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Top Hilarious Excuses for Not Doing the Essay [Laughs Guaranteed]


Did you forget to do your essay? Well, in that case, the only thing that can save you from the wrath of your professor is an excuse. Every now and then, students are seen giving excuses to their professors; some help them to get an extension, while the others leave the professors in splits.

Hello, readers! Welcome to the piece of information which highlights the funniest excuses given by students. So, quickly read the blog further and get ready for a roller-coaster ride. Let us begin!

Which Are the Best Excuses for Not Submitting Homework on Time?

Every day professors encounter several excuses that leave them ROFL. The experts of Instant Assignment Help Australia have shortlisted some of the best excuses that will make your day. Read them below and enjoy the laughter ride.

1. A Single Sheet of Paper Cannot Decide My Future

The die-hard fans of Thomas A. Edison can relate to this quote better. Some students suddenly turn into a philosopher and see no use in submitting the essay. For them, an essay can’t decide their genuineness, and they restrict themselves from completing it. You can also use this excuse only to add a bunch of giggles.

2. I Forgot to Bring Pedigree, So My Dog Ate My Essay

A dog is a man’s best friend, and there’s no better situation to use your pet other than the time when you fail to write an essay. There have been instances when students put the blame on their pets and got an extension. The best part of using this excuse is that your professor will never come to know that you are lying. So, when are you using this excuse?

3. My PC/Laptop Got Crashed

Technology can betray you anytime, and this makes it a better excuse. However, this is one of the most commonly used excuses, and the chances are high that your professor must have enjoyed a good laugh earlier. But, one thing is sure that this excuse cannot backfire, and you can use it whenever you are running out of ideas.

4. Essay? When Did You Assign Me One

This hilarious excuse demands great acting skills from your end. You need to portray that you are suffering from memory loss and don’t remember anything. This excuse has helped many professors to keep their stress aside and enjoy a good laugh. Moreover, if you fail at acting, then also your professor will add a good chuckle to his basket.

5. I Was Attending My Relative’s Funeral

Students can do anything when it comes to saving their essay grades. This funny excuse, which is, however, something serious, can work wonders if you can’t think of any other way to protect your grades. Also, this magical excuse has the ability to keep the professor stunned. However, if things fail to work in your favor, then he may run behind you with a knife.

6. I Was Sick *sob* *sob*

As soon as you utter these three words, your professor’s face will glow with a smile. Reason? Well, you are one of those thousands of students who are using this oldest excuse and assuming that it will work in the 21st century as well. But, if you want to add a smile to your professor’s face, then this one is highly recommended.

7. We Ran Out of Toilet Paper & My Brother Used It

The excuse is undoubtedly the weirdest of all but at the same time the funniest too. Emergency and nature’s call can knock at the door anytime, and you have only a handful of seconds to react. Therefore, this excuse can solve your problem and can add a good memory to your professor’s book.

So, these were some of the amusing excuses students have used over the past years. You can pick the one that suits your professor and ask for an extension. However, if you do not want to use them, then we have two alternatives for the same. Read further to know more!

Who Can Write My Essay at Last Moment? The Answer Is Right Here!

Instant Assignment Help Australia has a plan for everything. This time as well, we are ready with two alternatives for the students who don’t wish to make an excuse this time. The two alternatives are:

  • Essay Typer Tool
  • Essay Writers

Let us know about them one by one.

Essay Typer Tool: Meet the newly-developed tool from the technical team of our website- An Essay Typer Tool. It is an AI-based tool that produces essay paragraphs at the snap of fingers. The essay paragraphs are first written by expert writers who upload them on the online database regularly. As soon as you enter your essay title, the tool will produce paragraphs as per the topic. You can keep on adding the paragraphs and finish your essay in minutes. Moreover, the paragraphs will be 100% plagiarism-free and error-less.

Essay Writers: Nothing can beat the expertise of our writers when it comes to essay writing. The professionals are Ph.D. certified with exceptional writing experience. Over the years, they have covered 1000+ topics across various disciplines. Furthermore, they are well-versed with the guidelines and instructions of the universities. To taste their writing skills, you can check out the ‘Samples’ section available on the website. And what’s better is that you will receive 100% unique papers before the deadline.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose from the above two alternatives and save yourself from the excuses. Hurry Up! Take the right decision and achieve your dream of scoring A+ ASAP!

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