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Write Dissertation in Half the Time with This Easy Guide


Hey guys,

Here is the time of the year when you would be having long sleepless nights, cups of coffee and a lot of stress. Yes, this is the dissertation writing time. The experts associated with dissertation writing services suggest, writing a perfect dissertation is no rocket science, just a lot of students do not have a plan and thus complicate the work. So, here they share the ultimate step-by-step guide to writing a dissertation that surely helps you in the tedious task.

All you need is a foolproof plan to work on the writing task. Before we move forward to discussing all the major aspects of the dissertation, here’s a checklist of the important aspects of dissertation writing.

  • Title page
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Contents page(s)
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Sources and Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • Appendices

A lot to consider seriously.!

Well, don’t worry. We would be covering each of the essential aspects that need to be taken care of. So, stop skimming through the net searching for PhD thesis writing cost and give this write-up a concentrated read.

Before you start writing your paper, the important thing is your dissertation topic. Find an interesting dissertation topic that can help you through the writing task.

Selecting a Dissertation Topic

The experts providing dissertation assistance services, work on every topic a lot. They rigorously research the subject, check for latest developments, and also see the relevance of the topic. Other than these points there are a few more things that need to be considered such as starting randomly may take a lot of your time, if you don’t have a list of topics ready you may end up picking something that is not of your interest, having a deadline for the work will help you submit the work on time, stick to the character limit, and work according to the guidelines will only get distinction.

Now, that you have a topic to start your dissertation on, let’s see what your title page may look like.

Writing the Title Page

It is important when working on the dissertation you come up with an impressive title page. The title page of your dissertation, in general, includes your name, university name, course name, and the title of your work.

Abstract to Reflect the Gist

The abstract of your dissertation is one of the shortest yet the most important sections. It reflects the complete idea of your work in a concise form. Do not miss to include here a short introduction, background, methodologies, conclusions and basic discussions. When writing an abstract to be concentrated on your work. To make the abstract writing task easier for you here are some basic tips that you need to follow.

  • The Purpose:You need to write an abstract to make sure that the audience gets the idea of your research work.
  • The Requirements:When you check the best dissertation reviews, they are always based around the basic elements like word count, format and style of writing.
  • The Audience:Aiming the right audience makes it easier to write the work in a language that is convincing and can get you great results.
  • The Type:Deciding the type of abstract would make it easier for you to understand how and what of the information you want to place.
  • The Style:This would help you place your information concisely and let you decide the style as per the document.
  • The Language:Writing an abstract is a little difficult because you need to explain the technical aspects of the layman.
  • The Information: When writing the work the information must be written does not miss any important aspect. Reread the work and check for the following aspects too.
    1. Check for the Word Count
    2. Place It Before Table of Contents
    3. Problem Statement Is Stated
    4. Objective Is Explained
    5. A Brief of Methodology Is Given
    6. Results Are Mentioned

This is all. When it comes to writing an abstract these are the basic points that you need to cover. Your dissertation writing services cost includes the abstract in it, thus you need not pay any extra money for writing a dissertation abstract to us. If you want to know the details of abstract writing, read this blog

Introduction to Hold Attention

We have earned the best dissertation writing services reviews from a lot of students because of the impeccable papers that we deliver. The dissertation introduction is the key to earn attention. If the professor likes it, you are halfway through the battle.

To write an engaging introduction may seem a herculean task but it is not. It is a very easy task if you know the right process.

(A) The Beginning: When you decide to work on your introduction beware of the small details that you need to include in it. Your introduction is the main start of your work and as said should talk about the work as a whole.

  • Discuss the Main Research Question
  • Reflect the Purpose of Your Research
  • Talk About Previous Researches Used

(B) The Engagement: To make sure that the experts are involved with the work, all you need to do is give it a kick start. To give your work an interesting start, all you need to work on are some points.

  • Use Jargon Only If Required
  • Some Quotes Can Bring a Twist
  • Facts and Figures Can Bring the Spark

(C) The Showcasing: For your introduction to be engaging it must have no loops left. So, when finishing up the first section of your work, take care of the important points. Just read and check for these.

  • Must Not Be Very Lengthy
  • Language Must Be Easy
  • Information Must Be Precise

The introduction of your dissertation needs to be convincing enough to compel the professor to read your work further.

Literature Review to Share Scope

The literature review of the dissertation talks in detail about the previous works that have been focused on and considered for the research in your work. When writing this section of the dissertation you need to reflect the reader that you are well aware of the changes that took place in your field of research. When writing a dissertation literature review, consider these points:

  • The Current State:Reflect the current scenario of the topic that you have chosen. The extent of the research that has been done and how your research would add to the contributions.
  • The Similar Work:Write about the researches that are similar to the ones that you are doing. Reflect the points of similarity you have considered and the points of difference that you would be discussing.
  • The Void:Elaborate on the void that you are taking the research on. Also, reflect the contribution your research would make to the area.

The literature review is the logical and justifiable section of the dissertation that explains your motive of coming up with the dissertation topic that you have decided to work on.

Sources and Methods to Shed Light on the Story

When you go through the various dissertation writing pdf, you may find that after literature review comes a detailed section that holds the information of every minute step that you have undertaken to complete the research work. This may include the equipment, process, any special process, etc.

  • The Process:Write about the process that you followed when researching for your dissertation. Start with the points that reflected the loophole in the previous work and further what process you followed to cover those.
  • The Equipment:If you have used any equipment for your work, be it the case-study or a survey then do reflect about it here. Your professor needs to know all the sources that form the base of your results.
  • The Materials:Do not miss to talk about the study materials and other sources that you used in your work. This would help other researchers to replicate your work easily or move further with the same idea.

When you are writing this section of your work, make sure that it does not miss any minute detail from the work as it may cause you a little trouble. Any pitfall in the work can drag you back and ruin your reputation.

State the Results

When you are done with the process and the methodology, you need to explain the results. Discuss here what is the inference of the work and the major takeaways. Let your reader know the purpose of the research is accomplished and you have filled up the void, that you discussed in the literature review section.

  • The Key Takeaway: Your reader may skim directly to the result section to check for the key takeaway. It needs to be very detailed and talk about even the smallest findings of the dissertation.
  • The Purpose:Many professors after reading the abstract or the introduction section move to the result section to verify the purpose of the dissertation. If the purposes of both the section complement each other then the professor builds a little interest in the work and moves further.

Discussion of the Work

When dissertation writing, the discussion section includes your opinion on the work, in a wider context. Here you need to take the reader back to the issue that you have discussed in the work, the simple process you have followed, and the findings. Do not miss to talk about the limitations of your work, and share recommendations for further research.

  • The Problem:Do not miss to talk about the problem that you have addressed in your dissertation. It is an important point that you need to bring back here as it becomes easier for the reader to evaluate the section.
  • The Limitations:Discussing the limitations of the work gets you an extra edge as it reflects you are quite aware of your work. You can also reflect the impact of these limitations on your work.
  • The Recommendations:Let the reader know the scope of your work in the field further. Suggest some further research ideas that may take your work further or get you the easiest way to get your work done.

Now, that you have shared the pros and the cons of your dissertation, move further to wind up your work quick. This would help you quickly complete the dissertation.

Concise Conclusion to End the Work

A lot of students often confuse the discussion section with the conclusion section. But it is not so when you are working on the dissertations you write the sections separately. The conclusion section of your dissertation talks about the final words. Include the results, problems and key finding here. In case the dissertation is around a social topic you can conclude it with a question that would be the food for thought for the reader.

References to Give Credits

When you take online dissertation review services the first thing they check for is the reference page. It is through the reference page one can judge your interest in the subject and the uniqueness of your work. Other than that the review section also reflects your level of research and the quality of the information in the work.

Make sure that you do not miss to attach the reference page with your work.

Appendix for Extra Information

When working on the appendix section of the dissertation make sure you mark it. It must include the technical jargon that you have used throughout, the list of tables, and the figures and diagrams. Do not forget to add the page number and the context of each of these elements else, the reader would not be able to relate it with your work.

Now that you have this simple guide to complete your dissertation, just get ready with your writing tools and set to work now. In case, you are running short of time or need assistance with something else, the dissertation writing experts are just a click away.

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