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CHCPRP003 - Reflect On and Improve Own Professional Practise

Introduction to CHCPRP003 Assessment Answers

In this blog, you will learn the required skills and knowledge that can help you evaluate and enhance your CHCPRP003 assessment practice in the process of reflection and ongoing professional development. 

It will help the workers of all industry sectors who take pro-active responsibility for their own professional development. 

You can use the skills mentioned in this unit to get better grades & complete your CHCPRP003 assessment answers. These skills will come to use, following Commonwealth and State/Territory legislation, Australian/New Zealand standards, and industry codes of practice.

4 Tasks Required to Complete in CHCPRP003 Assessment

Assessment Task 1

This task requires one to answer the following questions: 

1. How to reflect upon your own practice in a job?

2. What to account for while conducting a self-evaluation or developing professional development and work plan?

3. Describe the different learning styles

4. What is your own learning style?

5. What does it mean for your own professional development & self-evaluation? 

6. How to operate within an agreed ethical-code of practice & legal requirement?

7. Lists of opportunities available to a massage therapist for personal and professional development. 

8. List the industry bodies that are ready to support the remedial massage therapist practice in Australia.

9. What are three industrial resources that can be used for your development and are able to improve your practice?

answer 8

answer 9 learning style 2017

answer 10 learning style 2017

answer 18

answer 18 b


Assessment Task 2 - The Case study

This task includes case study analysis. You have to think critically about every situation to answer.

Case study 1 

  • Answer 1

The questions that the caretaker should ask from the child’s parents about his health can be as follow:

1. What medicine did the child need when he was in a childcare center? 

2. What type of diet did the doctor prescribe for the child? 

3. Is he able to do some physical exercise other than playing outdoor games?

4. What medication should be given immediately to a child if he feels uneasy?

5. Which doctor is providing the treatment to the child? What routine plan had been made by the doctor for his better improvement?

  • Answer 2.

The adjustments which caretaker needs to make for the daily routine of the child are:

1. They require to keep one all-time available educator with the child so that they can keep an eye on him continuously.

2. They have to ensure that child is not physically hurt by any other child. 

3. They have to work according to the doctor's prescribed plan. So, the food time-table ought to be changed according to the child.

4. They have to make sure that the child is not exerting any activity.

5. They have to make sure that the child does not play in the sand or other place where dust particles harm him. 

6. They should provide the medicine at the right time.

  • Answer 3.

The further precautions that are required to be put in place to minimize the health risk for the child are:

1. They should provide him with a room with proper ventilation so that he can inhale fresh air.

2. They should maintain good housekeeping and disinfect schedules in the proper way.

3. They should conduct a continuous food hygiene check to save the child from diseases. 

4. They should prepare a special meal for the child.

5. They should display a health guide on the mainboard; so that if the child needs help, he can contact someone from that guide. 

6. They should provide him with clothing according to the activity he performs.

Case study 2

  • Answer 1. (EECSRSB, 2014).

The underlined problems related to this accident which are needed to be addressed by Trish are:

1. The container was empty at the time when Cala needed the gloves for the child treatment.

2. Children who are staying later in the center are the increased number.

3. Amy, who is the supervisor of the center, is not responding to the situation.

4. Unavailability of the accident book.

5. Responsibilities of the childcare center required to handle during the middle shift.

  • Answer 2.

The decisions that Cala had to make at the time between the accident happened and before Amy returns concerning the children can be:

1. Cala had to place the Lim properly on the lap first.

2. After that, she tried to find the gloves to wipe the child's blood, but it was not available.

3. The next step was, she tried to call Amy for help, but she was not responding.

4. Later, she ran towards the injured child.

5. Then she asked Amy to close the hose because Sarah was hosing Jessie.

6. At last, she wiped the child’s blood coming out from his mouth with his t-shirt. 

  • Answer 3.

In this case study, the key risk to the health and safety of the child can be:

1. The child may obtain blood-born diseases. 

2. The risk to the infant, which was kept at the rag. 

3. Properly managed first aid item. 

4. Risk related to gardening equipment.

5. Risk related to environmental change in temperature.

6. The reckless behavior of Amy as the supervisor.

  • Answer 4. (NQS, 2017)

The actions that should be taken to make sure that the situation will not reoccur is:

1. They should take strict action against irresponsible behavior of Amy. It will help to warn other educators who can repeat the same. 

2. The child’s parents should responsibly take their child back at the right time so that they won't go through this kind of situation anymore. 

3. Children should be taught that they should listen & follow the rules provided by the educator properly.

4. Provide proper guidance to the students about dangerous things and equipment that can easily harm them.

5. The necessary items should be monitored continuously, which has to be present 24*7, especially the items for the children’s treatment.

6. Increment in the late shift staff so that every child gets personal attention. 

  • Answer 5. (EECSRSB, 2014)

The referred policies concerning this case study can be:

1. Child health and safety policy:

The child protection and reporting procedure include illness, resting, outing, security, hygiene, first aid, premises, violence, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, medication, food/nutrition, immunization, anti-bullying, outside space, waste disposal, manual handling, equal opportunity, safe work environment, changing nappies/toilet time area to which the child has access, etc.

2. Child welfare:

Key person, children’s rights, staff ratio, equal opportunity, and social justice comes under it.

3. Relationship with families and liaison:

Home links/key person, confidentiality, parents/guardian involvement, community links, statutory links, voluntary links consultant, and grievance procedure come under it.

4. Human resources policy: 

Recruitment, qualification, equal opportunity, training, staff illness, staff leave, staff meeting, support and supervision, appraisals, induction procedure, students’ guidelines, equal employment opportunity, working hours, accidents, and injuries come under it.

5. Administrative policy:

Admissions, attendance, fees, comments/complaints, record keeping, withdrawing children, committee meetings, advisory committee composition, advisory committee terms of reference, insurance, and financial procedures come under it.

Assessment Task 3

In this task, you are obliged to complete an individual development plan for yourself.

individual development plan

Assessment Task 4 (Nyland, 2001).

Follow the instruction and prepare your answers.

Question 1. From the list, you need to point out 2 websites or articles that can be used for professional development support.

Two websites that can be applied as the source are as follows:

Question 2. You have to read these websites and articles. Write them in your own words, explaining what this article or website is about and how the information can increase your own practice as an educator.

article, website resources

These are the various tasks that a CHCPRP003 assessment includes. You have to critically analyze the case studies provided in your paper and answer them very crucially. You have to express every thought that can impress your mentor. 

These writing types need enough criteria related to your performance that should be displayed well with various required elements. 

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What Are Required Elements and Performance Criteria?

Students are required to show some specific elements & performance criteria that can help answer the question of the CHCPRP003 assessment. 

Here are the elements & performance criteria that you must know & keep in mind to perform the various tasks.

ELEMENT - Reflect on Your Own Practice


  1. You can begin the self-calculation in partnership with supervisors or peers.
  2. You can reflect on and identify the effect of values, assumptions, and performance in practice. 
  3. You can share two-way, open, and evaluative feedback with your partners.
  4. You can seek and reflect on feedback from clients, organizations, or other relevant sources actively.

ELEMENT - Enhance Your Own Practice


  1. You can determine improvements needed based on your own evaluation and feedback from others.
  2. You can identify potential support networks to the organization, both internal and external.
  3. You can seek specialist advice or further training where the need is distinguished.
  4. You can recognize the requirements for self-care & additional support.
  5. You can devise, document, and implement a self-development plan that sets realistic aims and targets. 

ELEMENT - Facilitate Ongoing Professional Development


  1. You can access and review information on current & emerging industry developments and use these to improve practice.
  2. You can assess and confirm your own practice against ethical & legal requirements and opportunities.
  3. You can identify and engage with opportunities to extend & expand your own expertise.
  4. You can participate in review processes as a commitment to upgrading skills & knowledge regularly.

You must demonstrate your abilities that can analyze your clinical performance. You should set a development plan to improve your professional practice.

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What Evidence Is Required by Students?

Students require to show the evidence of capabilities that they carry. You should demonstrate your performance & knowledge evidence to provide proper answers. 

Performance Evidence 

You must show evidence of your ability to complete the tasks. Here are the elements and performance criteria, manage tasks and manage contingencies in the job role. There must be evidence that the candidate has:

  • Goals
  • Time-frames
  • Ways of measuring progress
  • Undertaken a structured process to reflect on and improve their own practice and create one personal development plan that includes:

Knowledge Evidence

You must show evidence of your ability to complete the tasks. Here are the elements and performance criteria, manage tasks and manage contingencies in the job role. There must be evidence that the candidate has: 

  1. Legal and ethical considerations for reviewing and improving their own practice, including:

A. Codes of practice

B. Duty of care

C. Rights and responsibilities of workers and employers

D. Work role boundaries – responsibilities and limitations

  1. Professional development opportunities, including:

A. Industry networking

B. Professional associations

C. Training requirements and options

D. Informal and formal ways of learning and developing 

  1. Principles and techniques for:

A. Creating a personal development plan

B. Personal goal setting

C. Setting realistic time-frames

D. Measuring progress and performance

  1. Models and processes of professional reflection
  1. Types of work methods and practices that can improve performance 
  1. Learning styles and how they relate to different individuals

These are the various pieces of evidence required for this assessment to answer in an engaging way. Your answers and writing should reflect on and improve your own professional practice. 

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