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5 body language tricks you should know

Making a good impression on those around you and growing a strong reputation can help you go a long way in career development, networking, and socialisation. You should be aware of how to present yourself in front of others, make a good impression, and a genuine connection filled with positive regard. Here are some body language tricks that you can consider to improve a relationship with the people that eventually will make you likeable.

Remember to smile

You emanate a good vibe with this simple gesture and can improve the mood of everyone around you. It will convince them that you are happy to meet them. Think of positive thoughts or past moments that made you smile genuinely. One should be smiling more often than frowning.

Maintain eye contact

If you are that kind of person who avoids eye contact, and if you unconsciously let your eyes wander around the room, then you are sending out terrible impression. The speaker will assume that you are not listening to what (s)he is saying. So try to maintain eye contact, it will instantly make you likeable. Don’t stare them straight in the face without blinking or looking away once; be gentle, natural and don’t make the situation awkward.

Do not fidget

A person should be careful not to fidget, and also twitch, squirm, scratch, or wiggle. You need to give proper attention. Any kind of fidgeting is a sign of disrespect, and it gives out the impression that your mind is on other things. Besides, it can also be an indication that you are feeling anxious or lying.

Pivot towards them

While talking to someone the way you sit has a lot of impact on what they think about you. If you pivot towards them, then you are showing that you’re giving them undivided attention. Doing otherwise would send a message that you do not care much about the speaker, and conversing with him/her is just a formality.

Keep your posture straight

To look confident, you need to stand up straight. Sometimes it is difficult for a person to get a right posture because it isn’t something (s)he thinks about. A straight and firm back lets you communicate your thoughts properly. Chest out, straight back, and relaxed body are the signs of a confident individual.

These techniques are particularly useful to people who are less expressive or introverts. Everyone has a wealth of powerful and efficient ways to create friendship, likeability, and influence with others. Take full control of what was previously unnoticed, and try to change people’s impression about you.

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