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Why is College Life the Best?

A famous quote on college life goes as, “College life is that part of your life that you are going to relive in your memories till you breathe.” Indeed, it is not wrong to say that life spent during the college years is the best part of one’s existence. Be it the fun times or the stressful academic tenure, life in college is bound to create lifelong memories.

It is a common tendency of the students to stress out during the college tenure without enjoying the small bits of its luxury. The scholars studying in the top Australian universities are burdened under the academic stress of excelling in their classrooms as well as to submit the best assignment. During such moments of trauma, the young hearts forget to enjoy their life as a college student.

To make the scholars understand the importance of college life, some reasons are specified to elaborate why this time of life is the best?

Independent Life

Many beings desire to live an independent life right from their childhood owing to the constant pressure imposed on them by their parents and siblings. For such people, college life is a dream come true as this could be the first time they actually get to live an independent life away from all tensions.

Master of the Self

As one gets to live independently, there comes a self-control of one’s activities. This notion was completely absent when one lived with parents or in a family.

Friends for Life

It is in college that we meet a lot of like-minded people and make friends who last for our life. It is commonly observed that our companions made during the college days are meant to be in touch for a longer period of time, as we might have already lost touch with our schoolmates by now.

Adventure of a Lifetime

With dear friends come endless adventure times. Be it an outing on a beach or a trekking experience, you can do it all when in college. These thrilling times are set to leave a forever mark on your life.


As maturity is attained at this stage of life, one realises the self-worth. A person also acknowledges the dreams, passions and ambitions of life. As college life is a transformation into the adult life, the ups and downs make an individual sensible to the responsibilities of life.


During this phase of life, an individual gets an opportunity to try things which he/she might have never done before. Be it any adventure sport or trying a new cuisine; life is all new and exciting.

Lifetime Memories

Indeed, as college life comes with its good and bad times, memories for life are bound to be created. One cannot simply forget the precious moments spent with friends and roommates; those late night sleepovers and the adventurous outings. These instances become the most cherished recollections of life.

 Many students do not realise the importance of college life and only consider it to be a hectic place where they are made to do extensive study and assignment writing.  

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