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Work Legally & Ethically: 3 Major CHCLEG001 Assessment Answers


CHCLEG001 Assessment is one of the units that the nursing and healthcare students’ have to study. This unit explains the knowledge and skills mandatory in determining and working with an ethical and legal framework, leading to an effective job role. The CHCLEG001 assessment answers help students understand the module of the unit. CHCLEG001 Assessment relates the health workers to a community that plays a vital role in finding and meeting ethical and legal responsibilities. The CHCLEG001 work legally & ethically assessment requires a student to have various skills and knowledge. Let’s look at the 3 major assessments that nursing and health students have to work on.

  • Skills/knowledge of questions and case studies
  • Activities based on distinct projects
  • Workplace observation of practical skills

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Best Approaches to Write 3 Major CHCLEG001 Assessment Answers

Many students are opting for this course to study. The reason is the growing importance of community service in the context of nursing. In this course, students are tested based on how good they have knowledge about the subject and whether they can deliver the CHCLEG001 assessment answers in an ethical and legal framework or not? Let's see the three main types of assignments that summarize the entire course.

Assessment 1: Underpinning Knowledge Questions

This assessment requires correct answers to a few questions based on your learning and knowledge. There are some major question topics:

  1. Common legal issues important to the workplace
  2. Explain the Australian legal system
  3. Describe various types of laws with examples
  4. Key statutory and regulatory requirements relevant to the work role
  5. Outline the organization’s code of ethics

Assessment 2: Research Project/Case Study

The main objective of this assessment is to research the particular project of the subject for better understanding. Also, it includes case studies on various scenarios. The popular question topics are:

  1. Short report to enhance responsiveness to legal and ethical requirements
  2. Demonstrate the boundaries of work role
  3. Common workplace activities to complete the legal and ethical responsibilities
  4. Differentiate between code of conduct and code of practice
  5. Legal and ethical considerations in health and community services

Assessment 3: Work Observation & Simulation

This assessment focuses on the performance of the students. So, the major topics that are commonly asked are based on some short case studies. In this, students need to give a brief explanation to solve the given case study.

Let’s take an example:

John is 87 years old and lives with his partner, Núria, who is 65 years old. Lately, John is getting difficult to look after since he is frail, weak, and suffering from Dementia. Núria is getting frustrated and tends to yell at John. She does not understand or have the know-how to manage John's situation. You are the caretaker that Núria hires, and you have witnessed Núria's demeanor around John.

Based on this short case study, you have to work legally and ethically for this assessment. You need to analyze this and determine the ethical and legal issues that can be breached and find the workplace documentation to protect John. To solve and answer this, you need to work on these criteria.

  1. Find and respond to legal requirements
  2. Determine the ethical requirements
  3. How to contribute to improving the workplace?

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CHCLEG001 Assessment: Identify & Respond to Legal Requirements

As a responsible nursing and health staff member, you must be familiar with the legislation and regulations and your duty of offering care to other staff and patients.

  • Sources of Legislation
  • Legal Responsibilities
  • Legal Work Practice
  • Reporting Breaches

CHCLEG001 Assessment: Identify & Meet Ethical Responsibilities

There are many chances to face several ethical dilemmas as an educator while working. So, to overcome all of them, you need to focus on different areas.

  • Meet Ethical Responsibilities
  • Help with Ethical Responsibilities
  • Ensure Non-Judgemental Practice
  • Ethical Problem-Solving
  • Recognize & Report Unethical Concepts

CHCLEG001 Assessment: Contribute to Workplace Improvements

Every staff member contributes to the quality of service. So, it is very important to take the initiative in the improvements that are being made for individual growth and the betterment of the workplace.

  • Meet Legal & Ethical Responsibilities
  • Share Feedback with Colleagues & Supervisors
  • Review & Develop Policies

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