Challenging Faced by School Leaders


In the modern era, teaching can be termed as one of the most complicated task to perform. As per the view of Burns and Shadoian-Gersing, (2010) teaching is complicated because the teacher needs to understand the need and learning style of every student and develop effective strategies for overall growth and development. Teacher also plays very important role in development of a student by making him/her learn new things, acquire new concepts and enhance knowledge base. The present research report highlights the key issues or challenges which are being faced by school’s leaders at the time of offering their services. In depth explanation of three major challenges along with their reasons is mentioned in the present study. Apart from this, the key strategies which can be used to overcome the issues are also highlight in this research.

Explanation of Challenges Faced

Ensuring consistently good teaching and learning – According to the view point of Kabilan, (2013) one of the most important issue or challenge which has been faced by teachers is related to ensuring the consistency of good learning and teaching. Aminiyya School is a very popular school which is located in Male, the capital city of Maldives. Here, the teachers are required to make changes in their teaching style on regular basis in order to ensure that students are learning with consistency. Sharma and et. al., 2013 has explained that teachers need to identify the learning style of students in Aminiyya School and then provide learning on the basis of the same. This sometimes becomes very challenging as the school start doubting the productivity of teachers when they are not able to generate desired outcomes.

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Integrating a sound grasp of basic knowledge and skills within a broad and balanced curriculum- It can be termed as another major issue which has been faced by teachers in Aminiyya School. According to the view of Moosa, (2013) nowadays, teachers are not only required to provide academic knowledge to students but they also required to ensure sure that a student’s knowledge and skill set is also developed. Teachers or school leaders working at Aminiyya School needs to develop such a kind of strategy which can help students to enhance their overall knowledge and skill set along with academic knowledge.

Managing behavior and attendance; strategically managing resources and the environment- The teachers working at Aminiyya School also face issue related to management. Here, they need to encourage students to attain more and more classes. Furthermore, teachers also need to make sure that the resources available are utilized and managed in the best possible manner. Kiggundu, (2011) has explained that every school is available with limited amount of resources and therefore effective management of those resources becomes very essential. Teachers or leaders at Aminiyya School also face issues related to managing the behavior of students. It can be stated that the students in selected college in Maldives sometimes behaves in very unprofessional manner. Here, teachers face issue in developing strategies which can encourage students to behave in appropriate manner and attend school on daily basis.


It can be expressed that there are wide range of factors or reasons linked with the above mentioned issues which has been faced by school leaders working at Aminiyya School. In order to sustain in long run and obtain desired outcomes, it is required by teachers to work upon these issues and overcome them in the best possible manner. One of the main reasons is limited amount of resources which are available in front of teachers in Aminiyya School Maldives. Nowadays, parents want that instead of providing only academic knowledge, teachers should give learning about the other aspects of life as well. This can help students to excel in both their personal as well as professional life (Latheef and Gupta, 2007). As per the view of Ngang, Abdulla and Mey, (2010) learning attitude of a student can affect the learning and teaching which has been provided by teachers. It can be expressed that teachers are able to deliver more effective training in situations where learning attitude of students is quite high. On the other side of this, it becomes more complicated for teachers to obtain desired results when students have negative attitude. The changing course curriculum is another reason which creates issues for teachers in delivering quality of education.

Watson, K and Halse, C. M., 2005 has asserted that in the modern era, education has become one of the most important thing for an individual in order to become successful in life. At present the curriculum in Aminiyya School focuses on overall development of a student instead of developing them only academically. The power of learning things and grasping them is not same in every student. At the time of teaching in school it is the core responsibility of teachers to make sure that each and every student is learning. Therefore, they have to maintain a balance so that students who take much more time to learn and develop are also getting adequate attention. Some student feels that education is of no use and their mind is diverted to other areas. This results in increasing the number of absentees in school and also creates problems for teachers.

According to the view of Duch, (2005) the key reason which can motivate a student to remain absent from class is of the environment which has been developed in the class room. Practices such as discrimination and harassment should be eliminated by teachers in order to deal with issues related to behavior and attendance. Sometimes negative or wrong behavior of a single student can result in increasing the number of absentees in classroom. Therefore, it is required by teachers or leaders working at Aminiyya School to look after all the above mentioned areas and develop appropriate strategies to overcome from the same.


One of the best and most effective way to overcome from the issues and challenges which has been faced by teachers working at Aminiyya School, (Maldives) is linked with style of leadership. It can be stated that teachers can use both participative and autocratic leadership style in order to overcome the identified issues and obtain suitable outcomes. As per the democratic or participative style of leadership, teachers can encourage students and parents to give their views and opinions. This will help teachers to identify the key teaching style or method which can be used to provide teaching and learning to all students. In situations where fast decision making is required, teachers at Aminiyya School can make use of autocratic style of leadership.

Apart from this, separate classes can be organized for the students who learn things with slow place. This classes can be conducted after working hours or during recess time (Nasheeda, 2008). However, at the time of implementing this strategy, it will be required by teachers to make sure that the students do not get overburdened with education as it will directly result in increasing the rate of absenteeism. For the management of resources and environment, a team can be developed whose work will be to ensure that resources are not getting exploited in any circumstances. It can be also stated that the teachers at Aminiyya School are also facing problems related to environment. For this purpose, the school can go for strategy of developing workplace in positive manner (Latheef and Gupta 2007). Strict rules and punishments can be implemented for a student who indulge or promotes activities such as bullying and harassment.

On the other side of this, teachers need to make sure that they do not promote activities such as discrimination among students in any case. Apart from course curriculum, indoor and outdoor activities can be organized at regular intervals. Furthermore, with the help of these activities, teachers can seek for developing skills such as time management, team working and leadership among student which will help them in their future growth.

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From the above carried out research report, it can be concluded that there are three major issues faced are related to integrating a sound grasp of basic knowledge and skills, managing behavior and attendance; ensuring consistently good teaching and learning. It can be concluded that these challenges make it very complicated for teachers to give their best and obtain the best possible outcomes. Furthermore, it can be also inferred that nowadays teachers are being encouraged to focus on overall development of students instead of rendering them with academic knowledge base. In order to deal with these issues and challenges the teachers need to develop some effective strategies. This includes maintaining a positive learning environment and eliminating activities such as harassment and discrimination. On the other side of this, it can be also concluded that in order to lower down the rate of absenteeism in school, teachers are being required to maintain balances between students who are fast learners and who takes time to learn new things. This will support in overall growth and development of the school and obtain the best possible outcome.


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