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5 medical inventions that have changed the world for better

One of the key factors in the evolution of humankind is medicine. Some of the advantages we enjoy today are just because of medical science. It is due to the development of medicine that an average human lives up to 71 years approximately. Over the centuries, several medical advancements have been made possible that were once beyond imagination. Today medical science with its surgical, diagnostic and other skills is very advanced. It is easy to see how medicine has a positive impact on the lives of nearly every person on the Earth. Here are a few surprising medical findings that have saved countless lives.


In 1895, Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen invented X-rays with the help of a cathode ray tube and inspected his wife’s hand with the X-ray. Due to this innovation, we use X-rays in our modern laboratories and hospitals. Rontgen was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics in the year 1901.


Insulin was invented by Charles H. Best and Frederick Banting in the 1920s. Before the discovery, diabetes used to be considered a terminal illness. It’s used to turn sugar into energy and without sufficient insulin to transform sugar, the body can damage the nerves, blood vessels and internal organs. The finding has become a part of everyday life for a person with diabetes today and has changed the whole idea of the disease.

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid)

The invention of DNA was a huge breakthrough for medical science as it allows us to show why every human has different traits and physical attributes, as well as hereditary diseases. Its discovery was the work of many people, but it was James Watson and Francis Crick who first produced the double-helix model and eventually won the Nobel Prize.

Birth Control

The contraceptive pill was first invented by a Mexican chemist Carl Djerassi in 1951, and today it is used by millions of women worldwide. It has been a massive breakthrough in medical science as it gave women the freedom to choose that they want to have a child or not, hence has prevented many unwanted pregnancies. Birth control pills offer social and health benefits to both mother and baby.

The world of medicine is continuously evolving, and every day medical science is taking further steps in producing medicines to help in fighting a variety of diseases. Thanks to the development in medical technology, the world is evolving for better on a regular basis.

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