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Write a Narrative Communication Essay That Your Readers Can Listen To

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The communication essay has landed you here or the missing narrative skills? Well, could be either or both. Yeah, your communication essay requires you to turn to a storyteller. An easy sounding task, that turns to be really tough when begun. Many of you may struggle with the basic writing tricks, or may not find a suitable topic, but one problem that most of you suffer is the storytelling skill.

Storytelling is definitely tough, isn’t it? Giving words to a situation in a way that the person listening or reading can relate to is no easy thing, that’s why your communication professor wants you to write a narrative essay. It is the best way to test your communication skills. Don’t worry. Here we have a 3 step guide to help you showcase your narrative skills in the communication essay and impress your professor now.!


So it is just expressing your own experience in words in a way that your professor relates to the complete work easily. Okay sorry.! Maybe not that easy. Read further to see how you can turn this herculean task a cakewalk with expert’s 3 step guide of writing a narrative communication essay. All you need to learn here is, to find a good topic, get a solid rough draft on paper, and revising it.

Let’s Kick Start the Journey.!

First Thing First: A Perfect Essay Topic

The first thing when writing your communication essay is, finding an engaging, innovative, and interesting topic that could keep your reader engaged in your communication essay. Finding a good topic is a struggle that can easily be resolved if you consider these simple steps:

Read More for Inspiration

Read several communication essays by your seniors or in a different academic journal to see how the flow information is maintained considering the topic. It is important that you go familiar with the narrative essay style and communication essay information flow to deliver a perfect narrative communication essay.

Also, a quick read of the topics covered in your communication lectures can help you select a perfect essay topic.

For example, for our communication essay, we choose to work on Interpersonal Communication. Go through several journals and the internet and see what ideas you can implement to get the best topic.

Write a Story That Illustrates a Theme

A narrative essay talks about the story and then involves its analysis. For your communication essay, find a theme around which you can easily plot a story. The story you have decided to work on needs to be written with utter care and should not for once make the reader feel disconnected.

For example, if you decide to work on interpersonal skills for your narrative communication essay you can not blankly start with the details of interpersonal skills. Frame a story around it. You can talk about the importance of interpersonal skills in a successful marriage or its impact on the way you interact.

Find Some Prompts to Keep Track

This is something that would keep you sorted with your writing task. It is important that the theme of the communication essay that you have chosen for your work does not lose its track. Make sure that you keep jotting down different ideas that you need to begin while preparing for writing the essay. Later trim the unwanted information and you’re set with perfect work.

For example, list down everything about the theme that you have chosen. If you are talking about the impact of interpersonal skills in the way you interact, list down a few incidences, some god points about your communication skills and a few bad points. This would help you plot an interesting story easily.

Think of the Plot Then Finalize the Topic

When you begin searching for the topic there are a lot of themes that you may struggle with. Don’t. Just jot down the prompts, and see which theme can help you express your idea better. A narrative communication essay is all about the way you tell the details. Just find a theme and plot a story that you can relate with.

For example, if you are working on the impact of interpersonal skills in the way you interact, list down an event and express all the details. This theme would be something you can relate to and express your self easily in.

Topic Should Have a Lot of Details That Can Be Worked on for Your Narrative Communication Essay.

Now that you have a topic to work on let’s move forward and finish the writing task quick.

The Next Big Thing: Preparing the Draft

Once you have finalized the topic for your narrative communication essay, all you need to do is move forward and get the writing task done as soon as possible. To write a perfect essay all you need to do is prepare a draft. When preparing the draft of your essay keeps in mind the following points.

Outline Your Plot

You already know what you want to write and what your storyline is, so just be quick and arrange your prompts in a manner that it looks like the outline of the essay. Keep the basic story in the body part, for introduction talk about the characters and in conclusion analyze your story and also write the final outcome.

In your essay on the impact of interpersonal skill in your interaction style, introduce yourself and the other characters involved in the incident to be discussed. In the body paragraph, narrate the complete incident with all the details and in conclusion what are the impacts and leave some food for thought with a rhetorical question.

Don’t Swing Between Point of View

This is one important thing that you need to focus on. Keeping your point of view on one side of the story. If you swing between your opinions it would confuse the reader and your communication essay would not be able to make a strong stand. Also, it is important that you move in one direction so that your reader understands the story well.

When writing your narrative communication essay on impact of interpersonal skills just make sure the story is clear and you either have a stand against the motion or for the motion.

The Important Characters

Introduce your characters in a way that the reader could imagine them well. Make sure you have already spoken about the character before it starts talking. Not for once your reader should find any void. This would spoil your story and things would mess up impacting your grades.

Your characters need to be very impressively described and their relevance in the story should be clear. Like for your essay on Impact of Interpersonal Skills on Interactive Skills, introduce the audience to the characters that would be analyzed. It could be the two men talking, or a customer talking to the customer executive, etc. Just let the reader know your characters.

Find the Point of Conflict

Since you are working on an essay, you need to find a point where you can introduce a counter-argument and then defend your argument. It is important that the communication essay you have written has no room for error and this is one point that many students miss. The communication essay help providers say this is one of the most common mistakes that students make and lose their grades.

When working on your essay on Impact of Interpersonal Skills on Interactive Skills, if your story is talking in favor of the motion, find a place where you can go against the motion and then contradict it.

The Setup

A story needs to have a proper setup where the characters are placed and the incident took place. An important part of writing a narrative communication essay is the plot that you build. If it is not interesting, then surely you lost your reader’s interest and a few grades too.

Your Interpersonal essay can talk about an incident in a corporate set up between two employees brainstorming their ideas, or it could be an employee discussing ideas with the seniors. Just choose a perfect set up and start your writing.

The Details

So Mr Storyteller, do not miss to add the details. Your reader needs to feel that he is at the spot and witnessing the event. So, let your readers not just read but see what is going on and how your characters proceed.

Suppose for your interpersonal skill essay you are taking an incident between the boss and his employee then you can define the setup of an office. Add details with the cup of coffee, whiteboard, chairs, the projector screen and others.

Woah...That was a lot of details...Just one last step and you are all set to submit your narrative communication essay.

And The Final Step: The Last Read to Stay Engaged

You’ve worked really hard in planning and plotting the complete story don’t let the final step ruin the game for you. When giving your narrative communication essay the final read, just check for the following points.

Theme and Story Go Hand-in-Hand

When giving your essay the final read, do not forget to check that your theme and the story are aligned. Nowhere the theme should seem to be imposed in the story. It should flow smoothly.

Scene and Its Analysis Must be Crisp

Each scene that you describe should go an extra mile when it comes to detailing. do not miss to analyse the scenes to put your argument strongly in your narrative communication essay. As crisp the analysis, the clearer the understanding, and better the grades.

Dialogues Must Be Clear

Since it is all about the story, the dialogues need to be very clear and well-formatted. It is important that you thoroughly go through each of the dialogues and modify them to perfection.

Someone Else’s Opinion

Ask a third person to read your essay to see if the work is engaging enough or not. If the reader stays involved in the complete story all the while then you have done an excellent job, but if your reader loses interest, just edit the places and see how to keep the reader in the story all the while.


Finally, Your Narrative Communication Essay Is Set to Get the Best Grades

Storytelling may seem a little easy, but writing it is a whole different task. It needs patience and perseverance. So, just a quick read of this 3 step guide to writing a perfect narrative communication essay and you are set to write your essay like Woody Allen and impress your professor. In case you are stuck, no worries, the best communication essay help providers are here to complete your work while you practice your other skills.

Good Luck with That Task.!

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