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A Comprehensive Guide to Completing SWOT Analysis

Are you a student enrolled in the degree course related to management? If yes, then you would have heard about the SWOT analysis for the organisation and businesses. For those who are unaware of this, SWOT analysis was introduced to be used in business context, but eventually, the academic professionals incorporated it for the personal analysis of students as well. The experts associated with us who provide management assignment help to the scholars have come up to make the college-goers aware of the ways in which they can use this unique analysis technique to improve themselves.

Let’s get started!

SWOT analysis is also known as Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis and is helpful for the college students if they want to be successful in their life by utilising their strengths and the resources to the fullest. Similarly, you'll be able to drastically improve yourself if you are well aware of the areas that you need to work on.

How to perform SWOT analysis?

To get started, draw your SWOT worksheet. It is a square sub-divided into four smaller ones as given below:

Strengths Weaknesses
Opportunities Threats

Now, you have your worksheet, so start filling the sections with the help of questions given below:


Write down your strengths according to your perspective. You need not be shy or modest to do this. If you are not entirely aware of your strengths, then you can find some of them by answering the following questions:

  • What are the resources you can best take into use?
  • How are you way ahead of others depending upon skills and certifications?
  • Are you a part of a network that none of your acquaintances is?
  • What are the things you can do way better than others?(like explaining, writing, solving sums, etc.)

When you are done with this, move to the weaknesses you possess. To answer, you can take the help of following questions:


  • Which tasks do you avoid doing because you are not cent percent confident about them?
  • What are the areas you need to work on to be better?
  • Do you have any personality traits that are restricting you from achieving your dreams?

Answering these questions is truly crucial, because if you are not honest with yourself, then no one can help you become better. By being truthful, you can improve certain areas of your life in which you are lagging behind.

When you are done with the weaknesses section, move to the opportunities. Find answers to the following if you feel you need help.


  • Can you take help from others via the Internet or social media?
  • Are there enough growing opportunities in your field of interest?
  • Do you have active network connections who are ready to work for you?
  • Are you interested in some other field as well?

After answering these, move to the threats.


Explore your mind to find answers for:

  • What difficulties do you face these days during working?
  • Does the task allotted to you seems challenging?
  • Can your work be replaced by an upcoming software?

Once you have finished answering all these questions, you’ll have the information pointing out what needs to be done to solve your problems.

Now as you are aware of all these points; you can draft a work plan so as to build your strengths, minimise your weaknesses, seize your opportunities and prepare for the counter attack of threats.

Hope you’ll complete your SWOT analysis at the earliest, and start working on the areas that need improvement.

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