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10 Persuasive Business Essay Topics and Writing Tips to Impress Your Professor

Business is one profession that demands you to convince your customers to take your services, even if they do not need it. The trick is, tell them they have a problem and then let them know you have a solution.

The foundation stone to this convincing art is laid in business schools when you are asked to write business essays. Oh...this is why your professor asks you to write an essay so often. He is preparing you for the future. Although, he has all the good motives, what troubles you are the problems that come along the writing the task.

The major troubles that you face are,

  • Finding a Topic on Business Essay
  • Structuring the Business Essay

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A lot of students struggle with finding a perfect essay topic on business. To help those students to take a sigh of relief here are 10 most commonly asked business essay topics. Choose any of them and continue reading further.

1. Business Mergers or Business Acquisitions: Which Is a Better Option for Expansion?

2. Effective Leadership: Developing Skills or Being One?

3. How Ethical It Is to Exploit the Labor Market to Improve Profits?

4. The credibility and reliability of test markets are hindered or negatively impacted by biased and prejudiced responses.

5. Company’s Loyalty Rating Can Easily Be Measured with Workforce Turnover.

6. With Conductive and Cooperative Work Conditions, Lower Salary Scales Can Help Business Maintain Financial Conditions.

7.Higher Salaries or Incentives, Which Is Better for Motivating Workers.

8. Innovation Is One Factor That Distinguishes Leaders from Followers.

9. Is It Advisable to Invest in Online Marketing and Social Media Advertising for Targeting Larger Audience?

10. Is It Possible to Acquire Leadership Skill Through Self-Awareness, Personal Improvement, and Learning?

These seem to be really interesting topics to work on...Great.!

Now Let’s Get to the Whiteboard Once and See the Correct Structure of a Persuasive Business Essay.!

Writing a Persuasive Business Essay

Now that we are here on the whiteboard, let’s understand everything from ground level to make sure there is no loophole in your persuasive business essay where you may lose your grades.

Point of Discussion 1.

What Is the Aim of Your Essay?

The main aim of writing the business essay is to convince your professor to agree to your viewpoint of the topic.

To Note: One cannot choose to be very blunt or critical about the other part of the perspective. It is important that we express our point but without offending the other person.

Point of Discussion 2.

What Should Be the Structure of Your Business Essay?

Start your persuasive essay with the aim to impress your reader within 15 seconds of reading. 15 seconds is the key here. You can write your introduction in a way that it introduces the topic, your stance, and your thought process in brief. The reader should be intrigued to read further and find the reasons for your perspective.

In the main body of your essay continue to talk about the evidence and substantiate it with better explanations, facts, and figures.

Further, conclude your essay with some recommendations for future studies and also address your point of view clearly along with one strong evidence you have considered in your essay.

Now that you know the structure of the business essay that you want to write, let’s start talking about each of these sections one at a time.

Expert Tip: Before starting with your essay writing task, decide the side of the debate that you support and find relevant information that reinforces the same.

Point of Discussion 3.

How to Write a Persuasive Business Essay That Fetches an A+?

Section 1. The Introduction

Hook Your Reader with the First Sentence

The first sentence of your essay is the key. If the key fits in, it unlocks the door to impress your professor, if it doesn’t you would have to struggle for your grades. Essays reflect your perspective on a topic, it is important that your reader finds it interesting. There are twp ways that you can write your essay in,

1.Follow the Funnel Approach
2.Start Directly with the Topic

No matter what approach you use to write your business essay there are a few things that you need to stick to for perfect attention-grabbing and eye-catching introduction.

To make your introduction use interesting hooks. These hooks are basically the starts that intrigue your reader to continue reading.

Adding Hooks

1.Anecdote: A funny story to introduce your topic to the reader would be a strong tool to keep them engaged in your work. It would also make the work relatable and interesting to read.

2.Question: Ask some interesting question that would introduce your topic to the reader easily. This would also, intrigue your reader to further read and find an answer to the question you have mentioned.

3.Quote: Start your work with an interesting quote. No matter how general or genuine the point is, we consider the quote from great men to be the truth that can never be challenged or questioned. So, just try to make use of this.

Section 2. The Thesis Statement

Let Your Readers Know Your Point of View

When taking your introduction to the next step, make sure that you do not forget to miss writing your thesis statement. Yes, the thesis statement. A thesis statement doesn’t have a lot of words, so make sure it is strong and well made like a good coffee.

It is your perception of the point that raises the work to the next step. Here your reader would get a brief of the point you are supporting in your business essay.

Section 3. The Body Paragraphs

Make Your Stand Very Clear with Evidence

It is important that the business essay that you are writing not only speaks of your stand but of the counterpoint to. It is important that with each paragraph you present one evidence that may support your stand. When writing the final body paragraph of your persuasive business essay make sure that you have made the counter-argument and further declined its relevance with the help of pieces of evidence used earlier.

Section 4. The Conclusion

Wind Up the Complete Essay in Panache

Now that you have made your stance very clear, all you need to do is wrap up the complete thing quick. Here, you have to address your thesis statement again and tell your reader why your point of view is stronger. This is the last chance to persuade your reader so use it to the best. Make sure you only sound persuasive and not authoritative here.

Point of Discussion 4.

Is Referencing the Essay Important?

Yes. Make sure you reference your business essay in the correct format so that there are no chances of losing any points. Commonly the business subjects are referenced in Chicago Style. So, make sure you get it right and impress your professor with interesting sources that you have reached for the information.

Writing an Interesting and A+ Worthy Persuasive Business Essay Was So Easy.!

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