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Descriptive Essay: A Complete Writing Guide by Professionals

the art of expression

Self-expression is crucial for a better and more consistent quality of life. The basic difference between a human life experience and other living beings' experiences of life is the sheer way we can contemplate our thoughts. We get to choose how, when, and where to let our thoughts and feelings come out. There is more than one way of doing so, it can be done through music, movies, poetry, dance, essays, etc. So, whatever we may be feeling, we can always let it out one way or the other. And in the lives of young students, that way could be penning down their feelings onto a page. And not in any regular way, but through writing a descriptive essay.

Learning self-expression can really go hand in hand. Want to know how? Read this blog!

What is a Descriptive Essay | Definition

So, first things first. There are so many types of essays, and the descriptive essay is just one of them. When one wants to define this kind of writing, they usually start by saying it's an essay and end by saying it describes things. But that is not it; online essay writing experts have clearly defined a descriptive essay as a piece of writing that gives writers the ability to express themselves.

These types of essays are aimed at writing a vivid description of any object, place, person, animal, emotion, etc. The goal of writing these essays is to make sure that when a reader is reading them, they get a completely imaginary effect just by doing so.

Elements of Descriptive Essay to keep an Eye out for

If you are a student who has been struggling with assignment writing, you must wonder how long it will take to be done with all of the pending work. We cannot answer all of those questions for you, but we surely have the perfect answer to the question: how long should a descriptive essay take to be done?

Take a sincere look at the below-mentioned elements. If you follow them correctly, you will never have to wonder again about finishing your essays, even before beginning them.

Sensory Organs

1. Sensory Details

Hitting this element has to be the most crucial task for any writer. The purpose of writing a descriptive essay is to give the readers a vivid description. This is done by targeting the sensory receptors of the audience. The writer should frame the essay in such a way that the reader’s sense organs like touch, smell, taste, etc. are engaged.

2. Figurative Language

This is a strong tool for writers to make the reader acquainted with the exact emotions that they felt while writing about the topic or their experience. Figurative language makes use of adjectives, metaphors, similes, adverbs, etc. In order to create a proper outline and character sketch of the topic.

3. Central Theme

It is what separates this essay from other essays. The theme has to be concrete, and the entire writing should be done in a way that accentuates the central theme. This will make the reader’s experience wholesome.

4. Precise Language

Language is always the bridge between the writer and the reader. If there is any inconsistency in the language used in the essay, it will not have a solid impact on the audience. So, a descriptive essay should use proper and impactful language.

5. Chronological Details

Whatever the theme, there must be a proper order of writing to be followed. A writer should divide the thought process into proper sequences to make the maximum connection with the content and audience.

Know How Long Should a Descriptive Essay Be| Complete Structure

When said to be brief, one tends to write short and sweet. The opposite of it is usually understood as descriptive. But there is a limit to descriptive writing too. Do you also think how long should a descriptive essay be? The answer is simple. It should be as long as it needs to be. Not a wordless or a word more. This is obviously tricky for any writer, and students can easily get lost in their thought processes. To solve this very crisis, our experts at Instant Assignment Help Australia have curated a structure for writing these types of essays.

Here is the descriptive essay structure that every student needs to see:

Descriptive Essay structure

If you found this section of the blog useful, you can also visit other essay structures like argumentative essay structure, compare and contrast essay structure, etc. on our website.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay

Writing any essay involves certain set of rules. These differ depending upon the type of essay one is writing. For a descriptive essay the process includes following steps: 

How to Write a Descriptive Essay

Descriptive Essay Topics for Beginners

There is so much to look for and be attentive to while drafting a descriptive essay that students might not get the time to find interesting themes and titles for themselves. Here are some:


  1. What does the house of your school look like?
  2. Make a description of the National Park you visited last week.
  3. Describe an auditorium room situation for your colleagues.


  1. Describe one of the earliest memories with your childhood friends.
  2. What is the saddest memory in your mind?
  3. How you have celebrated your mother's birthday?


  1. My lucky pen
  2. My favorite tennis racket
  3. The vase I broke
  4. The old town road
  5. The thing that you passionately wanted to make


  1. Portray Martin Luther King Jr as a role model.
  2. Explain how you imagine aliens to look like.
  3. Write a character sketch of a character from the play Macbeth.

Descriptive Essay Examples to Get Started

It is always better to learn a new topic or subject by engaging more than one sense organ. For the same reason, our experts have compiled a well-written and best-descriptive essay example for you to review. This will surely help you better understand the process of writing a descriptive essay. Have a look at these examples.....

Example 1

 Frustration at the airport

Example 2


Tips from Experts for Descriptive Essay Writing

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