develop a layout so that the coffee house can utilize all the space in adequate manner (Cravens, 2010).

The front side of CoffeVille should be as per the image where in a counter table is required so as to keep all the necessary stuffs there. CoffeVille needs to focus more on attractive appearance so that to entice the clients on higher extent. Creative look should be given to the reception because that creates better impression among the clients.

There should be appropriate space for the pantry so as to store all the requisite inventory there. The place needs to be maintained properly by considering all the hygienic dimensions. Shelves and wardrobes should be constructed with attractive look so keep the food stuffs inside. Since, CoffeVille is a coffee shop; therefore, it is essential for the business to have preservatives, coffee machine, refrigerator and microwave. These are the mandatory requirements which should exist at CoffeVille in minimum quantity.

Moving towards the most important place of the premise is “restaurant area” where customers will sit. As per the image, CoffeVille should make this place more creative and attractive so that customers can find the place more interesting. It is an apparent fact that having attractive place assists the business entity to grab the attention of customers and it can also enhance the frequency of visiting. Along with the quality in services, CoffeVille should also focus more on interior designing so that business success facets can be enhanced (Chesbrough, 2006).

Henceforth, the redesigned structure of CoffeVille will assist the business entity to grab more opportunities for success and prosperity. It can also help the coffee house to give customers a place where they can spend their time with their loved ones. Afterwards, the physical services, CoffeVille should lay emphasis on the value added services where in complementary WiFi services should be given to the clients (Chan, 2011). This can help in enhancing the customer base of CoffeVille. Though physical appearance is highly significant; but CoffeVille should also lay emphasis on better customer services.

Physical challenges and barriers to innovation

While initiating with any new project, the business has to consider contingency plan as well so that to deal with uncertainties. In the present case also, CoffeVille might face several challenges and a few are discussed in the below section:

Unavailability of resources: Currently, CoffeVille has been operating the business on medium scale and in order to expand the services, the coffee shop will be requiring huge financial assistance. Therefore, unavailability of financial resources could generate more issues for CoffeVille (Camisón, 2012).

Improper support from the staff members: Changes are not easily acceptable and staff members are the mere resources that assist the coffee shop to implement all such changes in the business practices. Inappropriate support from the staff members could develop challenges in serving better amenities to the end users. Along with this, it can also affect client interest level.

Unavailability of appropriate location: CoffeVille may also face numerous issues due to unavailability of appropriate location. In this respect, the location of the coffee house should be appropriate and convenient so that customers may not find any problems in visiting it (Caemmerer, 2009).

Since, these issues have the possibilities to arise at CoffeVille; therefore, the management should focus on brainstorming session wherein people can discuss the aspects. This will also assist them to find out solutions to the specific problems. However, organizational capability in resolving the issues can also be enhanced in the same context.

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Thus, concluding the entire study it can be said that CoffeVille needs to focus more on new structure so that customer base can be enhanced. Similarly, in the study, it is also discussed that focus on innovation will assist CoffeVille to extend the product line on higher extent. The study has also made it clear that several challenges will arise at the time of restructuring the business entity; however appropriate collaboration in all the departments could assist CoffeVille to manage the innovation in proper manner. Thus, lastly it can be said that workspace of CoffeVille needs redesigning so that to meet future aims and objectives.


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