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The most followed sports all over the world

Sporting events are massively followed by people all across the globe. Alike any music artist or movie celebrity, sportsmen are also loved by millions. With the ever growing communication technology, live sports has reached to almost every corner of the world. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor, land-based or aquatic, every sport has a fair share of fans. Based on this fandom, we bring you a list of eight most popular sports that have an unmatchable viewership.

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The sight of beefed men struggling against each other to get the possession of Quanco and score is just amazing! Rugby is a global sport that got official recognition in the late nineteenth century. It is a team sport that is played between two sides at a time, each consisting of fifteen members. The objective is to score maximum number of goals in the stipulated time period. It has a viewership of almost three hundred million.

American Football

It is quite similar to rugby but has few differences in technical aspects such as duration, field size, and participating members. It is sort of a league game that has a fan base limited to the American continents. The NFL league that features various American teams facing each other is the most viewed sporting event on the television.


Golf is also one of the most popular sports and has gifted some of the finest sportsmen to the world. It is played almost in every nation and has a huge viewership of around 400 million.


Baseball is loved by millions of people all over. It’s an Olympic sport that got recognition in the mid-twentieth century. Famous for its nation-wise leagues and peculiar shaped arenas, it is more popular in the United States of America and eastern countries of Japan, Korea, and Russia. Baseball is viewed by approximately 500 million people in the world.


Tennis is an individual sport and is played between two players. It too is an Olympic sport that is more popular amongst the European nations. Tennis is famous for its four major Grandslams namely, Australian Open, French Open, US Open, and Wimbledon. It has a total viewership of 900 million.


Basketball is a prominent and global sport that is played almost in every country. It is a team event played between two sides consisting of five players each. The most popular basketball league is NBA that has a huge viewership of around 1 billion.


It is one of the most watched sporting activities in the world with a global viewership of more than one and a half billion. Cricket is more popular in the Indian subcontinent, the Caribbean, Australia, and Western Europe. It also has an enormous social media fan pool of around 500 million people.


Yes, best for the last! The most popular sport in the world without a doubt is football. It is played in every country and has more than 185 active members. With an unmatchable viewership of 2 billion, football is truly at the pinnacle of the sporting world.

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