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Learn How To Work With Diverse People By CHCDIV001 Answers

In highly diverse organizations like today, it is important to know how people can work together as a team by respecting the values of others. It is also important to understand that an organization is driven by the cultural values of its own throughout where employees of diverse cultures can be counted as one.

Employees should also be able to feel the same by considering their ideas and concerns equally. This is where ‘CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People’ comes into the picture. Therefore, students are given an assignment on the same to understand the organizational culture. Read further to understand the subject in detail.

Introduction to CHCDIV001 Work With Diverse People

The subject ‘CHCDIV001 Work With Diverse People’ is the study of diverse community education, yoga practices, and aged care, etc. This helps students gain knowledge and develop skills required for the health care institute so that they can work respectfully in an environment where people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds are also working.

A student opting for work in a health care service must acquire an understanding of various cultures, respecting their values and how they should be treated.

What Are the Key Components of the CHCDIV001 Assessment?

There are certain key components of the CHCDIV001 assessment answers to deem the candidate’s eligibility for a job in the health care institute. This analysis is made based on the tasks given for a practical approach resulting in the competence of people in the official environment.

The key components are:

  • The right usage in communication techniques i.e. verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Clients of diverse cultures must be treated equally.
  • The ability to solve the conflict of difference in cultural ideology of both medical team and patients.
  • Importance of creating awareness regarding cultural safety and c
  • The meaning of diversity must be known by all.
  • Result of breaching the framework in an organization.
  • Marginalized groups being impacted by the negative attitude of people.
  • Impact of certain customs on personal behavior

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Important Elements and Performance Criteria of CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People

The key elements and performance criteria that need to be remembered while working with diverse people are:



1. Critically examine the perspective of people from diverse society

  • Self-examining the partial behavior of people from diverse societies and cultures.
  • Ignoring the need for social awareness of diverse people.
  • Analyze the strategies followed in social awareness and customary practices.

2. Understanding the benefits and elements of diverse existence

  • Respect the social norms of other diverse group people while working in a health care department.
  • Include people from diverse groups in your working environment to maintain a healthy official relationship.
  • Ensure environmental safety by keeping in mind your behavior at the workplace.

3. Eliminating language barrier with people from diverse society

  • Respect people in your society including the ones belonging from a diverse background.
  • Maintain a healthy relationship by building trust and proper communication.
  • Use of effective communication in case of the language barrier.

4. Educate people about a various diverse society

  • Note the issues that may lead to misinterpretation of ideas.
  • Understand the effect of the inappropriate interpretation of ideas in social and cultural diversity in the future.
  • Use different strategies to fill in the communication gap.
  • Address the right faculties while facing issues of societal diversities at the working place.

A Generic Model of 3 Types of CHCDIV001 Assessments

In the study of nursing, all the major skills and knowledge is required to deal with patients of diverse social backgrounds.

There are 3 types of assessments majorly in CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People. Let us read in detail the type of assessments and the generic model of every assessment-

Assessment 1: Conceptual Problems

  1. Steps followed to learn about various cultures
  2. Understanding the requirements of the clients who belong to different social backgrounds
  3. Define non-judgmental practices and the related factor.
  4. Ensure that your behavior does not offend anyone at the workplace

Assessment 2: Research Paper

So far, students have proven their theoretical and conceptual knowledge by completing the Assessment 1 of CHCDIV001. In Assessment 2, they have to showcase their research ability on a particular topic.

The idea of cultural awareness and completeness are explored by the students in this part of the assignment. The three terms that influence the way of an organization working style are:

  1. Cultural Awareness
  2. Cultural Safety
  3. Cultural Confidence

The research task in Assessment 2 is to evaluate the concept of diversity in the workplace and the difference in the attitude of the clients regarding different social backgrounds.

Assessment 3: Simulation

In Assessment 3 of CHCDIV001, students have to answer based on the observations they make in their workplace. These questions are based on the case scenarios, which are attempted with the practical approach.

It helps in developing practical skills by observing the scenario for their situation. It also allows the students to notice various problems in their workplace based on diverse people.

The following shows a scenario from which you will be able to understand the concept of Assessment 3:

Janet, a 67-year-old woman who is very particular about her eating habits. One day, she got very suspicious about the food supplied in the health care center, due to which she started skipping her meals, which was then reported to the medical officials. This led to the deterioration in her medical conditions. How do people at a health care department deal with such a situation without hurting the sentiments of Janet?

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Frequently Asked Questions for CHCDIV001 Answers

The following are some of the frequently asked CHCDIV001 assessment questions. This will help you clear your doubts and focus on important topics.

With the help of frequently asked questions, you can easily give CHCDIV001 assessment answers.

Question 1. What is the impact of diverse political, social, economic, and cultural factors on the work and lives of people in society?

Question 2. List 5 of the key areas of diversity, the characteristics of which must be taken into consideration concerning legislative compliance and support for human rights.

Question 3. What are the resources that can help service organizations respond to diversity?

Question 4. Explain this statement ‘Diversity practices and experiences affect the perceptions, personal behavior, social expectations, and interpersonal relationships of others in the workplace’.

Question 5. Explain the concepts of cultural awareness, cultural safety, and cultural competence in the context of a diverse workplace. How they create an impact on different work roles?

Question 6. Outline at least 3 examples that result in a communication gap.

Question 7. What are the reasons for economic and political diversity?

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