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Easter bunnies, colored eggs, loads of discounts, yummy dishes, and what not. The weekend full of celebrations is here. The colors have filled every nook and corner of the city. People around are exchanging gifts and Easter baskets with that ear to ear smile. Everything seems so fun and radiant. One of the most popular Christian festivals, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Falling after the Lent fasting of forty days the almost week-long celebration begins with “Thursday Dinner” followed by “Good Friday” and the “Easter Sunday.” The festival signifies the renewal of life, and all the pagans related to it reflect the same in the most interesting way.

Be it the cute bunnies, or the colored eggs or the white lilies they all signify the same.

The Bunnies

Thinking how a bunny came in the picture, while we talk about renew life and resurrection. Well, it is quite a simple logic. The festival is celebrated in springs, the season when these rodents move out of their burrows. So, the rabbits coming out of the burrows are often symbolized as the renewal of life and thus, these tiny creatures became an indispensable part of the celebration.

The Colorful Eggs

Eggs again resemble the beginning of the new life. So gradually with celebrations and morning services, the culture of exchanging colored baskets of eggs came into existence. Also, eggs in many parts are forbidden during Lent, so these often form a major part of the delicacies involved too. Kids, with cutely colored eggs dressed in the most colorful dresses, are always a treat to watch during the festival.

New Clothes

Who doesn’t love new clothes??? Any festival is all about new clothes. It is not only just the custom but an expression of newness. Just go grab that favorite dress you wanted from the corner store and flaunt it to your friends.

The Sunrise Services

Like the others in the list, the pagan first was first recorded in 1732. It was by a group of young Moravian men in Hernhut, Saxony. The Moravian immigrants brought it to the United States where the first sunrise service took place in 1743. Interesting, how the festival has traveled around different countries and brought colors from these.

Woah...So Many Cultures...So Many Colors...

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