Marketing Essentials of Cadbury


Marketing is an essence of promoting or selling the product and services that satisfy the need of the consumers. Essentially marketing means creating, promoting and delivering the goods as well as services in the target market. This report is based on Cadbury which is British Multinational company. It is the Second largest confectionery brand in the world and its headquartered in West London. Cad-bury operates their business in more than approx. 50 countries at worldwide (Baker and Saren, 2016). Its Marketing essential is to over come the barriers and implementing marketing strategies to remain competitive in the market. The main motive of the assignment to understand the roles and responsibilities of marketing functions and their interrelation with other marketing division. This report also consider a comparison among two companies by implementing marketing mix. At last, this report also describe the marketing plan of the Cadbury by introducing new services.

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Introduction to the concept of marketing, including current and future trends.

The marketing concept of Cadbury can be described as the strategy that are made and implemented by the companies to satisfied the needs of the customers, increase total sales and maximising the profit levels of the company. There are five alternative concepts which helps the company to plan and execute their marketing strategies which are Production concept, Product concept, Selling Concept, Marketing Concept.

Current Marketing Trends

There are various marketing modes that are adapted by different companies to promote their products. These are as follows:

  • Door to door selling- This is one of the most used method by Cadbury where the organisation is involved in direct selling of the products to the targeted customers by reaching them at their door steps (William and Zikmund, 2012). This is one of the most successful method specially in areas where it is not easy to communicate with the customer.
  • Print Media- Print media is the method that is adapted by Cadbury to to attract the customers by approaching them through various means such as newspapers, pamphlets, and many other printed ads. This helps in educating the customers about the latest updates and launches of the respective company which helps in attaining more customers and increasing the profit levels of Cadbury.

Future Marketing Trends

  • Personalization- It is a method which helps in providing individual services to the customer and helps in promoting the products that interest the customer. Such data is derived by the search of the customers, age, gender, etc.

At the other hand, some of strategies of marketing are as follows:

Business to business – This refers to transaction between businesses through including manufacturer & wholesaler or wholesaler & retailer. It involves the business which is carried out between companies which include strategies like dig deep when target demographic segment, take feedbacks, extend funnel and create goals & milestones.

Business to customer – The business to consumer strategy refers to tactics and best practices of promoting products among consumers in order to convince them for purchasing them. It includes several effective methods like word of mouth advertising, internet marketing, direct selling and many more.

An overview of the different marketing processes.

The marketing process is a method of analysing the opportunities that are present in the market, selection of the target market, development of the marketing mix and managing.

  • Analysing the opportunities- This step is consist of analysing the opportunities that are available for the respective company in the market (Baack, Harris and Baack, 2013). This can be done by analysing various elements of macro marketing environment such as demographics, politics, competitors, etc.
  • Selection of the target- In order to select the target for Cadbury, the organisation adapts STP method which is consist of segmenting, targeting and positioning of the product in the desired market.
  • Development of marketing mix- This step undertakes the application of right combination of marketing mix in order to analyse and implement the right strategy in order to provide the greater customer services and accomplish the company's goals.
  • Strategic planning – The strategic marketing planning includes getting prepared, clarify mission & vision, determine present and future market position, analyse priorities, distribute tasks & hold everyone accountable to gain better profits.
  • Managing- This is the last step of the marketing process which involves the close analyses of the marketing efforts and further taking the required steps in order to achieve the desired goals that are set by the marketing division of Cadbury.

Explanation of the role and responsibilities of a marketing manager

The marketing division of Cadbury undertakes many roles and responsibilities. The structure of marketing division incudes product manager, marketing manager and many other individuals that are responsible for different type of roles.

Structure of marketing department– The marketing structure of given company is generally based on business neds in different situations. It involves a leader, high level executive for observing and monitoring strategies along with evaluating operations as well. Moreover, it includes hierarchy structure involving marketing president to manage team of managers for public relations, advertising and product for managing overall activities properly.

Operations of marketing section– The marketing operations of Cadbury include formulation of processes, infrastructure and reporting. It involves the criteria of conduct effective promotional activities, maket analysis and evaluation of competitor's strategies.

Marketing Manager- The roles and responsibilities of the marketing manager of Cadbury are managing and implementation of marketing strategies of the respective company. The other duties of marketing manager are as follows:

  • Developing Marketing Strategy- The marketing manger of Cadbury develops various marketing strategy in orde4r to increase the number of sales and increase the profit of the respective organisation.
  • Market Research- The marketing manager conducts a market research in order to understand the needs and wants of the customer. This enables them to deliver the desired products to the customer (Silberschatz Galvin and Gagne, 2014). Along with this, the marketing research also helps the marketing manager of Cadbury to modify the products according to the latest trends in the market and attract more customers.
  • Identify new business opportunities- It is the responsibility of Marketing manager of Cadbury to explore new market for the company's products or such markets that are not explored by the competitors of the company which can help the company in building new customers and helps in expanding the business.

An explanation of how marketing influences and interrelates with other functional departments of the organisation.

Cadbury is consist of many functional division which have different work profiles. Some of the divisions of the respective company are HR, Finance, Production, Marketing, Research, etc. However, these departments have an interrelation which helps them work together in order to achieve the goal of the respective organisation. The interrelation between the departments are mentioned below:

  • Marketing and Finance- The marketing division of Cadbury is responsible for promoting the products of the company in order to attract more customers (Joshi, 2012). Where as, the finance department of the respective company is responsible for providing sufficient funds to the marketing division and other divisions of the company in order to help in in smooth running of operations.
  • HR and Research- The roles and responsibility of Research division is to analyse and collect appropriate data which helps in providing various information about the marketplace. However, HR division is responsible for hiring the right candidate for the desired position in Research which will help in increasing the productivity through help of provided information by marketing department of Cadbury (Brady, 2014).
  • Marketing and Production- The production division of Cadbury undertakes the production of various products that are offered by the respective company. Hence, the marketing helps in promoting these products in order to increase the number of sales and attain the goal of the company which is to maximise the profit levels.

The value and importance of the marketing role in the context of the organisation

Marketing is the role which helps Cadbury to identify the potential products for the market and promote them by differentiating them from similar products. It is vital part for every company. Marketing starts from identifying the consumer needs and ends with satisfying the consumer needs . The importance of role of marketing is mentioned below:

  • Promotions- Marketing helps in promoting the products and services that are offered by Cadbury. It is responsible for conducting various promotional activities that are conducted by the respective company such as advertisement, online promotions, print media, etc. This helps in educating the customer about the products of Cadbury (Rossi, Allenby and McCulloch, 2012).
  • Customer’s Services- As maintaining a relationship with customer is very important to assure the long term business by the customers. Hence, the marketing division helps in maintaining the customer relationship and providing the customer services to the end consumers of the products of Cadbury.
  • Product Development- Marketing helps in identifying the demand and needs of the customers. Along with this, marketing also helps in providing latest trends which helps the Cadbury in upgrading their products to cop up with the competitors and fulfil the demands of the customers in order to assure maximum business.

Conclusions that emphasise the significance of having effective interrelationships between different functional departments.

As there are different divisions in Cadbury which are consist of different job profiles and responsibilities. It is very much important to have an affective communication and interrelationships between various departments of the respective company (Clow and James, 2013). As this can help in smooth running of all the operations of the organisation and help in increasing the productivity and sales level of the company.

Marketing mix

Marketing mix is the process of designing and integrating various elements of marketing (product, price, place, promotion, process, people and physical evidence) in such a way to ensure the achievement of enterprise objectives (Silver, and et al 2012). The main purpose of marketing mix is to make the prospective customer aware of the product as well as help an organisation make strategic decisions at the time of launching new products or revising existing products.

Following are the marketing mix strategies follow by cad-bury and nestle to gain competitive advantage:

Marketing Mix




Cadbury has different market and varieties. In chocolate industry Dairy milk, Bournville, five star, perk and Cadbury eclairs. In biscuit segment: Oreo premium. In milk products: bournvita a leading brand (Lovelock, 2011). Halls a mouth freshener as well as cold remedy.

Nestle is a company who have diverese range f products such as Kit kat chocolate, munch chocolate, maggie noodles, ketchup, coffee and many more.


Quality follows price. Quality of the products is high so marketing is always require to remain on top. Prices of the products is high in some cases and reasonable also. Products like perk, five star have low price ,dairy milk considered as the high as well as low price product it position as gifting therefore sell in high volume at high price.

The price range of products of Nestle is moderate as the company believes in serving more of quality than earning profits.


The distribution channel of the cad bury is fantastic. It capture the market of both urban and rural (Babin and Zikmund, 2015).

The company serves its products and services throughout the world.


Cadbury conducts various promotional activities in order to attract more customers such as advertisements, discount offers, digital media, etc.

Nestle is involved in various promotional activities such as advertisement, print media, digital media and many more.


The company focuses on its packaging and quality. This is why it offers various different packagings on their festivals and occasions.

Nestle is a well known brand which provides quality products. The packaging of the company is very authentic.


There are various benefits that are provided by the companies to the employees of the company such as vacation policies, insurance benefit, retirement benefits and many more.

Nestle is a big company with total number of employees near by 3,23,000 (Armstrong and et al, 2015). The company provides various benefits such as health, security, etc.

Physical Evidence

There is a range of products that are consumed by the customers. Hence, the products and the customers are the physical evidence of Cadbury.

The official website is the physical evidence of Nestle. Additionally, the vast range of the products which are served world wide are also the physical evidence of the respective company.

Produce and evaluate a basic marketing plan for Cadbury

Market plan can be described as comprehensive document or blueprint that outlines a business advertising and marketing efforts for completing desired objectives like increase sales or profits. It include various kinds of marketing strategies and tactics which provide support to achieve required goals in proper manner. In case of Cadbury, they can build an effective as well as efficient market plan so that they can gain desired outcomes in appropriate way.

Overview of the company– The present market plan is based on Cadbury which is known as British multinational confectionery company wholly owned by Mondelez International. It was founded by John Cadbury in the year around 1824, almost 194 years ago and headquartered in Birmingham, England (Ahmed and Rafiq, 2013). Moreover, this company is known for its special products such as Dairy Milk chocolate, the Creme Egg & Roses selection box and many other confectionery products.

Vision– The vision statement of company is the Barrow Cadbury Trust's vision is of a peaceful, equitable society, free from discrimination and based on the principle of social justice for all.

Mission– The mission statement of Cadbury is to promote social justice through grant making, research, influencing public opinion, policy and supporting communities.

Marketing Objective– the objective of Cadbury is to boost up 10 to 20 percent sales in upcoming two years by launching new product named as 'Sugar Free Chocolate'.

SWOT Analysis– This include to thoroughly analyse strengths and weaknesses of company which are helpful to overcome threats and facilitate opportunities in order to gain desired benefits. It involve the criteria of carrying out SWOT analysis for detrmini9ng strong and weak factors of business so that potentilla risk factors can be removed and more effective results can be achieved successfully by Cadbury (opolšek and Čurin, 2012).


  • Cadbury can be consider as topmost chocolate chocolate provider and well known brand which is helpful to grab more profit share of market.
  • The pricing for products is according to budget of customer and available for different cost range so that people can afford it easily.
  • The company has strong marketing and distribution channel which helps to boost up sales in proper manner.
  • The Brand has positive perception of people which provide support to attract new customer along with retaining the current ones to improve profitability.
  • They have well established market with vast variety of products which supports to increase sales properly.


  • The weak point of given company include lack of penetration in rural market which result into less increase in profit share.
  • It has problem that large population is suffered from several disease such as cholesterol, overweight, diabetes due to which people avoid to eat chocolate as it contains much calories.


  • The company has an opportunity to modify product according to several occasions or festivals to increase sales and profits of brand.
  • They can accept the globalisation which provide support to garb profit share at global level in terms of improving brand image as well as profitability.
  • The company has precious chance to in crease their customers because of recent improvement in chocolate market for grabbing more market share properly.
  • They can utilise chance to provide low calorie chocolate and sugar free candies in order to attract more customers towards brand.


  • The major threat of analysed that there is no brand loyalty in chocolate market which reduce opportunity to gain long term profits.
  • They are required to face strong competition fr0opm huge brands such as Nestle and Amul.
  • It involve the other preferences of people including different substitutes like sweets and deserts which reduce client for chocolate brand.
  • Increase in competition through new entry of brands in market which affects position of market.

Marketing Budget:

Marketing budget


1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year

Initial money


















Marketing outlay








sales publicity






Direct selling












STP Analysis

Segmentation– This is kind of marketing strategy in which broad market will be divided into segments as per their needs, interests, priorities and demands.

Targetting– The new product of Sugar free chocolate will be introduced in market for target customers including diabetic people who avoid chocolates due to having such health issues. Demographic segmentation is suitable for new product of sugar free chocolate including factor of age.

Positioning– The given company will attract health conscious and suffered people towards brand by introducing sugar free chocolate to increase sales. It will provide support to grab more market share in future and achieve better position among competitors in appropriate manner.

Competitor Analysis– There are several competitors of Cadbury such as Nestle, Amul, Mars, Hershey's, Kraft foods, Lindt, Ferrero, Dove, Godiva and many more.

Monitoring and controlling– This can be described as to thoroughly evaluate the procedures of marketing and put appropriate efforts to reduce problems and control wastage of resources in proper manner. In case of Cadbury, they are required to make effective tactics to control overall processes of marketing to gain better outcomes by decreasing issues properly (Huang and Sarigöllü, 2014).

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From the above report, it has been summarize that marketing essential refers to creating, promoting and delivering the goods as well as services in the target market. It involves to current marketing trends like print media, door-to-door selling and future policy including personalization. However, it involves different marketing procedures like analysing the opportunities, selection of the target, development of marketing mix & managing with role of marketing manager such as developing marketing strategy, market research as well as identify new business opportunities. Moreover, marketing is carried out of Cadbury and Nestle to make correct decision of making strategy for increasing sales. Additionally, the market plan is essential to build for effectively promotion product including several factors like overview, vision, mission, marketing objective, SWOT analysis, marketing budget, STP analysis, competitor analysis and monitoring & controlling.

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