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Introduction To Comparative Essay Writing With Examples and Trending Topics

Essay writing can be a part of your academic tasks as the teachers find it useful for students and expect better writing from you. That’s why students are required to write it in assignments and memorize it for the examinations.

There are different types of essays that require different styles of writings. Most of the students are stuck in writing a comparative essay which is a tough type of essay. Students need to choose two or more elements that are required to be compared whether by their differences or by their similarities.

It is tough for students to calculate the distribution of the data in this type of essay. That’s why here is a complete guide for you regarding ‘how to write a comparative essay’. You will get various tips, structure format, steps to guide, and many more in this blog that will help you to prepare an A+ scoring essay for you.

Methods to Develop the Comparative Essay Structure

The essay must be organized in such a way that the comparisons made in the essay can be easily understood by the reader. The main methods by which a structure can be maintained are as follows:

  1. Alternating Method
  2. Mixed Paragraphs Method
  3. Block Method

Advantages of using these methods and When you can use them

1. Alternating Method ADV.

This method provides a brief detail about the elements that are being compared, making two different subjects easy to handle.

It helps in producing well-analyzed and integrated essay content.

When to Use

-Useful where a detailed comparison is needed.

-Useful when the points of comparison are not related.

2. Mixed Paragraphs Method ADV.

-It gives the subjects equal weight-age in terms of comparison.

-The readers found it easy to identify the comparison factors.

When to Use

-Useful when dealing with a long comparative essay.

-Useful when dealing with complex subjects that need close attention.

Block Method

In this method, you describe all the similarities in the first body paragraph and then all the differences in the second body paragraph.

When to Use

-Useful when dealing with a short essay.

-Useful when dealing with simple subjects.

-Useful where there is no clear relation between items of comparison of subject one and subject two.

-Useful when you want to build the ideas of subject two from those highlighted for subject one.

-Useful when dealing with many subjects.

These are the various methods that help students to create a good structure of the comparative essay. You should know the structural format of the essay to choose a method and complete your writing.

Here is the proper structure that you should maintain in your essay to make it presentable and effective and if you have a problem memorizing an essay then you should read How To Memorise An Essay?

Structure of a Perfect Comparative Essay

By this time you have your answer for How To Write A Comparative Essay. Now it's time to move on and learn its structure.

Maintaining a perfect structure for your essay by displaying the correct information under every section is very important. Read the points below and use them in creating a better structure of your essay.


  • Use an interesting fact to start. It should be related to your topic in order to engage the readers with content.
  • You can use your topic as a question to begin the writing.
  • You can use more effective sentences that can directly clarify the main difference between the two topics, the purpose of these two subjects, and much more.


  • You can use some historical references to the topic that will be helpful for the readers to understand.
  • Give an idea of the information that readers can get in the introduction section.
  • Explain the reason and basis behind the comparison of the elements.
  • You should use reliable and relatable resources to collect the data. Mention the names of the experts from the same field of topic.
  • There are different types of methods that you can use to compare the aspects.
  • It is mandatory to select an interesting and compelling topic from the subject for the comparison essay. You will find some top comparison essay topics in the blog that may help you to choose the trending one for 2021.


  • You should connect both the starting and ending interestingly in your comparative essay writing so that readers can understand easily.
  • Your essay's conclusion should be a brief of the overall information & a combination of the entire message conveyed through the essay.
  • Use strong evidence to compare and judge the different aspects of elements in order to show the similarity or differences.

These points will help you to write the collected data in the correct section to maintain a perfect structure and writing.

After you know the structure that you need to maintain in your essay writing, now you should know the steps to write an impressive comparative essay. Here is a step-by-step guide that can help you to draft better content.

How to Write a Comparative Essay?

The steps that can help you to create the best essay are as follows:

  1. You should start by reading the instructions carefully that are provided by your mentor or university for writing the comparative essay.
  2. You should choose a perfect topic that makes the comparison essay writing interesting for you.
  3. Clarify the specific elements that you are required to compare and make sure that you know everything about both elements.
  4. When you are ready with the elements, then you are required to find the difference between their types, approaches, perspectives, or other comparisons.
  5. Your selected topics should have some similarities or differences to write a comparison essay.
  6. Get a conclusive statement with the help of the advantages and the disadvantages of the topic by comparing the various similarities and differences of the elements.
  7. Provide proper arguments for the differences and similarities of the elements.
  8. Provide the reasons and basis because of which you are comparing both the elements.
  9. In conclusion, mention the advantages of both and drawbacks over one another so that the reader can understand it better.

Follow the above steps and complete the writing task effectively. The main part of the essay that engages the readers is the introduction section. If you want that the person to read your entire essay, then you should draft it accordingly. Make it more attractive and useful.

Drafting a Perfect Introduction for Comparative Essay

To write a perfect comparative essay introduction, you can consider these points.

1. The aspects that can draw the attention of the readers are as follows:

  • With an interesting fact or statistic about your topic
  • With rhetorical questioning
  • By revealing simple delusions about your topic
  • By scene-setting of your topic by answering the who, when, where, what, why, how?
  • By using the anecdote that should reflect your topic

2. State the hook of your focused topic by answering these questions in two-three lines.

  • What is the specific focus of your paper?
  • What is your paper about?
  • Why is this topic important?

You can mention the background information on your topic in this paragraph of the introduction as it can help to establish its context.

3. Now, start writing the thesis statement as the final

Your thesis statement depends on the type of paper that you are writing, but here are some general points that it can include.

  • Mention the specific topic of your essay.
  • Evaluate the main point about your selected topic.
  • The points of discussion that you will include in your paper.

The thesis statement is considered as the last sentence of the introduction. So, try to make it clear and easy to find.

These points will make the readers more interested in your topic analysis as it will attract the readers and compel them to read more.

Comparative Essay Topics To Help You In 2021

It's not only important to know about how to write a comparative essay or about its structure, but it's also important to select the best and trending topics to write an essay.

Choosing the best topic for your essay will help you to impress your mentor. Here are 30 comparative essay topics that you can choose to get the best essay.

  1. IOS or Android
  2. Science vs Arts
  3. Marketing or Sales
  4. Bacteria or Viruses
  5. Facebook vs Twitter
  6. Saving Money or Not
  7. E-books or Textbooks
  8. Mammals v/s Reptiles
  9. Football vs Basketball
  10. High School vs College
  11. Economics vs Sociology
  12. Economy vs Economics
  13. Engineering or Medical
  14. Public vs Private College
  15. Herbs vs Shrubs vs Trees
  16. Mobile Phones vs Tablets
  17. Netflix vs Amazon Prime
  18. Cloud Classrooms or Not
  19. Socialism vs Communism
  20. Marathons vs Walkathons
  21. Virtual vs Real Classrooms
  22. Economics or Business Studies
  23. Indoor Sports or Outdoor Sports
  24. Free Trade: Merits and Demerits
  25. Homeopathy vs Allopathy Medication
  26. Whether to Use Chemical Drugs or Not
  27. Studying from Home vs Studying in School
  28. Getting a Part-Time Job vs Partying in College
  29. Economic Upliftment vs Better Standard of Living
  30. Professional vs Vocational Courses: What’s Better?

These are the various tips that you can consider for your comparative essay. Comparing is the main point of this essay that can be reflected in your arguments and writings.

Here are 11 tips that can help you to write an A+ essay for your academics.

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Easy Ways For Writing A Comparative Essay

The tips to write the best comparative essay are as follows:

  1. Understand the topic demand carefully.
  2. Give equal weight-age to both similarities and differences.
  3. Choose a structure that you prefer more to write.
  4. Focus on the information for both the differences and similarities.
  5. Use linking words and phrases to make your comparison more effective.
  6. Explore a range of elements, like - textual elements, character or theme, etc.
  7. You should select appropriate components for comparison.
  8. You should select effective parameters of comparison.
  9. You should use the tools and models in an effective way.
  10. You should choose an organizational format and stick with it.
  11. If you need expert help, you can take an essay writing service.

These are the various tips, which can help you to write a perfect comparative essay. You can consider all these tips to write flawless content for your academic task.

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