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A comprehensive guide to writing better law assignments

Many law students struggle to complete their law assignment without exceeding the deadlines. Graded or non-graded, these assignments can cause anxiety to the students who are pursuing a law degree. Expert or average, every student finds assignment writing extremely difficult. 

Drafting assignments of any subject can become a daunting task if ignored, but scoring high even in the most difficult subjects is easier if you work smartly. If you also face difficulty in completing the law assignment, then read this write-up and get tips that can transform your grades.

When attempting to draft a legal assignment for your law school, keep the following points in mind:

Follow the Format Outlined by Your University Professor

Every university has a special set of rules that govern students’ performance. Formatting remains one of the inevitable parameters. In most cases, the professors give necessary instructions that need to be followed in the assignment. Whatever the instructions are, you ought to follow them. Implementing proper rules of formatting will help you to prepare for the future when you have to write the legal documents according to the format requested by your boss or client.

Make It Simple

Most university students assume that they need to sound like a lawyer in their assignments, and hence, they end up using a lot of legal terms. To score good, this should be avoided. Often the topmost grades are awarded to the students who submit a clear yet precise document. You need to use as simple language as you can.

Focus on the Question or Topic

The major problem of students these days is they are not focusing on the topic. In the process of exaggerating the topic, they fail to give a clear explanation of the same. Some students get diverted and reach a different topic in their assignment. In either case, the grades they score are not up to the mark.   

Plan Before You Write

A legal document is organised and so should be your assignment. Proper organisation of topics and sub-topics is the key to scoring the desired grades. Therefore, plan your assignment before initiating the writing process. A clear workflow will ensure that you are not diverted from the topic.


Once you are done with all the work, make sure that you double-check the full document. The skill to proofread will help you a lot in editing your document. You can even opt for some online tools that could help you in this. 

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