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The Invention of Homework: How it Affects Students, Parents & Educators Today

Do you remember the times you wished to go out and could not? As there was so much homework to do! You have gone through this situation more than once. As a result, you would have felt a sudden outburst of rage towards the damn homework. Are we right? Of course, we are right. There is no chance that you did not question the very existence of this dreaded task. You are not alone in feeling all these emotions. Every scholar has felt this way, and we aim to answer all that and more for you. But know that there ought to be a reason why homework exists. Even after several years of existence, it continues to be relevant.

How astonishing is it that we have been doing homework forever and do not know anything about its origin? Is it not a bit ignorant of us? Not anymore. In this blog, we will learn about everything related to homework. Things like; Who first developed this concept? When was it formally accepted? How important is it? So get ready to go on a journey through this blog.

What Is Homework and Who Invented It?

This question has different meanings and answers depending on whom it is asked. Nonetheless, teachers, students, and parents are all well versed with the concept of homework. But their perspectives towards it vary.

For a student, this is a necessary evil. When asked to teachers, it helps in sharpening the abilities of scholars. Parents think of it as a tool that aids their kids. Did you notice something? How one thing can mean so many different things for different people. Although this raises the obvious question, which perspective should we consider? But it is pretty impressive to see the variety of opinions on homework unfold.

To define the term homework, we would use the following terminology: a task assigned to students by teachers to finish after school hours. Sounds simple, right? Want to know who invented the concept of homework? If you thought the inventor was Dubious Roberto Nevelis of Venice, you are wrong. Credit can not be given to one person alone. It was the fruit of compulsory public education system reforms worldwide.

Apart from the discord about who invented homework, there is a never-ending debate about its usefulness. So why is there so much debate over the same? Let us find out!

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Homework and its Importance as Explained by Educators

Like every discovery, there was a clear objective behind introducing homework. In the 19th century, there was an ongoing reform movement brewing in the field of public education. Educational reformers intend to bring path-breaking changes in compulsory public education. That led to the birth of homework. After that, it traveled across the world. Here are the objectives that the forefathers had in mind when they invented homework.

Objective One: Supporting the Learning Process

The prominent reason behind incorporating homework was to enhance the abilities of children. It showed promises of a bright future. Including improved learning, according to various reform scientists. The question is how? When students repeat what they discovered in school, the learning process becomes stronger. This repetition helps in remembering and better understanding the concepts. A concept that was unclear in the class; students could work on the same at home and bring their doubts to the teachers the next day. This made the process of learning easy and fun. On top of that, homework helps in linking the previous day’s learning to the next classes.

Objective Two: Freeing Education of Time Bounds

The time constraint was a good reason behind the discovery of homework. Every teacher had a limited amount of time to impart knowledge. And at times, it was not enough. This led to the birth of homework. It sorted the shortage of time. Giving teachers more time to explain the concepts in the class. By giving practise questions in the homework. Teachers could now divide their lectures depending on priority. Another thing that homework facilitated was the idea that education was not time-bound. Rather atemporal. With the help of it, learning was taking place at school as well as at home.

Objective Three: Increase Practicality of Learning

Everyone knows that without external pressure, students will never study outside the classroom. Teachers cannot be with them 24*7, so the concept of homework came in handy. It created an invisible force field. Every student knows that they have to complete their homework on time. Regular practises at school in classrooms; at home in the form of homework improve the chances of scoring better. The best homework involves connecting theory with the real world. This way, students do not treat homework as a burden but are cheerful and say, "I will do my homework on time."

Why Do Teachers Love Homework So Much?

"Homework is bad for you", said no teacher ever! That is very true. Pick any teacher you like. They will always stand in support of homework. Every educator feels that homework is the best tool to aid learning in students. To prove this point, they have several arguments in favour of homework. Here is the teacher's take on homework:

Why Do Teachers Love Homework

Students Perspective on Homework: What No One is Talking About

If we go ahead and ask any random student about their opinions on homework. We can bet they will be similar. Students do not enjoy doing homework. It is very evident in their disliking of the concept. Mostly because they do not view it as a fun activity. They would rather go out and play instead of doing homework. Why do students dislike this tool of education so much? Here is our attempt at exploring students’ take on homework:

Students perspective on homework

Resolving the Age-old Conflict: Is Homework Good or Bad?

The above-mentioned points of view must have left you confused. It sure has left most people in splits about which way to go. So, let’s settle the debate once and for all. Here are the benefits of homework for students, teachers, and parents.

1. Teaches Value of Practice

Homework teaches students the discipline of practice. To be perfect at something requires practice. And there is no shortcut to it. Professors can only impart all their knowledge to students. It will take effort from their side to get better at any task. Homework is the best tool for that.

2. Strengthens Time Management

It promotes time management among students. During a class, the responsibility of time management falls on professors. Whereas homework is an area over which students have total control. Finishing it on time is their responsibility.

3. Aids Learning Process

It provides more time for students to complete their learning process. Scientists suggest that humans take a definite amount of time to grasp things. And that process, from discovery to remembering any concept, is called learning. Learning in itself is an ongoing process. Homework ensures that this process is not interrupted.

4. Encourages Creativity

Homework boosts creative endeavours among students. It builds a base for self-expression and better understanding, simultaneously strengthening individuality among students.

5. Unrestrained Skill Acquiring

Homework breaks the chains of restraints around education. It ensures that learning is not restricted to educational institutes. Homework takes the learning process outside the defined parameters. That is how it should be. Learning is an ongoing process.

6. Building New Techniques

For teachers, homework provides opportunities to devise new learning techniques. It gives teachers the chance to analyse how students work on the problem; where they face difficulty and what part is easy for them to grasp.

7. Involvement of Guardians

For parents, homework gives them a chance to be part of the learning process. Get involved with their children and see them learn new things.

Homework is supposed to be a fun activity and not a burden. It was invented as a punishment, but it became a great asset to the education system. Homework should be made more interactive. This way, it will appear lucrative to students, and they will enjoy doing it. But one thing remains untouched, i.e., homework is a good thing and needs to be a part of a student’s academic journey. Without homework, the learning curve might fall on its face.

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