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Experts’ Curated List of General to Specific International Law Topics

The primary requirement for writing an assignment is to finalize the topic on which you want to work. And this prerequisite in itself is a demanding and daunting task for the students. But, this does not mean that it can be avoided.

To provide you with a helping hand and to make you sail through this part of assignment writing, here is a list of topics centralizing around the concept of international law.

The list is curated by the oracles of the field and is divided into two categories viz., general and specific. You can choose to work upon any of the topics from these lists, depending on your will, the requirement of your international law assignment, the area of interest, and the amount of time you have to finish and submit the same.

Let us check what these two lists have to offer us:

List of General International Law Topics

(when you are running low on time, but have to deliver an impressive assignment)

  • Understanding the nature and scope of international law.
  • The top 4 sources of international law.
  • A detailed explanation of various types of international law.
  • Comprehending the role of international law.
  • The top 7 principles of international law.
  • Differentiating international law from other laws.
  • The history behind international law.
  • Understanding the what, where, and when of international law.
  • 15 useful terms that are at the heart of international law.
  • 7 Myths revolve around the field of international law.
  • A list of the 10 most important figures who have contributed to international law.
  • Knowing where, when, and who can imply and practice international law.
  • The underlying differences between public and private international law.
  • 10 instances when international law has benefited people.
  • What are the possible consequences of breaking international law? Understanding the details.

These topics are very basic and you can easily find information about them in books and journals.

List of Specific International Law Topics

(when you have ample amount of time to deliver a well-researched and top-notch assignment)

  • The looming international law contradiction between US and China.
  • With eroding islands and increasing global warming, why does Australia needs to reconsider their international law?
  • Australia: Rethinking the orthodoxy of the existing international law.
  • Understanding how challenges to cyberspaces are connected with international law.
  • How being welcoming to the embassy activists will preserve the laws?
  • Addressing the effect of international tribunals in hearing and convicting people who have been accused of war crimes. How far are these tribunals fair to defendants who largely are put on trial because of witness reports?
  • How effective have Israel and Arab peace treaties signed in the last 20 years been? The role of treaties in encouraging and promoting safe travel for tourists into Jerusalem.
  • Why the international community should have a hard look at updating the treaties to bring more protection and better connection between countries?
  • How far is the US involved in Israels’s violation of international law.
  • The world with and without international law: A detailed study of 50 years.
  • How can global warming be reduced with the help of treaties and other international laws?
  • Challenges faced while imposing international law. What is the best way to face these challenges?
  • How embargoes have widely impacted globalization? What are the international laws underlying these embargoes? Or International law: A boon or a ban for trading.
  • How has international law helped in sustaining world peace?
  • The benefits and shortcomings of international law for underdeveloped countries.

As these topics are a little off-beat, you can find relevant information on them through journals and blog posts.

No matter which topic you choose to work on, one thing is for sure with these lists of topics, your first step of assignment writing is completed.

Bonus Content

Now the next step for you is to conduct research on the chosen topic. To ensure that you don’t face any difficulty in finding proper resources, the experts of our website have given a list of 3 reliable resources. These three resources include the benefits and shortcomings of international law for underdeveloped countries.

I.Books on International Law

You can use them if you are majorly working on the list of general topics. Along with it, these books will help you in getting background information of the specific topics. The three books suggested by the experts are:

i.Textbook on international law by Martin Dixon.
ii. The Oxford Handbook of The history of international law edited by Bardo Fassbender and Anne Peters.
iii. International Law by Malcolm N. Shaw.

II.Journals on International Law

They will majorly help you with writing your assignment on specific topics. However, you can use this information for your general topics too. Here are the three journals for you to take help from:

i.American Journal of International Law.
ii. Australian International Law Journal.
iii. Melbourne Journal of International Law.

III.Blogs on International Law

They can be used in two ways- for gathering relevant content and to get tips for writing assignment. Some of the most preferred and informative blogs on international law are:

i. Law professors | International Law.
ii.IntLawGrrls | Voices on international law, policy, practice.
iii. The Berkley Journal of Internal Law Blog.

You can choose any of these sources and rely on them for relevant information and deliver a well-researched assignment.

With this list of topics and sources, you are all set to begin with your assignment on international law.

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