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Marketing is a process through which promotion of goods and services is done in the marketplace. It is a crucial activity that needs to be planned in an appropriate manner so that maximum market is covered (Kotler and, 2017). Tourism now has increased to a great level and having a great scope in terms of earning revenues. London is well known as a tourist’s destination and is prefer by most of people to visit at least once in their life. New Year’s Eve Firework Cruise London 2019 is a big event to be held at Thames valley. It is a big opportunity for the tourism companies of the same place to earn good by delivering services to people who can be attracted to become a part of this huge event. Evan Evans Tours since 1933 is delivering quality services to the travellers and has established a good brand name in hospitality industry. The following report will discuss marketing plan for referred to enterprise in order to increase customer engagement and sales for the upcoming event mention above.

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Marketing plan

Executive summary –Evan Evans Tours is located at 258 Vauxhall Bridge Rd, London and is operating in the tourism sector from many years. It is providing great sightseen experience to the visitors by offering attractive packages to the clients (DISCOVER THE WORLD OF EVAN EVANS, 2019). It provides exclusive guide facilities which help the visitors to travel the most attractive locations and give detail knowledge of each place that is visited. In order to increase the customer engagement and revenue planning for the big event of New year eve celebration plan is made. In order to achieve the desired aim company will be focusing on young generation and will plan the whole package will include different services that will be given to make the maximum profit. Effective use of digital marketing will be done to attract people from far of places. Human resource will be engaged in the decision making so that the most suitable decisions are taken while designing the final offer for the public.

  • Mission – The mission statement of Evan Evans Tours is to protect the societies, values, surroundings and culture of the nation so that it can be experienced the future generation too.
  • Vision – To deliver first-class travel experiences across the British capital and beyond.
  • Objective - To increase customer engagement and sales during New Year’s Eve Firework Cruise London, 2019.

Strategy of the company – In order to achieve the desired goals, it is important that a particular strategy is followed a sonly than a common code of conduct can be followed throughout the firm. As the plan is specifically aiming to increase the total sales through a well-known event to be held in London Act upon regular employee feedback will be helpful in same. Under this process weekly surveys will be done so that it can be identified that how the public is responding to the new year event (Kuvaas, 2011).It will help in knowing the popularly of the same and also this way it can be identified that what all is expected by them. it will help in delivering services to them and arrangements can be done in the same manner. also the data from the feedbacks will help in planning the leads which will further reduce gap between actual and desired goals.

Competitor analysis – To promote own services it is very much important that the steps taken by the rivalries are closely monitored so that planning is done in a way that competitive advantage is achieved. Before fixing the price it would be researched that at what value the other organisations are offering the same product. Also the inclusive of their packages will be analysed so that on the basis of same most attractive option can be delivered to the buyers.

SWOT of – Evan Evans Tours

It is done to identify the different areas of company in which it is good and what are its weaknesses. It helps in framing plan as when while forming the strategies strength weakness threat opportunity is considered, chances of achieving the desired objective further increases (Helms and Nixon, 2010).



·Provide great experience to the visitors.

·Offers different services that facilitates the traveling of tourists

·Believes in preserving the culture and hence have a good image in market.

Most of the agents who do their booking through Evan Evans Tours fails to provide the accommodation at last moment and hence it affects the brand image to a great extent.





·The common threat to all the tourism based organisation of London is of rivalry.

·Digitalisation and change in trends where people do self-planning for their tours.

·Adding more services to the tour package

·Use of better and advanced portals to improve customer engagement


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STP – This is another step where the management does planning for how company is going to segment its market as there is huge population outside and difficult to be served in same manner. Thereafter customers are targeted on the basis that who can give best return on investment to the business and finally it is determined that how the product or service will be positioned so that it can be differentiated from the already existing ones and can attract maximum public towards itself (Banerjee, Cicowiez and Cotta, 2016.). STP in context of this marketing plan is as follows:

Segmentation – Here the total market will be divided into different groups having similar demand and needs to be treated in same manner. Behavioural approach under this concept will be used. According to this those whose motive of travelling is common will be divided in similar groups and accordingly marketing for them will be done. Their interest will be focused and it will be highlighted while advertising the event so that they can associate with it and gets attracted towards the product offered to the.

Targeting – The new year event is something which is widely celebrated by the young generation and business class people. Keeping this in mind the marketing activities will be carried out to target this two category as they can respond positively to the efforts of business (Nella and Christou, 2016).

Positioning – To establish the service in the market effectively Evan Evans Tours will be using psychological positioning process. Under same it will create an image of the event in from of the target customer so that they can imagine the big show and can relate to same that how exciting it would be for them to be a part of this celebration. For same the pictures of prior similar occasion will be posted on net and other platforms which reflects how memories can be created by being a part of it. Short video clips of previous year grad celebrations will be made available on the social sites which can help company in creating its own demand.

Marketing mix –It is a combination of different elements of the market planning for which planning need to be done in detail as only than the desired objective can be achieved. Following discussion will show how company is going to plan its different tactics so that maximisation of sales can be made.

Product – This is the most important element of the marketing plan as the success of the planning widely depends upon what is planned to be delivered. It has to be chosen wisely as if it is not much demanded by the public than even if the planning is appropriate the desired business cannot be achieved (Horner and Swarbrooke, 2012). here the chosen product for promotion is the great new year celebration at Thames valley. It is a famous location in itself and as it is associated with new year which is itself a great occasion for public to celebrate, it makes it a very good option to come with. People will be offered with different services of bookings of tickets, accommodation, travel facilities food and all those which are associated with it. According to the current trends people like to visit different places and also do not hesitate to try new, influencing people to be part of this great occasion will be easy.

Place – While selecting the travelling destination people give deep thought and does a lot of prior study about the place as what could be best for them. chosen place for the tourism is London and in same the selected destination i.e. Thames valley is well demanded place and it shows that there is he chance of its success as even if people are less interested in just the new year’s celebration they can be tempted with the beautiful location.

Want to Join the Circles of


Promotion – As targeted customer is young generation and other busienss class people the mode of marketing would be different from them. Social media is most common and widely use platform among the young group and therefore effective utilisation will be done of same. Attractive pictures videos of the great event will be posted as how it is usually celebrated and for same a separate team of digital marketing will be organised who is going to specially focus on promoting the package that is offered by the selected organisation (Greaves and Skinner, 2010). Trafficking on the sites will be created which will help in bringing this brand name in recognition which may increase the bookings of tickets using the services of Evan Evans Tours. Apart from this the other focused group that is the business class group will be communicated with the help of email services. They will be sent mails having complete details of the products that will be offered in the package and special note on how in case of group bookings they can get huge discounts. This approach may motivate the employers to give rewards to the candidates who performed well by gifting them the same offer and hence the overall sales will be improved.

Price – The most important determinant is the cost that will be charged from service user. People are price sensitive and respond quickly to it. It is important that package is designed in a way that it does not look so expensive but offers maximum benefits (Saraniemi and Kylänen, 2011). In order to attract and influence people promotional pricing will be used. Under same they will be given discounts if booking of tickets for the event are done through Evan Evans Tours. Also they will be given different options of various hotels and a customised package facility will be given for those who are coming from cross nation.

Physical distribution – Interaction with the potential buyers will be done through the social media sites and in respond to same people visit the official website of the company. it will be designed in simple way so that the customers do not find it difficult to communicate with the executives.

People – These are another important element planning for which needs to be done properly. it includes the customer’s employers and stakeholders. While designing the packages it would be ensure that consideration to the interest of each party involved is given so that no one feel low or dishearten. Planning of products will be done in a way that customers gets the maximum satisfaction and prices will be charged in accordance to the expectations of revenues. Employees will be given training of how to answer the quarries and ways through which they can influence the public.

Process – A simple process will be followed in which bookings for the event and other offerings will be done online through the official websites. Availability of guides will be made to those who take the complete package of visiting other attractions too. Easy mode of payments will be kept to avoid complexities (Masiero and Nicolau, 2012).

Human resource – This is the most important asset of the business and planning regarding same needs to be done with maximum care. They need to be made familiar with the desired results of the company as what is expected out of the results of this event taking place. It will help in clearing the vision and everyone at the work place will work in same direction. More training will be given to them regarding how to establish better conversation with the customers and how to engage them in the business so that they can be influenced to use the services of the firm. Also the marketing team will be provided with targets which will be based on area that they need to cover. For same the promotion team will be made familiar with more portals through which they can communicate to greater market share.

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Monitoring and Controlling

As there are lot of factors that keep on changing in the external environment in which the busienss operates it is important that close monitoring is kept on the plan as in case of any change accordingly modifications can be made in the planning process also. Apart from this evaluation of the booking status will be done every weak is this will help in identifying that weather the desired results are achieved or not (Petite, 2010.). If yes than the most influencing factor will be focused at the same time so that it could be more applied while following the tactic. Targets will be given to monitor which department is working more effectively and which need to be closely monitored so that accordingly rewards are also planned. To check the expenses also expenses needs close eye as it should not exceed the budgeted amount and in case if it is predicted that it is crossing the estimated amount than keeping the set limit further changes should be made which aim to minimise the expense.

Budget – in order to maintain and control the overall cost of the company it is important that the budget is made so that while carrying out the different process the limits are maintained. it would be an estimated amount and only the deviation of fifteen percent plus and minus will be accepted.



Digital marketing

5000 pounds

Training and development of Human resource

8000 pounds


From the above report it is found that the travel and tourism has great scope of doing business as there is lot of demand for the same. With the change in trends people like to travel more and expect maximum satisfaction against the money spend by them for the services. As there is tough competition in this sector effective business planning should be done. To earn most of the business company, need to target its customers properly and promotion of the services should be done in a way that maximum reach to the target buyers can be made. To plan the marketing procedure lots of considerations needs to be taken that the right customer is targeted as if it is not correct than the whole planning process may fail.

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