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Here’s a Quick Tour of Compare & Contrast Essay for Beginners

"It's the contradiction of life, if I were with them, I would only wish to be far away. Now that I am far away, all I do is wish for one more day surrounded by them."
- Laura Fitzgerald.

Are you also feeling the contradictions in what Fitzgerald is saying? If you answered yes, you, too, have a tinted lens for looking at thighs. A good thing. Fitzgerald at first says he wants to be far away from the people he was with, and then, as soon as he gets away, he has an inclination to be close to them. He wants exactly the opposite of what he has. He contradicts his desires every time. Read further to see how it can help you when writing a compare and contrast essay structure.

Every student is well aware of what an essay is, but they might not know all the types of essays and their characteristic distinctions. This is because most of them have been writing only one style of an essay since the beginning of their academic life. If you are someone who thinks that there is only one type of essay, you are gravely mistaken. There are seven different ways of essay writing, and one of them is the Compare and Contrast Essay. In this blog, we will focus on understanding this one style in detail as it is very beneficial for students in writing their academic documents.

To start understanding the nuances of a compare and contrast essay, you first need to grasp the definition. So here it is.

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What Is Compare & Contrast Essay | How It Works?

A Compare and Contrast essay is exactly what it sounds like. It focuses on bringing forth the distinctions between two or more things. In academic writing, it is very useful as it helps in easy analysis of two objects by either comparing them or contrasting them, or both.

Its objective is not to state the obvious facts but to find the differences that no one sees and discover unexpected similarities.

This can be difficult for students to achieve without any prior knowledge of how to write an essay or seeing the samples. But worry not, our experts have made it a mission of theirs to get you through this storm. Keep reading this blog to learn more.

Compare & Contrast Essay Structure Simplified

Students get all worked up when they have to write a compare and contrast essay because they are unaware of the structure. Our experts have worked towards disentangling the compare and contrast essay structure for the convenience of students.

There are five parts of this essay, namely:

  • Introduction
  • Thesis Statement
  • Main body
  • Conclusion
  • References

Every compare and contrast essay has to have these elements in it but that is not it. Such essays can be formulated with the help of a few other methods too. For example :

Point by Point Method

In this method, students can focus on the topics of similarities and contrasts, and then compare and contrast each of them. Because the paragraph is made of topics, this technique can accommodate any number of items to compare.

Here is an outline of this method:

1. Introduction

a. Introduce Items (works/objects)

b. Thesis Statement

i. Topic 1

ii. Topic 2

iii. Topic 3

iv. Etc.

2. Topic 1

a. Summary of Topic

i. Relation to Item 1

ii. Relation to Item 2

iii. Etc.

3. Topic 2

a. Summary of Topic

i. Relation to Item 1

ii. Relation to Item 2

iii. Etc.

4. Topic 3...4...5...etc.

a. Summary of Topic

i. Relation to Item 1

ii. Relation to Item 2

iii. Etc.

5. Conclusion

a. Restate Thesis

b. Summarize how you proved your argument

Block Method

In this method, you simply put down the similarities between the two topics in different paragraphs. Then you write different paragraphs for the differences between the chosen topics. Lastly, after writing down the various paragraphs, you write a concluding paragraph where you compare or relate all the above-mentioned paragraphs to each other. This method works best for a small topic because it creates a large gap between the points of the topic.

Here is an outline of this method:

1. Introduce Items (works/objects)

2. Points about A

i. Point 1 about A

ii. Point 2 about A

iii. Etc 

3. Points about B

i. Point 1 about B

ii. Point 2 about B

iii. Etc.

4. Conclusion: Summarize your ideas with a discussion about connections between A and B 

How to Write a Compare & Contrast Essay? Here’s the Expert Guide

There is nothing to panic about while writing such an essay after seeing its structure. The structure is just like an outline that you have to be mindful of while drafting your essay. The actual writing part is what you need to focus on. The experts have pulled together a pretty straightforward guide for all of you students to keep in mind while writing your first compare and contrast essay structure.

If you also wonder "how to write a compare and contrast essay?" Here is your answer.

Concoct Ideas

First and foremost, build a venn diagram or a flow chart for brainstorming on the topic you have selected. This is important because, unlike any other essay, compare and contrast essays have to be highly analytical from the beginning. The venn diagram will help you easily see the differences and similarities between your topics.

Frame Thesis Statement

Next, settle on a thesis statement. This is required for students so that they can formulate the essay in one unique direction instead of being all over the place with their chosen topics. Collect data for your chosen topics in order to arrive at the perfect thesis statement for your essay.

Sketch the Outline

Now jot down the points that you want to include and work towards building your essay. This is like creating a rough outline of your essay. This will keep you on track and not lose sight of your end goal while writing the compare and contrast essay.

Captivating Introduction

Create the introduction for your essay using words that can grab the attention of the reader. The introduction should be clean and crisp so that it sets the right intentions for the reader and allows for an easy flow of your analysis.

First Body Paragraph

Start shaping the body of your essay by drafting the first body paragraph. This can be simple, well laid, thoughtful, full of statistics, or anything that you want to focus on to better analyze your topics.

Rest of the Body

Continue with the same method that you used to create the first body paragraph for the purpose of completing the entire body of your essay. You can frame as many paragraphs as you want, depending upon the number of objects you are using in your essay.


This is the most crucial part of any compare and contrast essay because the conclusion is where you get to deliver the unique discoveries of your analysis. The reader should be astounded by your take on the chosen topics.


The final step in the process of writing the compare and contrast essay would be proofreading it. You must read your essay again to remove any errors that might lead to a loss of grades. This involves scanning your document for grammatical errors, technical errors, intellectual errors, or factual errors.

Learn Compare and Contrast Essay in Ten Minutes with These Examples

The best way to understand any new concept is by going through its examples. So here are some world-class compare and contrast essay examples to get you in-depth knowledge about the compare and contrast essay writing method.

Example 1

vacationing in the mountains or at the beach

Example 2

consuming fresh foods instead of canned foods

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