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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Facing an Interview

The research on the scholars enrolled in different degree courses in Australia had revealed that only a few of students are prepared for the interviews during the recruitment. The reputed companies start visiting the university campus for recruitment during the final semester, and the college-goers who are unprepared for the process are left behind.

If you do not want this to happen to you, then go through the common mistakes that a student is likely to make in an interview. These are listed out by the professionals providing online assignment help to the students of various Australian universities and will be helpful for you as well.

Take a read through the points.

Being half prepared

Lack of adequate preparation can become a reason for your downfall in an interview. Well, it is almost impossible to judge the questions that would be asked to you beforehand, but you can at least be prepared for the most common ones.

Showing doubts

Another mistake that college-goers commit in their interviews. If you are uncertain about anything, it is better not to bring that up. Your confusions might become the parameter for your rejection and the best way to avoid this is being well-informed about the job profile you are applying for, and the skills needed for the same.

Relying on lies

You should never lie in an interview. The panel can easily pick out if you are dishonest. So, do not gamble, it may turn out as the biggest hurdle in the path to your success. Moreover, if you are caught telling lies in the interview, it may take an unusual turn.

Being overly friendly

A few pleasantries may be a good way to break the ice initially, but do not forget that interview is for a job. You should give to the point, and formal answers to every question asked for the positive outcomes.

Being hesitant

It is quite common to be nervous during an interview, but do not be hesitant. If the question asked is unclear or you have any doubts, you should put them forward. It is better to ask the panel to repeat the question than giving unclear or wrong answers.

Not making an eye contact

Your body language says a lot about you, and thus it is quite important for the interviews. Making eye contact is the best way to show the interviewing panel that you are confident. Not making an eye contact will make them think that you are shy, doubtful or rude.

Not dressing up appropriately

Showing up in an informal attire is the biggest mistake that you can make in an interview. It illustrates that you do not have any respect for the company and are not bothered to show an effort for them. You should dress smartly and formally for an interview.


You need to be enthusiastic throughout the interview to make a long-lasting impression. If you appear bored during an interview, it will make you lose the opportunity. Moreover, boredom is taken as a clear sign for not being interested in the profile.

These are the most common mistakes that a student may commit in an interview. If you want to get hired in your dream company, then try avoiding them. Hope that you’ve found these hacks useful for your upcoming interviews.

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