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Tips to Become Professor's Favourite Student

It is a very common question that comes to mind of almost every student that how to become a professor’s favourite. Some of them just want to cajole their professors to get higher grades, whereas others think that it is necessary to build a strong student-teacher relationship.

Being an excellent student does not only get you in your prof’s good books but will help you to make the most of your college life as teachers can act as mentors whom you can look upto for any help in college.

Some very useful tips that can help you to become your Professor’s favourite student are-

Ask meaningful questions in class

Asking relevant questions in class shows that you are taking an interest in the topic and are keen to learn about it. Don’t ever think that asking questions indicates that you are dumb, in fact it displays a desire to know more.

Get your assignments done on time

Make sure you complete all your assignments on time. Professors also have got other things to do apart from grading your homework, so be on time and avoid your professor’s frustration. In case, you cannot make time for your projects, then take assignment help from us.

Respect the teacher’s knowledge on the subject

Correcting a teacher is okay, but it should not be in a manner that shows that you are trying to question teacher’s command and expertise over the subject.

Avoid cell phones in the classroom

Refrain from using your mobile phone in the class. Using phone shows that you have no interest in the lecture; so stay away from texting, making phone calls or surfing the Internet while your professor is teaching.

Accept the grades you get in tests

Don’t forget that your teacher has given the grades after reviewing your performance carefully. So if you feel that you deserve more, then you can ask your teacher politely regarding how you can improve your academic grades.

Treat your teacher as a person

You should never forget that your teacher also has a life after college hours just like you. On occasions, you might ask them, how their weekend was or how they celebrated their vacations.

Be helpful to your teacher

A teacher has to teach the same topic a number of times in a day. If you see that your teacher needs a hand, you can always offer for some help like erasing the board or fetching assignment notebooks from their office.

Thank your teachers

Never be shy in thanking your faculty for their help. If you can, prefer writing a thank you note to him/her. Teachers may feel happy on getting a gift from their students, but don’t make it extravagant. Stick with something simple that shows that you appreciate them.

You should remember that teachers are your friends, and you can always ask them for help with assignments or any other issues that are troubling you in the college. They will always appreciate this attitude. Be your natural self while talking to teachers and confide in them in any case.

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