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Essay Writing Structures Every Student Should Know | [Comparative, Analytical & Persuasive]

Writing requires perfect preparation before you start drafting. But, some students jump to write the essay without any structure, formation of knowledge about essay writing. They don't have enough knowledge on how to structure an essay. If you may wonder where to find all of this information? Then this blog is especially for you.

In this blog, you can get complete knowledge about the essay, from structure to writing tips. So, without wasting any more words, let’s start with an introduction of an essay and different types of essay structure.

What Is an Essay & It’s Different Types?

An essay is about presenting a case with a valid point of view, analysis, interpretation, or set of facts, or procedures. An essay can be both lengthy and short, depending on the topic of the writing. There are many different types of essays.

The 8 Major Types of Essays Are as Follows:

  • Narrative -It’s a kind of storytelling with arguments, fiction, and non-fictional personal experience.
  • Expository -Also known as a definition essay. It includes an explanation of an idea or concept without any argument.
  • Analytical -With explanations, also present advantages and disadvantages of the subject to share analysis.
  • Persuasive -Also known as an argumentative essay, it requires providing reasoning & evidence to back up your point of view.
  • Descriptive -To describe the various events or objects in a creative style.
  • Cause & effect -Explaining the causes related to the subject and then their shown effects
  • Critical analysis -Making an argument on the selected piece of literature using the critic’s writing to back up the ideas
  • Compare & contrast -Writing in two sections; one for similarities and the second for differences.

These are the different types of essays that you should know. The essay builds with 5 parts of writing, which are described below.

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What Are the 5 Parts of an Essay?

When it comes to essay writing, students are required to maintain a format in their writing. These five parts of the essay reflect that basic format that you can find in every essay.

There are five parts of an essay because of which it is called the five-paragraph essay. The main five parts of the essay are as follows:

First Is the Introduction Part

The first part of the essay is the introduction. In this section, you should give a complete overview of the essay topic.

3 Paragraphs in the Body Section

The body section reflects 3 parts.

The first partintroduces the whole topic and research idea. Frame your essay in a paragraph by highlighting all the important parts.

The second partwill reflect your arguments around the topic and the reason behind the views of the writer.

In The Third part, you should show the various facts, quotes, examples, statistics, and other evidence to support your argument or views on the topic.

The Final One Is the Conclusion Part

The conclusion section can be considered as the toughest part as it requires explaining the whole idea, support, evidence, everything in just a single paragraph. You are required to connect the conclusion from the top to the end. The last sentence should hold the main idea in a clear and compelling way.

These are the 5 parts of the essay that maintain the structure of the essay. You may wonder, ‘do every type of essay requires the same structure?’ The answer is yes almost but because of their different types, they include different types of content in it. Let’s learn about the 3 major types.

Structure for 3 Major Types of Essays

After getting a brief introduction about the parts of an essay, now it's time to answer the question How To Structure An Essay?So now let's dive into the structure of the essay.

Comparative Essay Structure


  • Background information.
  • Outline of the things that are going to be compared.
  • Reason to compare them.
  • Specific points to compare.

Body paragraphs

The first paragraph - Outlining the first similarity or difference.

Giving explanations and evidence to support the topic.

Concluding sentence – linked with the next para.

The second paragraph- Outlining the second similarity or difference.

Giving explanations and evidence to back the topic.

Concluding sentence – linked with the next para.

Following the last para- Compare the various items and their aspects, maintaining the same structure.


  • The main reason for the comparison.
  • Summary of the main similarities and differences.
  • Recommendation about the suitability of compared items for the purpose.
  • Brief conclusion.

Analytical Essay Structure


  • Background information on the topic.
  • Your overall point of view on the topic.
  • Overview of elements to be discussed.

Body paragraphs

First para - Outlining the first component according to the topic sentence.

Giving explanations and evidence to support the topic.

Concluding sentence – linked with the next para.

The second paragraph- Outlining the second component.

Giving explanations and evidence to back the topic.

Concluding sentence – linked with the next para.

Following the last para -Follow the same structure and outline as many elements as you need.


  • Summary of the main points of the body.
  • Restatement of the main point of view.
  • Justification/evaluation.

Persuasive Essay Structure


  • Background information on the topic
  • Your overall point of view on the topic.
  • Divisive or importance of the topic.
  • Why a decision needs to be made.

Body paragraphs

The first paragraph -Outlining the first point in support of the topic.

Giving explanations and evidence to support the topic.

Concluding sentence – linked with the next para.

The second paragraph -Outlining the second point.

Giving explanations and evidence to back the topic.

Concluding sentence – linked with the next para.

Following the last paragraph -Follow the same structure and outline as many points as you need.


  • Summary of the main points of the body.
  • Arguments of the main point of view.
  • Justification/evaluation.
  • Nothing new should be introduced here.

These are the 3 major types of essays that maintains the structure differently. You may be bored with hearing about the structures, structures, and structures, but it has a very important role in making the essay presentable.

Why the Structure of an Essay Is So Important?

Till now you might have got an idea of how to structure an essay. If yes, then you are really going well as you have an ample amount of knowledge in less time and fewer words. Now it's time to know that why and how to implement a proper essay structure.

Structuring the writing is the most important part of the essay as it maintains the style, tone, and language of the content. Not only in the essays, but the structure maintaining is important for all the academic writings including assignments, dissertations, or papers.

The structure of an essay is as important as:

  1. It makes the document presentable.
  2. It maintains the various types of writing in the sections.
  3. This helps readers to understand and acknowledge the information of the essay.
  4. A perfect essay structure can engage the reader with a better writing style. The more they will find about the topic, the more they will like to know.
  5. Structure creates the interest of the readers to explore more and will make them think about it.
  6. The students can assure higher grades in result by maintaining a perfect essay structure.
  7. A well-structured essay can impress your mentor, which can add your name to their good books.

These are the reasons why you should maintain a perfect structure in your essay. After preparing an outline for your essay, don’t jump to writing directly. Here are some tips from the experts that can help you to write an effective essay. So, read these tips and keep them in your mind while writing.

10 Tips to Craft Essay With A Perfect Essay Structure

Here are 10 powerful and useful tips that can help you write an effective essay.

  1. An essay is just story writing. Create the entire story execution in mind and start writing. Maintain a pattern for every event and situation that you want to include.
  2. Keep in mind that your essay writing task can be fun. You may feel bored or unmotivated sometimes while writing, but you have to balance your mind with your work. Choose a topic that may interest you.
  3. Keep searching for new facts and questionings related to your subject or the topic. Maintain a funny or interesting writing style to draw the reader’s interest and to maintain yours.
  4. If you feel lost and don’t know where to start or what to write first? Prepare some heading or sentences to highlight the content required in the paragraph and draft following it.
  5. You can create a heavy source essay by using previous works or writings. Collect as much data as you can and write every important point all in your own words.
  6. To maintain a perfect amount of knowledge in your essay, write the body section first. It will help to add all the important points that you should not miss. Secondly, write the introduction; it will help you to include all the major points to add. And in the last, write the conclusion in which you can add all your thoughts and the points you concluded.
  7. Make sure your essay not only answers the - What. It should also answer the - Why and How. If your essay is answering these questions, then without any doubt, you are writing an excellent essay.
  8. You can jump from anywhere to any point as it will help you write more. Don’t worry that it may go wrong. As at the end, when you will edit the essay, you can maintain the line then.
  9. Avoid the use of words like - You, Cliche, Some, That, Things, or To Be verbs. You can use I instead to put your point or argument in between.
  10. For various background researches or to find more sources, you can use Wikipedia.

These are the various tips to write an effective essay for academics. If you don’t know where to ask ‘who can do my essay?’, you can ask Instant Assignment Help Australia. All the features and benefits of hiring an essay writer are given in the next section below.

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