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Graphic designing is one the creative genres of visual communication which involves the use of text, images and symbols to convey information. It is a widely used craft that features across publications, print advertisements, packaging, billboards etc.  A designer is expected to use a combination of typography, visuals and page layout to bring out a masterpiece.

Students pursuing graphic designing often need assistance regarding the tools that prove beneficial for their designing needs. To their knowledge, there are a plethora of platforms that they can access for free drawing and sketching facilities. Apart from this, there are a few tools that should definitely acquire the space in your design toolbox. Read further to know more about these design tools:

Adobe Creative Cloud

A one-stop destination for all your creative experiments — Adobe Creative Cloud has the ultimate collection for all your graphic designing requirements. Its range of products has everything from Image editor, Photo processor, and Illustrator to video production and web designing tools. It is the much-needed toolbox that would suit both your PC and mobile phones. Adobe charges a nominal fee for all its applications. You can also opt for a free trial to know about the functioning of its tools.

Wacom Creative Pen Tablets

You can increase your design productivity by using these affordable tablets. The Wacom tablets support multi-touch gestures to fine tune your artistry. Designing on them provides a workflow optimization, and hassle-free experience to the illustrators. You can attach them to your PC or Mac as a display and directly work on the screen using Wacom’s pen technology.


Moleskine has been the best option to brainstorm ideas and concepts. It is the most basic and traditional pen and paper tool that can be seen with almost every graphic designer. It can be used to roughly outline your ideas and glance through them for later use. It comes in different shapes, sizes and colours. You can choose them according to your needs. It is the most suitable option to reference back from.


If you need an advanced take on your designing, then a MacBook or an iMac is a sure shot purchase for you. With the salient features of fast processing and excellent built in support these products are what every graphic designer should invest in.

DSLR Camera

A good DSLR camera is a must-have for any graphic designer. It might not come handy every time, but you can use it for gathering photographs and documenting ideas. There are several brands that provide excellent range of cameras for beginners to professionals. It would help you click quality images for the background and textures.


If you cannot afford the cost of using Adobe tools, then Inkscape is there to rescue you with its free services. This software provides free access for all the vector graphics designing tasks. With flexible drawing and text tools, and broad file format compatibility, Inkscape an excellent free tool for all the illustrators and graphic designers.

Epson Artisan

It is an affordable printer that provides quality images. It is flooded with advanced features that would suit any professional’s requirements. It provides 13*19 inches page size with wireless networking.

Epson Photo Scanner

You get a perfect blend of colours and contrast for your photos and posters. It provides 2400-dpi scanning power, and leaves no requirement for post-editing. If an affordable scanner is what you are looking for, then Epson has a range of sustainable and good quality pieces.

The tools listed above are basic need of any graphic designer. With technological advancements, the functionality of these tools is becoming more and more complex, which at the end of the day eases you from all the angles. Students who are active in graphic designing can use these tools to enhance their designing techniques.

If you need a comprehensive help regarding graphic designing techniques, then the experts at Instant Assignment Help Australia will exclusively take care of all your assignment writing help. Feel free to avail our help round the clock.

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