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Most influential literary masterpieces in the history

For people who love reading, curling up with a good book and a hot cup of coffee is nothing less than a paradise. From centuries, books are considered to be the principle source of knowledge and education. Millions of books have been published till now but only a few of them have managed to leave an impact so brilliant that changed the way we used to look at everything. Here in this blog, our online assignment help experts have listed a few books that when came out in public domain, became everlasting sensation. Take a look and enjoy reading:

The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

There have been only a few incidents that can be truly considered as era-defining. Discovery of gravity and matter, man landing on moon, DNA cloning, are a few of them. One such moment came when Charles Darwin proposed the theory of evolution through his book ‘The origin of species.’ It contained a detailed study about the mechanism of natural selection and how it led to the evolution of man from ape. A book that faced tremendous criticism upon its reception for breaking the stereotypical approach towards biology and also hurting many religious sentiments. But it revolutionized the theory of evolution and how people used to perceive physical growth.

The Republics by Plato

Plato is truly one of the greatest philosophers to have ever lived and his ideologies regarding knowledge, society, human behaviour and independence is still inspiring plenty of developing and developed nations. The Republics is simply the reflection of his immense knowledge and shows how man and politics are connected to each other. Along with providing everlasting concepts of philosophy, this book also portrays important snapshots from ancient Greece that are extremely invaluable. A must read for everyone!

The Analects by Confucius

A highly controversial book which was written around 2400 years ago by Chinese philosopher Confucius. The book contains early lifestyle of Mandarin people or the natives of China. Unlike any other sacred scripture, this book is more like an account of human order of things such as teaching, hierarchy, moral orientation, politics, lives of royalty, etc. The Analects has been around for centuries but is still remembered for its boldness and the ideology that challenged modern-day conventions.

The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx

The communist Manifesto is a political pamphlet written by German Philosopher Karl Marx. It was published in London in the year 1848 right at the stroke of German revolution. This book represents the summary of Marx’s and Engel’s views on the nature of society and politics. A brilliantly written book that helped many third world nations to fight the post independence struggles and form a strong internal governing system. Even till date, Marxist ideologies are followed by many political groups all around the world.

The Bible

Bible is the sacred holy book of Christianity that contains teachings of Jesus Christ. It is available in its hundreds of different translations and can easily be considered as the most widely distributed book in human history. Moreover, in all its forms, the Bible has been immensely influential, and not only among the religious communities but amid every strata of the society. Literature, art, and music of Western culture is tremendously influenced by the biblical themes and images it contains. Bible not only changed literature but also shaped the development of languages. Such effects can still be witnessed in the developing nations that hold the sacredness of this book as the primary source of inspiration. The good book is the most influential piece of literature in the history of mankind.

Hope you had a great time reading this blog. For more such amazing write-ups, stay tuned.

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