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What are the effects of keeping your Assignments Complete?

As a student, we like to do so many things and completing the assignments isn’t one of them. According to the Wikipedia, the concept of homework is as old as 117 years only. Back in the time, tasks were assigned to children so they could study the useful theories at home and be attentive in the next class, as well. Over the years, it has come down to scoring good grades, though the effects still remain. Nobody can just deny the fact that we learn a lot from the assignments that professors give us. But if we can learn all those things anyway, is there a need of completing our homework every single time? Let’s discuss.

The effects of assignments on a student

1.Performance in Academics

A lot of assignments that our professors give us to complete consist studying about the things just explained in the classroom. By the time you reach home, your memories of learning one specific topic saturate amongst other things you’ve learnt that day. At this time, assignments act like written revision. When you get down to solve the mathematics problems or literature reasoning, you get to know about a few more things. It works like a bonus in both, scoring better marks and learning faster too.

2.Performance in Non-Academic activities

It includes everything students learn outside the curriculum, like sports, social hangouts, and mannerism. According to an Epstein’s research in 1988, researchers have found about zero correlation between assignments and non-academic performances of an individual. Another group of men from Pickering tried to break the studies down even further in 2003. They visited a few American schools and studied 809 individuals and found that the correlation was 0.28 for Caucasian students, and 0.24 for African-American students and so on. That really helped a lot.


How old are kids when they start going to schools? Six years, or maybe seven years in some other country. And, we expect them to stop playing with toys and get educated. Sounds unfair when we are still playing with our PlayStation. Students are taught to complete assignments and it does cause mental health issues. According to Cheung & Leung-Ngai’s survey in 1992 over 1,983 students, symptoms of anxiety and stress have been found in a few of them. But, in the hindsight, it teaches us that everything new that we learn, either from books or our experiences, stress us a little. Hence, it’s better to prepare for what’s to come then to never try anything new.

4.Time Management

A great man, George Carlin once said, “We’ve added years to life, not life to years.”

Anyway, it’s very important to manage your time otherwise you’ll lag behind your friends. There are a few who are athletes, another who are studious, and then there are those students who’re good at both. You got to beat them. The age reeks of competition, folks. You got to run fast, and life is overrated. Assignments teach us to do that. We learn to manage time because of the other things we got to do every day require time too. You know that your grades are equally as important and it’s your dedication that shows when you complete those assignments. The day you’ll step in an international corporate enterprise, you’ll thank the assignments that made you punctual.

Yet, there are certain false practices been going around the distribution of assignments. Over the years, several professors were found guilty of not only physically abusing the students in the name of punishment, but mentally too. Law and order has taken good care to prevent that but in a few schools and colleges, such practices still prevail. If it happens in your institution and you were unaware that the law cared, it still does. Don’t use the fact as a means of escaping from doing the assignments.

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