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Organization Selected : Whirlpool's
Question :
This assessment will provide some questions which are like:

  • What are the external environmental factors through which the growth and management is underlined.
  • What are the effective ways with which the management is aligned and the functions can be implemented
Answer :


The formation of teams and organisation is based on the performance of individual's. Teams are the important for overall development of organisation. Organisations and teams are comprises of individuals. In this case the Whirlpool's has undergone for restructuring in North American Region. Being an HR consultant of Whirlpool's, there are some knowledge, skills and behaviours which is being explained in this report. The personal skills audit plan is being developed for HR, is prepared in this report. As difference between organisational and individual learning, training and development is being discusses in this present report. Beside this need for continuous learning and professional development is required for driving sustainable business performance, which is also explained in this report. The High Performance Working is helpful in taking competitive advantage and employee engagement, which is explained under this report. There are different approaches of performance management is being discussed in this present report.

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P1. Analysis of knowledge, skills and behaviour of HR professional

HR professional is an individual who is responsible for management of employees within an organisation. The human resource of company perform various activities within the organisation so to perform these activities HR professional of Whirlpool's need some knowledge, skills and behaviour. These are discussed below:


The knowledge is understanding of something or awareness of something like facts, information and skills which is gained through the experience or continuous learning. As knowledge can be theoretical or practical. The knowledge which is required by HR professional of Whirlpool's is being discussed below:

Knowledge of Labour Legislation:

The main function of human resource professional is recruitment, selection and management of workforce which is working in an organisation. This is very important for HR professional to have knowledge of laws which are related with the employment. As the knowledge will enable HR of Whirlpool's to formulate plan and policies according to the labour legislation (Dixon and, 2014).

Organisational knowledge:

The organisational knowledge is very crucial for the HR professionals. As they should be aware about various businesses of organisation which is operated across the world. The Whirlpool's operate their business across the world, so being HR consultant of company one should be aware about plan and policies of organisation (Erez and, 2013).


Behaviour is attitude and code of conduct of HR professional within an organisation. The human resource personnel should behave in manner and ethically in organisation with the employees. As it will be an aid for HR to understand attitude of employees and then get work done by them. Being an human resource of consultant one should have these following behaviours:


Fairness is an important code of conduct which should be performed by an HR professional of Whirlpool's. There should be fairness while HR is recruiting employees for Whirlpool's. The human resource should not do partiality while recruiting and selecting staff.

Ethical Behaviour:

The ethical behaviour is related to ethics and code of conduct which needs to be followed by the HR professional. As being HR professional of Whirlpool's, one should not disclose the policy of one company to others.


Skills are competencies and capacity of HR professional which is gained through continuous working. The HR consultant of Whirlpool's needs some skills to perform various activities of organisation, these skills are as follows:

Technological Skills:

This is very important skill which needs to be possessed by the HR of Whirlpool's as now days the there are some software for payroll to manage the payroll of employees. The human resource consultant of Whirlpool's should have the technological skills to perform various activities of organisation (Langkamp, Bolton and Lane, 2012).

Communication Skills:

Communication is basic but very important skills which is required for HR of company. As communication is not only related with communicating but also it includes the listening. As being an HR consultant of Whirlpool's one should have an effective communication within an organisation so HR can make understand plan and policies to the employees (Rae and Wang, 2015).

Strategic Thinking:

The HR of Whirlpool's should have strategic thinking in order to formulate strategy, plan and policies for employees.

P2. Personal Skill audit of HR personal

Skill audit is the process of evaluating and recording the capacity of an individual or a group. Personal skill audit is a complete assessment of strength and weaknesses of a individual. This helps in identifying the strength and weaknesses of an HR professional and then helps in improving the performance and productivity to perform task more efficiently. There are some skills of HR of Whirlpool's should have like conflict resolution, communication skill, time management and decision making skill etc. As per the skills I have developed personal audit plan to identify my strength and weakness. This shown below:

Serial No.

Capacity and Skills

Self assessed score

Score from others



Communication skill





Decision making





Information technology skills





Time management





Conflict Solving




As from the above table, the positive variance is my weakness and negative variance is my weakness.



  • As from the above assessment it can be said that my strength is resolving the issues and conflicts which arises in among employees.
  • My communication skills are good and I consider this as my strength.
  • I am also good at the time management which helps me managing the time and completing task.
  • I think I lack at making decisions and I have average information technology skills. So these skills needs improvements.

Personal Development Plan: This is a process for developing an action plan which helps in identifying the weakness and methods to overcome from these weaknesses. My professional development plan is explained below:

Sr. No

Learning Objective

Current level

Target level

Opportunities for development

Criteria for judging success

Time period



Information Technology

My Information technology skill is average at workplace, it needs improvement. This also affects my working.

To develop my Information technology skills and knowledge about different techniques and technology which will assists me in performing tasks more effectively.


As I will get training from IT department of organisation and some online tutorials will me help in developing my knowledge of different software of company.

Team Members

3-4 months

Judgement of IT managers and Colleagues


Decision making ability.

I am moderate at making decisions which is directly affecting my performance so for shortcoming this I put more attempt over evaluating factors creating particular issue for making better decision.

I want to develop my knowledge, which will help me in enhancing my decision making skill.


For enhancing my decision making skills this I will take guidance from my superiors and also try to join training and development program from upper level management.





Top level managers will asses my performance.

4 months

Top level managers.

P3. Difference between Individual and organisational learning and training and developments

Learning is the process for gaining and acquiring the new knowledge and skills. This is a long term process and it comes after several year of experience. This is very helpful in development of personal as well as organisational. As it enables a person to perform the work efficiently and effectively. This is further divided in the two parts:

Individual Learning:

Individual learning is refers to the learning of new skills and knowledge by an individual employee of organisation. As it allows an individual to learn new skill or modifies existing skill and then use that learning in organisation for performing various activities of company effectively and efficiently. Under this learning an individual identify its key strength and weaknesses and then try to overcome of its weaknesses which are barriers in individual performance (Succar, Sher and Williams, 2013).

Organisational Learning:

Organisational learning is a process of creating, communicating and transferring knowledge within an organisation is known as organisational learning. As this is consider as an effective way to communicating the plan and policies to which is used by Whirlpool's in order to achieve th organisational goals. This process is used by the HR officers of Whirlpool's for executing the creative way and styles for learning and contributing towards the company's success.

Difference between organisational and individual learning:

Individual Learning

Organisational Learning

  • Individual learning is a process of learning new skills and enhancing the productivity of individual employee.

This is long term and career oriented process which mainly emphasize on enhancing the interpersonal skills of employees within organisation so they can perform better. As Whirlpool's can use this process in order to enhance the skills of its employees so they can face situation like restructuring (Tabassi, Ramli and Bakar, 2012)


  • Organisational learning main objective is enhance the knowledge and skills of a group as whole. It can be helpful for the Whirlpool's to enhance performance of overall organisation and achieve its goals.
  • This process is helpful in development of skills organisation as whole. It mainly focus on the convert the efforts of employees into organisational success.


Training and Development:

Training and development is a core function of organisation which is performed by the human resource management. Training is a process which focus on the learning of skills to new employees of organisation so they can perform better in their tasks. As training is a part of induction because basically it is given to new employees of company. Development is focus on overall development of existing employees. It is a continuous process and it for existing employees of organisation. The HR of Whirlpool's can give training and development to their employees so that they can perform better and can handle the situations.

Difference between Training and Development





Training is a learning process which employees gets an opportunity to learn skill and competency as per job requirement.

Development is concerned with the overall growth of employees.


This mainly focus on the present need.

This is long term process and focus mainly on future needs.


The main objective of training is to improve work performances of employees.

Its main objective is to prepare the employees for future challenges like Whirlpool's faced the situation of restructuring.

Related to

It is basically related to specific job only.

It is related with conceptual and general knowledge.

P4. Need for continuous learning and professional development to drive sustainable business performance

Continuous learning:

The continuous learning refers to the improving and enhancing capacity and skills of individual so they can work more efficiently and effectively in order to complete the task. As continuous learning helps to adapt the various unpredictable situation of organisation like Whirlpool's employees faced the restructuring situation. But due to continuous learning it helps the employees to adapt situation and work more to drive a sustainable business performance.

Professional Development:

The professional development is a process of enhancing the competency of employees by attaining various training and educational programs at workplace. This program is helpful in motivating the employees and developing the morale of employees.

In case of Whirlpool's professional development and continuous learning is very important for employees and organisation for achievement of organisational goals. The importance of concepts are explained below:

Low employee turnover:

The retention of employees is very important for organisation for successful achieving organisational goals. The continuous learning and professional development is very helpful for low employee turnover. The Whirlpool's focus on the continuous learning and professional development programmes to improve productivity and motivating its employees so they can continue their jobs effectively and efficiently. The company consider their employees in decision making which motivate them to maintain their position for long term within an organisation.

Improve Performance:

The continuous learning and professional development both are very important activities for improving the productivity of employees and employer. As Whirlpool's organises the various training and educational programmes at workplace in order to enhance skill and capabilities of employees. As continuous learning is helpful in enhancing and improving the productivity of employees.

Encourage problem solving:

Continuous learning program develop the skills and capacity among employees which assist in dealing the difficult conditions in most effective and efficient way. Whirlpool's maintain healthy relationship with their employees so that they can reduce the problem or can solve these issues effectively by communicating with employees.

Helps in adopting technology:

Technology is main factor which make impact the operations of an organisation and bring changes. Technology is keep changing and one should very prompt to adapt these changes and take competitive advantage. As Whirlpool's use the advanced technology to perform its operations effectively. So they provide continuous training to employees so that they can adopt the technology and can perform their task (Carrillo, Ruikar and Fuller, 2013).

So overall the continuous learning and professional development is very useful for organisation to improve productivity of employees and achieve organisational goals.

P5 How HPW contribute to employee engagement

High performance working refers to the culture of an organisation where all employees have faith, transparency and free flow of communication for everyone. This is a model which is applied by the HR professional of company so that employees can put their best efforts in order to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently. As Whirlpool's has undergone for restructuring in North American Region so the HR consultant of company has implied the High Performance Working model in company which help company to sustain in this situation and achieve their goals effectively. This model enables the employees’ engagement towards the work and it allows company to take competitive advantage. The practice of HPW is being explained below:

Flawless Communication:

Flawless communication is required in the company for the efficient, effective and smooth working. HR consultant of Whirlpool’s should apply the HPW in order to make flawless and transparent communication with the employees so that adequate information can be communicated to all staffs. The adequate information will be helpful for employees to work properly with according to need of business. If employees perform in accordance with need of organisation than it will lead to drive a sustainable business performance (Bolden, 2016)

Shared commitment to the vision:

Vision is very important for achieving the goals of company. As high performance working model enable employee of organisation for sharing the commitment for contributing towards achieving the vision of company. Being an HR consultant of Whirlpool’s one can apply this model and can increase the employee engagement.

Shared accountability for results:

Accountability is very important in the organisation for outcome of performed task. As with the help of high performance working practice the employees of organisation share the accountability for results whether it’s positive or adverse. As being HR consultant of Whirlpool’s one can apply this model in organisation so that employees can be answerable to the outcome of performed task.

P6. Different approaches of performance management

Performance management is technique for evaluating performance of employees by giving them valuable feedback and creating positive effect on future performance of employees. It is very important in organisation to measure the performance of employees. The measurement is helpful to know about the how much contribution they made in the success and growth of company (Blandford, 2012). As performance of employees depend upon various number of factors like work profile, policy of work and technology etc. As all these factors can enhance the performance of employees. There are various approaches to performance management which are discussed below:

Collaborative Approach:

This approach refers to the comparing and ranking the worker’s performance with other employees of organisation. As the employees are ranked from highest to the lowest level in accordance with their performance. Under this approach there are some tools like paired comparison, forced distribution and graph rating scale. The Whirlpool’s can compare the performance of employees with each other in order to support high performance working.

Attribute Approach:

In this approach as employees attributes like problem solving approach, creativity and innovation. The graphic rating scale gives rating to employees on a scale of 1 to 5 from lowest to highest. As it is consider a simple approach in compare to other approaches of performance management. The companies prefer this approach due to its simplicity. This is helpful in supporting high performance culture in Whirlpool’s; the employees are being given rating according to their performance so every employee wants to give their best effort (Belbin, 2012)

Behavioural Approach:

This is one of old tool for performance measurement. This consists of a series of vertical scales for different jobs. This is done by the using of BARS. The BARS consist of the 5 to 10 vertical scales and these are based on some parameter which called anchors. This will help Whirlpool’s to know the detail about employees’ performance.

Result Approach:

This is very clear and easy to use approach as under this approach employees are rated on their performance. This use BSC technique in order to evaluate the performance of employees. As this tool is based on outcome of task which is performed by the employees in organisation. This supports the high performance working in the Whirlpool’s as employees will be evaluated on result basis so everyone will give their best to get better result in organisation (Anagnostopoulos, Byres and Shilbury, 2014).

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In the conclusion it can be said that HR professional required the knowledge, skills and behaviour in order to perform activities of organisation. As human resource consultant need to develop personal skills audit plan in order to identify the strength and weaknesses of personal. The organisational and individual learning is very helpful in improving and enhancing skills and knowledge. Training and development are important function of organisation, it allows to learn new skills and knowledge to the employees. The high performance working is a model which enables an organisation to take competitive advantage and employees engagement in task. There are various approaches to performance management which is used by company to measure performance of employees.

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