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How can you become an innovative leader?

Comes a time in everyone’s childhood when we wish we could become the president of our nation. The slightest thought of power, great enough to rule a country, lures us towards it. A few get to taste the victory, a few don’t, and the rest just give up on their dreams. However, when we are in a college, everyone has a chance to become a leader. The team that we handle is rather a small one, and the tasks are not that humongous, yet if we haven’t got the leadership skills, the team will never select us as their leader.

It’s not that hard to learn the skills that make you a leader, but to abide by them at all costs, is. You have a great responsibility of a group of people who look up to you, as far as you are making sensible decisions. Given are a few tips that will make you an effective leader.

1. Learn to come up with a strategy, and quick

The first thing that a leader has to do is divide a project into small parts, so everyone in the team gets assigned with one. Apart from that, it is also a leader’s job to keep a check on the progress of the team activity. If someone in the group is not working up to the expectations, then it’s you who has to decide if you want to keep them on the project, or not. And the decisions that you make must be well planned with a strategy to not let anything come down to the team.

2. Be product oriented

There are two reasons behind the necessity of becoming a product-oriented leader. Firstly, you’ll always have a vision of how your creation is going to be, and it will help you convey tasks to your team with every required detail. Secondly, it’s easier to make people understand the outcome when you have a step-by-step plan of action your team is following to create something significant.

3. Be a doer more than a speaker

There are certain times when you come up with something innovative to add to the project. You might or might not get a positive response from the team. It partly depends upon how much risk are you taking with your decision, and partly on the belief team puts in your hardwork. You can only achieve this when you are always working towards the plan yourself, and when the team requires your presence, you are available.

4. Learn a way to persuade properly

Whenever you have a new idea, you just cannot shove it down someone’s throat because you’re the leader. A team must always be asked to comment on every new plan that’s introduced. And, come with those ideas in such a way that everyone can find benefit in it, and try to make them clear. A group turns out to be more productive if the leader is able to convey his/her vision with teammates and be honest with the process.

It requires nothing but the mutual understanding between everyone in the team to create a healthy environment at work. Even if the work takes too much of your personal time, you should persevere because your product is worth it.

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