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10+1 Artificial Intelligence Changes That Would Take the World by 2029

“Alexa, Switch on the Lights.”

“Siri, What’s the Time?”

And the most common “Okay Google.”

Technology, especially artificial intelligence has made our lives really easy. From the general apps to Alexa in our houses technology has seeped in even without us realizing when this happened. Artificial Intelligence or AI is concerned with the study of advanced technologies used in developing intelligent machines that behave and act like humans. The term was first coined in 1956 and ever since has taken the world by storm (And still continues to do the same). A lot of students find it really interesting to study the subject and be future ready. But, on their way to the future, there is a major hindrance, the writing task. They find it really difficult to accomplish the writing task in the subject and thus reach to our writing services for artificial intelligence assignment help. The past decade has seen tremendous growth in the ways artificial intelligence has been involved in making the world a better place to live in and build that human-machine partnership work well. The expert AI assignment writers associated with us have listed below a few trends that may not seem very common today but will rule the world in the next 10 years.

11 Examples of How AI Would Change the World in the Next Decade

1. Translating Your Thoughts

Although a lot of tech-giants like Skype and Microsoft already have a real-time translator, taking it to the ground levels is what the researchers aim at. Other giants like Google and Defence Advanced Research Project Agency are dedicatedly working on the same. Most machines can translate only up to 100 languages out of almost 7000 languages in the world (Yeah, not even 10% of the languages can be translated.!). To fill up this gap different agencies have been investing and putting in efforts for extensive communications.

If you have an idea that can connect the world better, let your professors know it through your artificial intelligence assignment.

2. Securing Your Corporate from Cyber Crime

“Facebook needs to work on its privacy policy.”

“Is your data safe with the social media accounts you are using?”

Online privacy an issue that the majority of the world is dealing with. Although the problem has been dealt with to a certain limit it is not just it. Cyber theft has been troubling the best in the corporate world. There are a lot of changes that the world has seen when it comes to cyber security, but there is a lot more that is to be done. The researchers are looking for better technologies that can not only help keep your data safe but also store it until the end of time.

Ethical hacking is your favorite subject? Just find an interesting topic and prepare an interesting assignment on the same.

3. Addressing Global Propaganda

The day isn’t far when you would be able to see and address major global propaganda through your systems. Not just address, but a click and’s the solution. With a lot of environment-friendly alternatives for the maximum luxuries that occupy our life, we have already given artificial intelligence enough space to seep in. Researchers associated with the best of the organizations are searching for better alternatives that can address global propaganda.

Wear your researcher’s spectacles and find some really interesting technological advancements that can make you the next global ambassador for the protection of the environment.

4. Planning Sports Strategy

Are you into sports? Have been planing your games with the techie things? Cool.! But it is not just seeking assistance from these devices to store your plans, near are the days when these can help you plan your work too. The toughest of the games have been split to the smallest fragments that can easily help the experts to analyze the minute details too. Not just your techniques, study your competitor’s techniques in detail too, to ace the game you are playing. It won’t take long when artificial intelligence would come up with an instructor who could make things easier for you.

5. Doing Domestic Work

Another significant area that needs to be transformed with the advancements of the technology. Yeah, Alexa does has a control with the switchboard but there is a lot that needs to be added. With the experts of the subject exploiting every possible situation where AI can be used to make lives easier, a smarter house is just a few years away. With the speed with which the experts have been finding alternatives an easier life is just half a decade away.

6. Controlling Road Traffic

One thing that irritates the world to the next level is the traffic. Elon Musk the guy who has taken the technical world to the other world is now talking about self-driven cars. Yeah.! the cars without drivers would be a reality. You need not learn driving, just get your vehicle and hit the roads. Wait for a little before this turns to reality but yeah little smart cars are in the market now.

Ask any of your automobile friends, about a few things and prepare an assignment that reflects not just the future of automation but also the future of artificial intelligence too.

7. Analyzing Political World

Gone would be the days where you see grand road shows and political campaigns. With social media being a major part for now in the campaigns there are a lot more innovations the industry is looking forward to. The scientists around the world are looking forward to expanding the technology to an extent where the machines can analyze and reflect the political statistics exactly the way humans do.

In countries like Japan, robot new readers are quite common who analyze and reflect the results on their own that too without much troubles. With your research mode to find interesting ways that can make it easier to analyze the nooks and corners of the political world.

8. Transforming Music Industry

A music freak are you? Mixing, creating and blending is what you have been doing really long. Well, no issues. A little pain for you for a few more years. The experts who have been researching different fields of artificial intelligence understand how well the field has expanded and needs help with technical advancements too. It is not just the music mixing but merging and finalizing too needs a better technology which is just a few years away.

9. Looking After Your Pet

Worried who would look after your pet when you are not home? Need to have a dog walker who can take your dog to talk every evening? Well, even the scientists understand how deep these problems are. With proper research on artificial intelligence, the scientists are trying to come up with bots that not only are smart but also have those pampering emotions for your pet.

10. Taking Business to New Heights

The one field that is always short of technology is the business arena. With a lot happening in the world and a variety of businesses coming up, the technology needs to extend its hand to all. The researchers have been working to find new angles that would help the businessmen around the world with the best of the things. This field is directly related to technology where when the technology grows the business and grows and vise-versa.

11. Making Payments Easily

When making payments it is important that you do not have to face a lot of hustle process. Maybe these days the process is easier but there is no harm in finding even easier options. The techies around are finding some easier and better ways to find the best of the solutions to keep your money safe. To make your shopping easier and safer there are hundreds who are spending their time and brains to it.

WOAH...Looks Like a Sci-Fi Just Finished!!!

But this sci-fi would turn to reality really soon. With so many students taking up the course and so many innovative ideas around there are a lot of unimaginable and magical things that are on their way. If you are a student who is pursuing a course in artificial intelligence and are stuck with your writing task, all you need to do is, just a click and avail our artificial intelligence assignment help.

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