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Fear of Plagiarism Haunting You? Eliminate the Threat in 4 Steps!

“You need brains to copy!” A phrase that has proven its vitality over and over again. There have been numerous incidents where students were found plagiarizing assignments in the dumbest ways possible. Understandably, not every student can write original answers, and no matter how hard you try, there are always chances that your answer will match a certain colleague’s answer. It is not completely your fault as there are thousands and thousands of people studying the same concept, understanding the same meaning, and using the same vocabulary to write their answers.

It happens regularly in academics. That is why students need ways to avoid plagiarism in their tasks. Plagiarism is a threat that every student is afraid of while working on a document. Copying answers directly from a friend is not an option, and this is where the phrase comes to life, you need brains to copy the content without having plagiarism in your work, and in this blog, the experts have given 4 steps that can help you remove plagiarism in your work.

Note - Instant Assignment Help Australia, never encourages plagiarism. The steps share here are only for information purposes. You should never directly copy your work from a source. Use these steps in case you are doubtful that the source you have used to frame your answer might be compromised.

Why should you avoid plagiarism? Well, to understand that, you need to be familiar with the aftermath of plagiarism. Take a look at the following section to understand some serious consequences of copying content.

Understanding the Side-Effects of Plagiarism

If you are currently studying in any reputed university in Australia, you are already familiar with plagiarism and how it can ruin your academic career in seconds. There have been so many incidents in which students had to face some serious punishments because a portion of their submitted documents was plagiarized. You see, copying someone’s work shows that you are incompetent in framing the answers. It creates a sense of doubt in the mind of your professor. From the next submission, if you submit the completely original answers, your professor will put in extra effort to be sure that your work is not of copied nature.

The side-effects of plagiarism often include -

  1. Destroyed Student Reputation
  2. Rejected Assignments & F Grades
  3. Suspension from Class
  4. Monitory Fine
  5. Possibilities of Legal Actions Under the Copyright act.

It is a non-exhaustive list, which means there can be other side effects as well. These are the most common ones that have taken place in the past. If you do not want to suffer from any of these issues, make sure that plagiarism never makes its way in the documents that you submit. How to avoid it? Find out in the next section.

4 Steps to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Assignments

Without further ado, take a look at the following 4 steps that can assist you in eliminating the threat of plagiarism from your documents.

Step 1 - Record Your Sources Properly

The first thing you have to do is keep a track of all the sources you have used while researching for your answer. There are times when a student has to write the same answer twice but with a different perspective. If you use the same resource twice, you are plagiarizing your work from your previously written answers. Do not let this happen. Simply keep a record of all the sources. Making this list will also help you while writing references.

Step 2 - Use Paraphrasing & Quoting Techniques

If there are a few sentences that you feel can strengthen your work and the quality of the answer, you can include them in your answers by presenting them as quotes from a source or paraphrasing them into your own words. These techniques have helped millions of students around the world. There are tools available to help you paraphrase better. Use them and get your work free of plagiarism.

Step 3 - Never Forget References & Citations

The legal way of using another author’s work into your own, references, and citations are powerful tools that a student can use to make the content more informative without plagiarizing it. While applying these citations, you must take care that the sources and all the information about them are perfectly written, and there is nothing you are missing. It is a serious step. If you make a mistake in this one, your work will get plagiarized as the sources are not completely referenced.

Step 4 - Use Plagiarism Checker Tool for Confirmation

Once you have implemented 3 steps according to your capability, use a plagiarism checker to find out whether you have left a loophole or not. If the tool shows that your work matched a source, you will have to check whether the above steps have been carried out effectively or not. Please note that the tool that you use must be connected to a database that scans your work through the entire internet as well as Turnitin otherwise, it is not worth it!

Use these 4 steps to avoid plagiarism like a pro. You can implement all these steps on your own as they are pretty straightforward and cost nothing. You might need a reliable plagiarism checker for the process to be successful. If you know a tool, you can use that if not, we at Instant Assignment Help Australia have an amazing AI-based tool to assist you.

Want to know more about our tool? Read the next section now!

Be Sure With the Best Plagiarism Checker! Use Now for Perfection

Finding a tool that is trustworthy, advanced, and free is one of the most typical tasks to do like the options available online always confuse a student. Some say that they have the best tool, some say that they have the largest database but none of them puts forward a strong reason to defend these claims. We on the other hand answer every query of our clients.

The AI-Based algorithm helps our tool to screen your work and match it with more than 16 Million resources available in the world. You can rely on the results of the tool as more than 70% of professors in the country use our tool to double-check plagiarism (after Turnitin). If our tool gives your content a green flag, you can rest assured.

Implement the above-mentioned step and use our plagiarism checker tool to avoid plagiarism and finish your documents like a topper. Good Luck!

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