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7 habits to discard to make upcoming semester better

The start of each new semester is a chance for us to become a better person. Sometimes, it’s good to turn back and take firm decisions about things that we do not wish to continue anymore. So, one of the best resolutions you can make this semester is not repeating the mistakes of the past and leaving the toxic habits.

Dwelling on the Past

There is actually no point wondering what could have been the scenario today if you would have done things differently. Well, dealing with regrets is not everyone’ cup of tea, but as soon as you realise that you can do nothing about it; it won’t be so bad. Whatever happened in the past, let it be there, be it the grades, the scoldings, everything. You can turn a new leaf after you’ve ditched the old habit of yours.


In reality, no such thing as too late or too tired exists. Those are just the favourite phrases by the people who lack motivation, willpower and inspiration. You should not allow the insignificant things to stand in between you and your dreams. So next time when you feel too tired, then grab a cup of coffee and get back to the work.

Keeping Old and Unusable Things

Almost all the students are in the habit of keeping old and unused things, be it notes or old books. The fact is you often get emotionally attached to the objects. But, a selection needs to be made here. No matter if it is a pen stand or souvenir, you’ll have to ditch them because after serving their life span, they only remain with us as clutter. You need to get rid of them so that you can make room for new entities.

Sleep Habits

Not paying enough attention to sleep is the worst mistake a student commits. While prioritising the schedule, ignoring sleep can become a cause of other medical complication of the future. However, you need to know that just going early to bed would not help it; you need to pay attention to everything that affects the quality of your sleep.


The world is not a scary place. Fear of competition is what every student encounters, but instead of becoming demotivated, you can take the present scenario as a challenge to show your real calibre to the world. Most of the times, fears can be handled by the individual himself, but if you think there is a need of help, then do not hesitate to ask for it.

Accumulating Debt

Most of the students keep of piling up their bills, well this is a high time to get rid of them. To get this right, sit with a pen and paper and calculate a number of bills and create a way to come out of the debts.

Being too Harsh on Yourself

For most of the people, things do not turn out the way they wanted it to be. This doesn’t mean that you will have to isolate yourself from the fun and entertainment which are much needed. If you could not score pretty good in the last semester, then forget it and plan things better instead of depriving yourself of the basic leisure time.

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These tips sound difficult, don’t they? But who knows following these can become the reason of the transformation within you which was much needed and awaited. Good luck!

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